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Publication numberUS1633610 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 28, 1927
Filing dateJul 13, 1926
Priority dateJul 13, 1926
Publication numberUS 1633610 A, US 1633610A, US-A-1633610, US1633610 A, US1633610A
InventorsSchneider Alexander M
Original AssigneeSperling G
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Nether garment
US 1633610 A
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June 28, 1927. 1,533,510.

A. M. sen-lineman NETHER GARMENT Filed July 13, 1926- Patented June 28, 192".


ammon a. is. scrmnrnna, or

1,633,61t PATENT OFFICE.


Application fled July 18, 1926. Serial No. 122,055.

This invention relates to nethergarments' and the method of making the same, and has particularreference to an improved bifurcated garment of pleasing appearance, which "will be comfortable and convenient in use. and which may be inexpensively manufactured.

Various further objects, featuresand advantages will more clearly appear from the detailed description given below taken in connection with the accompanyin drawings which form a part of this speci cation.

in the drawings:

Figs. 1, 2 and 3, respebtively, are front, side and back'views of one form of garment embodying the invention and showing the garment as applied to the wearer;

Fig. i is an enlarged front view of the garment alone;

Fig. 5 is an enlarged view showing details of certain features of the invention;

Figs. 6 and 7 are developed views of the ieveral partscomprised inthe garmentof i .e

l ig.8 is a'develo'ped viwofone of the parts such as shown in Fig. 7 but illustrating a slightly modified construction of.

the part fshown.

Referring tothe drawings, the garment illustrated in Fig." 4 may com rise a pair of gores and 21, eachbf w ich may be cut from a pattern'shaped substantially as indicated in Fig. 6. It will be noted that the side edges 22 and 2301? this pattern are substantially straight and parallel, except that at 24. the upper corner of the piece is cut at an angle for a substantial distance.

down the back of the garment. Two corresponding edges 24 on the gores 20 and 21.

may be stitched together to form a seam 25 (see Fig, 3) at the center .oflthe back of the garment. The gores 20 and 21 maybe cut with generally horizontal, upper and lower 26 and 27, respectively, and in the finished garment these edges may be suitably' hemmed, if desired, to enclose elastic bands in the conventional manner. The corresponding edges 22 of the two gores 20 and 21 may be stitched together to form the seam 28 at the centeroiithe front ,oi' thegarment."

The crotch area of the garment may comprise a double pointed gusset member 29 tapered to a point 302 at the. front-of the garment and having a pointed area 31 of of the smaller tapered area .30.

A pairof ta ered gussets 32 and 33 have their larger ends secured respectively to the side edgesof the middle of the crotch piece 29 and extend down the inside 1 portions of the garment, the leg ortions o the gores 20 and 21 being stitch thereto as indicated in the various figures The adjoining edges of the crotch piece 29 and the gussets 32 and 33 respectively may be formed b cutting segmental portions from the sides of the crotch piece and from the ends of the gussets 32 and 33 to provide oppositely directed arcuate edges, as at 34 and 35 see Fig. 7 These edges when stitched toget er render the garment substantially conformative to the wearer but devoid of sharp rotruding seams and bulgin areas. 'l'he gussets of the leg portions being separate parts out independently or the crotch member 29, the Weave or'fabric pattern of these several parts may be readily made to run substantially in parallelism with the weave or. pattern of the fabric of the adjacent trunk and leg portions. Therefore, according to this construction, a comfortable fitting garment is provided with no substantial or unsightly interruptions in the weave or pattern of'the cloth. The weave or fabric pattern of the trunk and leg portions may extend vertically in the conventional mannor as indicated by the areas of crossed lines representing the thread of the fabric in the various figures. The weave or fabric pat-,

panied by an improved appearance and fit of the garment, sincethe parts are joined either along straight lines or along lines forming continuous regular curves. The crotch piece 29 and the gussets 32 and 33 are preferably ofi double thickness or b otherwise reinforced, and it will be noted that these parts are coextensive with the area of greatest wear. a

In Fig. 8, a crotch piece 36 of a slightl modified form of construction is illustrate In this form, the front and middle ortions of the piece are made of double t ickness or are reinforced as farias a seam 37 but from this scam on up the back of the garsembled unit may be stitched in place between the two gores as a separate operation, regwfging less experienced labor.

' ile'the invention has been described in detail with respect to certain particular preferred andsatisfactor examples, it will be understood by those s 'lled in the. art after understanding the invention that various changes and modifications may be made therein without departing 'from the spirit and scope of the invention :in its broader aspects, and it is, therefore, intended in- I the appended claims to cover all such chan es and modifications.

p at. is claimed as new and upon'which it is desired to secure Letters Pateht of the United States is:

1-. Bloomers or pantalets having a crotch portion withra tapering end extending up the front and a tapering end extending up render the garment substantially conformative to the wearer and devoid of sharp protruding seams and bulging areas.

2. Bloomers or pantalets having a crotch piece with a portion extending up the front and a .portion extending up the back, a pair of gussets having their upper ends secured.

respectively to the side edges or the middle of said crotch piece and extending down the inside le portions of the garment, the ad- .joining e ges of said crotch piece and'gussets respectively being concave at the sides of i the crotch piece, and at the upper ends of the gussetsto provide substantially arcuate edges which, where stitched together, render the garment substantiall conformative to the wearer and devoid 0 sharp protruding seams and bulging areas.

p 3. Bloomers or the like garments having a crotch piece with its ends extending up the front and back of the garment, a pair of gussets having their upper ends secured respectively to the side edges. of, the middle of said crotch piece and extending down the inside leg portions of the garment, the side edges of said crotch piece where joined to sa'idgussets being concave to provide substantia'llyarc uate edges which are stitched to the upper ends of the gusets whereby the garment is substantially conformative to the wearer and devoid of :sharp protruding seams and bulging portions at the crotch.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name-to this specification.


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U.S. Classification2/407, 2/401
International ClassificationA41B9/00, A41B9/04
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