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Publication numberUS1633531 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 21, 1927
Filing dateJun 28, 1926
Publication numberUS 1633531 A, US 1633531A, US-A-1633531, US1633531 A, US1633531A
InventorsAndrew P. Keller
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Spray disk and method and apparatus for makino the same
US 1633531 A
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1927. June A. P. KELLER v SPRAY DISK AND METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MAKING THE SAME Filed June 28. 1926 2 Sheqts-Sheet 1 f @@@z@ a Q agv m June 1927.

A A. P. KELLER SPRAY DISK AND METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MAKING THE SAME Filed June 28. 1926 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 7717552111 EMF/X55 @441;

Patented June 21, i927.




Application filed June 28, 1926. Serial No. 118,908.

sirable that the-spray apertures be so dis posed with relation to each other as to provide a divergence of the streams of water from the axis of'the head, so that a Wide shower may be caused to flow from a head of comparatively small size, and heretofore the common practice for obtaining this effect has been to mold the spray disk without apertures therein and subsequently to drill cylindrical holes through it at the proper angles to each other to provide the desired divergence of their respective streams.

My chief objects are to provide an improved spray head and to provide improved procedure and apparatus for making it whereby the apertures conveniently may. be formed in the disk Icy-molding and yet may be so disposed as to provide the desired divergent spray effect. A further object is to provide for giving the spray disk its ge'n eral shape and forming the divergent apertures therein in the same moldin operation. A still further. object is to provi efor forming the divergent apertures b means of a unitary molding structure" which may be withdrawn from'the mol'ded product by movement as afwliole inxan axial direction, without movement"of its parts with relation to'each other. .Another object is to provide for conveniently; removin mold fins from the mouths of the molde apertures.

Of the accompanying drawings: Figfl isa vertical section of a showerbaths'pray head embodying and made bfy the use oflm'y invention inits preferred orm. Fig. 2 is a fragmentary top face' view of the apertured member or spray disk of the head. Eigfl3isa 'ver ficalsectionof' the apparatus for molding the sprayapertured member.

Referring tothe drawings, the head as here shown comprises an'upper bell portion 10 su i'tably'secured. and sealed to the usual downwardly-projecting supply pipe 11 by meansof a yoke 12 screwed onto the end of the pipe, a gasket 13 interposed between an external flange 14, formed on theyoke'and an internal flange 15 formed on the bell, and a gasket 16 interposed between the flange 15 and a nut 17 screwed onto the upper end of the yoke.

The spray and disk 18 of the head is formed with an annular gasket-seating recess 19 around the margin of its upper face in which is seated an annular gasket 20 sealing the said member to the bell 10, the apertured member 18 being sup orted and drawn up to compress the gasket y ascrewbolt 21 mounted in a central hole 22 in the member 18 and screwed into the yoke 12.

The spray apertures in the member 18 are shown at 23, 23, and instead of being cylindrical, as in such prior devices as I am aware of, they are of downwardly tapered, frusto-conical shape, but with tlieir axes downwardly diverging with respect to the axis of the head, the axes of the apertures more remote from the center of the head being more divergent than those of the apertures closer the center, as I find that with the apertures so shaped and so disposed the desired divergent sprayeffect may be plication of full molding pressure to the" stock, and without interlocking of the mold ing means with the stock, such as'would cause breakage of the molded stock upon the withdrawal of the molding means.

This form of the spray bottom permits the molding thereof in asingle molding operation by means of the apparatus shown' in Fi 3, which comprises an annular, female mol ing member 24 rising from and secured by screw bolts 25, 25 to a suitable bed plate 26,"and a pair of opposed male molding members 27, 28 telescoped therein, the upper'male member, 28, being'secured-by screw bolts 29, 29 to a movable press-head30 and provided with dowels such as the dowel 31 adapted to run in suitable apertures in the upper edge face of the female member 24 to' which slidably extend through suitable apertures in the bed-plate 26 and have their lower ends secured to a yoke 33 provided with an actuating rod 34 for raising and lowering the lower molding member 27, which is thus adapted'to act as an ejector for lifting the work out of the press after it is molded. Stop pins such as the pin 34 are mounted in the bed-plate and are adapted to limit the downward movement of the lower male member 27.

