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Publication numberUS1633461 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 21, 1927
Filing dateMar 19, 1926
Priority dateMar 19, 1926
Publication numberUS 1633461 A, US 1633461A, US-A-1633461, US1633461 A, US1633461A
InventorsLeone Sopher Ted
Original AssigneeAlbert Johnson, William Johnson
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Display case
US 1633461 A
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* June 21. 1927.

T. l SOPHER DISPLAY CASE Filed March 19, 1926 I nventpr II. Sap/76f 406% Attorney Patented June 21, 1927.




My present invention pertains to display cases of the tiltable type.

One of the objects of my invention is the provision of'a display case having means, whereby the same is adequately'ventilated.

Another object of the invention is the provision of 'a display case having a body and a cover so relatively arranged thatshifting of the position of the body relative to the cover will be attended by opening, of' the body so that access may be readily gained to the interior thereof. 7

Another object is the provision of a construction in which the bodyis so mounted that it may be moved to and from closed position with great facility and with little effort. I

To the attainment of the foregoing, the invention consists in the improvement as hereinafter described and definitely, claimed.

In the accompanying drawings, forming part of this specification Figure 1 is a. side elevation of the preferred embodiment of my invention, end portions of one side wall of the body being broken away to illustrate the ventilating diaphragms.

Figure 2 is a top plan view of the case.

Similar numerals ofreference designate corresponding parts in both views of thenotches 17 18 and 19.


It is within the purview of my invention to construct the main frame in any manner ing portions 3 of the main frame is a vertically swingable cover or closure member 6, the said cover or closure member 6 being preferably, though not necessarily, formed by an open frame 7 and a pane 8 of glass or other appropriate transparent material disposed in said frame 7. By comparison of Figures 1 and 2, it will be noted that in the preferred construction the cover 6 is provided with apertured ears 9, and that the frame, near the outer said ears 9 are loosely mounted on a transverse rod 10 interposed between and carried by the overhanging portions 3 of the main ends of said overhanging portions.

The body of my. novel case is designated generally by 11, and within the purview of my invention, may be made of any material or materials compatible with its purpose. As illustrated the said body 11 comprises a bottom wall and side walls and also comprises end walls 12 and 13 of glass or other appropriate transparent material, and ventilatingdiaphragms 14 and 15 of reticulated or other appropriate material, the said dia phragms being designed to permit of anadequate circulation of air through the casing body for the sake of ventilation. As shown in Figure l, I prefer to interpose the screen 14 between the upper edge of the transparent wall 12 and the upper edges of the side walls of the body 11, and also prefer to interpose the screen 15 between the lower edge of the transparent wall 13 and the bottom of the body 11. At its rear endthe body 11 is equipped with an appropriately connected handle or hand gras 16.

In accordance with the chief part of my invention, the casing body 11 is provided in its bottom or at its underside'with three Normall the casing vbody 11 rests as shown-by ull linesin Figure 1, the notch 17 receiving the transverse rod 1, the notch 19 receiving'the rear transverse rod 4 and the cover 6 resting in inclined position on the body 11 so as to close the same, and this in such manner that the contents of the body 11 are efficiently displayed.

From the foregoing it will be understood that when a person in authority desires to gain access to the-interior of the body 11, it is simply necessary for such person to apply a little stress to the body 11 and draw the same rearwardly so as to separate the notch 19 from the rear rod 4 and the notch 17 from the front rod 4 and place the notch 18 over the rod 19, whereupon the body 11 may be tilted to the dotted line position in Figure 1, with the result that the cover 6 will be lit) Manifestly by reversing the operation described, the body 11 will be restored to the full line position in Figure 1', and the cover 6 will gravitationally assume a position uponand close the upper side of the body 11.

Notwithstanding i116 display capacity" of my novel case, and the tacihty w1th vlnch the body 11 may be manipulated, it will" I be noted that the case as a whole is simple and inexpensive in construction, is susceptible of being so made as to constitutean ornamental'piece of store furniture, and in general is well adapted to withstand the usage to which devices of corresponding character are ordinarily subjected. V

While I prefer the constructi herein specifically described. I do not desire to be understood as liini ng inyselt' tothe said specific construction, my invention being defined by my appended claims-v .liin the scope of which modifications,maybe made without departure tronrany' inven on.

Having thus c escribed my invention. wl'iat I claim and desire to secure by Letters 7 Patent, is

1. In combiuatioma frame having spaced side portions and overlian 'ing portions e tending from said side portions and also having transverse rods interposed between and carried by the side portions, the said transverse rods spaced apart and the :ler-

ward rod being arranged in a horizontal plane below that'ot the rear rod, ainlturther having a blfillSVOi'fG rod lfltQlPOSBdr betvveen'and carried by the ends of the overhanging portions, cover: having at one end upstanding apertured lugs loosely receiving the lastenained' tran cover being i'rce to'swing .crtically, a body arran cd between said sid I p I and. havin its too epen and arr need to be opposed to said cover, and further having in its bottoin portion three spaced notches for cooperation. with the tran verse rods betweenth-e side portions; the rear transverse rod being in a vertical plane spaced in: front of the vertical plane of the center of moven'ient ofthe cover.

2. In combination, a frame having spaced side portions and overhanging portions ex:- tending from said side portions and also having transverse rods intc posed between and carried bytie side portions, the said transverse rods spaced apart and. the 1 Ward rod being arranged ina'horizontal plane below that of the rear rod, and turrther having a transverse rod interposed between and carried by the ends of the over- I swingable cover carried" by the lira an end-wise SlllltllOlG and swi upper side oppo'sedto and ad, normally closed by the coverhanging portions, acov'er having at one end upstanding apertured lugs loosely receiving the last-named transverse rod, said cover being free to swing vertically, a

arrangedbetween said side portions "and having its top open and arranged to be 013- posed to said cover, and further having in its bottom portion three spaced notches for c'eo-peration, witlrthe transverse rods between the side portions; the said cover-[having a pane'ot transparent material and: saidrbody having end walls formed partly oiv transpar ent material. and partly or screen terial, one of the said screen portions b Lag arranged adjacent to. the bottom of the body and the other screen portion arranged ad-.

swingable body, open at its upperside and;

adapted to have said side normallyopposedto and closed by the cover and havin-g at its bottom three spaced notches fer coopera-tlon with the first-named transverse rods,

and said rod in a vertical plane in-trontot the vertical plane otthe center of movement or the cover. I I

4.. In combination, a frame, ve tically able supported'by the frame and havin said] body having-the center'of its swinging movement- 'in a vertical plane spaced from the vertical plane oi the center of -inovenien.t off, the cover, and said body rela vcly agrranget when shifted endwise and canted. or t-ilted to raise the cover trom the "major portion of the upper sideo-t. the body the said frame including spacedtransverse. rods one .in a plane belowithat o f the other, and the said body having in its bottom portion three spaced notches tor cooperation with said rods.

In testimony whereof I my signature.

f TED E sen-1m.

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