A molding pin 35 having its base secured in the bed-plate 26 projects upward through a central aperture in the lower male member 27 and into a central aperture 36 in the upper male member 28, and is adapted to mold the central aperture in the spra disk 18 to receive the clampin bolt 21 ig. 1).

Secured in suitabfie apertures in the upper male molding member 28 are molding. pins 37, 37 having frusto-conical, downwardly tapered end-portions 37 37 projecting from the lower or molding face of the member 28, the said pins being so disposed that their axes downwardly diverge from each other and preferably are disposed radially with respect to a common imaginary center above the assembly, but the diver ence of the pins is so small with relation to 516 angle of t e apex of their tapered portions 37 .that the latter may be embedded in the clay or the like of which the spray disk 18 is formed without interlocking therewith against free withdrawal, which requires that the angle of divergence of any pin with respect to the axis of the mold shall not be more than half the apex angle of its tapered endortion.

A ter themolding operation, which will .be ,obvious from the foregoing, thin mold fins usually are present at the lower mouths of the apertures molded by thepins 37, possibly because of imperfect fitting of the ends of the ins against the lower mold member 27 and. ause of the resistance to extrusion of the last thin layer of material under the end of the in, but I find that such fins may be remov readily and without marring the surface of the work, so that the apertures willbe of full size and regular form, by the simple step of lightly washing the lower face of the spray disk, as by passing a soft, water-saturated sponge over it, the fins freely melting or washing out, while the more substantial walls of the apertures are not appreciably affected. i

The bell portion 10 of the head is of such form that it readily may be molded by the use of well-lmown a paratus. After the molding operations the parts 10 and 18, when made of clay, for example, are finished and hardened by the usual procedure, which may include glazing of the walls of the apertures as well as the 5th? surfaces, and they are then assembled as s own in Fig. 1.

By reason of the tapered form of the apertures they readily may be cleaned in case of clogging, although their outlets are suitably small.

My invention thus provides the several advantages set out in the above statement of objects, and it is susceptible of modification without sacrifice of all of the said 'advantages and without departure from the scope of the appended claims.

I claim:

1. A molded spray head comprising a art formed with molded apertures tapered rom the inner entirely to the outer surface of said part and having their axes outwardly divergin from each other.

2. Tie method of making a spray disk which comprises molding it with-outwardly tapered spray apertures having their axes outwardly diverging from each other, by forcing against a mass of stock, in an axial direction with relation to the disk, a set of outwardly tapered molding pins while holding the said pins with their axes outwardly divergin from the axis of the disk, and while so olding the pins withdrawing them from the molded mass of stock.

3. The method of making an apertured disk which comprises so forcing a set of molding pins through a mass of plastic stock against a molding member as to produce a disk substantially through-apertured but having mold pins within the apertures, the pins being so stopped by the said member that they do not project from the adjacent face of the mass, and washing the surface of the product to remove mold fins from the mouths of the apertures molded by the pins.

4. Apparatus for molding a spray disk, the said apparatus com rising a mold member adapted to shape t e outer face of the disk and molding means including outwardly diver g aperturemolding projections for molding the inner face and the apertures ,of the disk, the said mold member and the said molding means being so constructed and arran ed as to permit the said pins to be force so far through the disk as substantially to make it throu h-apertured.

5. Apparatus as defined in claim 4 in which the means for molding the inner face of the disk consists of a rigid, unitary structure and in which the axes of the projections outwardly diverge, each of the saidr projections being of such tapered form that the molding means may be withdrawn in an axial direction from the molded disk without interlocking with the material thereof.

6. Molding apparatus com rising a facemolding member and a set 0 outwardly tapered mold pins projecting from the moldmg face of said member, fixed in relation thereto and having their axes outwardly diverging from each other, the pins being so tapered with relation to their divergence as to permit them to be forced in fixed relation as a. group into a mass of stock without recession of their surfaces from the stock contacted thereby and to be withdrawn from the molded mass without interlocking therewith.

7. The method of makin a spray disk which. comprises relatively orcing a set of molding pins so far through a mass of stock as substantially to form through-apertures therein while so su porting the ins that in 10 a. direction towar the stock t ey diverge from each other.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 11th day of June, 1926.


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