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Publication numberUS1633686 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 28, 1927
Filing dateSep 11, 1926
Priority dateSep 11, 1926
Publication numberUS 1633686 A, US 1633686A, US-A-1633686, US1633686 A, US1633686A
InventorsStone Andrew J
Original AssigneeStone Andrew J
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Golf tee
US 1633686 A
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- June 28, 1927.

A. J. STONE GOLF TEE Filed Sept. 11. 1926 [221 1927 tor:- Andrew J dckson Sione .B a Y,

M AZZ'orne s Patented June 28, 1927. I



ilpplicatlon fled September 11, 1926. Serial No. 184,788.

This invention pertains to sporting appav ratus andhas for its object to provide an improved tee for golf balls.

The construction and use of this invention will become ap arent from the description 'of a specific em odiment thereof in the following specification which is supplemented by the accompanying'drawing inwhich.

Figure 1 is an elevation. of'the improved golf tee showing the magner in which it s'up-. ports'the ball; and Y 5" Fig. 2 is avertical section taken the axis of-the device. 1

The improved tee is composed of two parts, a stiffening member-5 and a'flexible or resilient guard 6. The 'reinforcingmember comprises a top 7, the upper surface of which is contour and of a radiuszslightly' greater than that of the golf ball with which it is to beused. The in-member 8 which is attached to the top is pointed at 9 .to. facilitate pushing the tee reinforcing-member is shown as being-made in one piece, it ma be made of two metal parts which are we ded or riveted together, or if a fibre composition, which may be glued or forced together. I

The resilient outer protecting member 10 maybe made of any material which is convenientlymouldedbut is preferably made of rubber. -The top portion is moulded very' soft while .the bottom portion 11 is preferably vulcanized quite hard in order that it may be forced into the'ground. The rubberthrough may 2 be colored a brilliant hue," such as orange, in order to distinguish it" from the.

\ usual green of. thefairway onto which it is lo often'knocke during the course of Play and also from the brown ofthe ground in the driving area. Duet'o the fact that the upper portion is made of every soft rubber, the tee cannot preferably of a hollow spherical point of said pininto the ground. While the member.

name'this 27th day which to lay the ball. The pin portion serves to penetrate the ground and to keep the teestraight.

Obviously various modifications of the above described embodiment of this mven- 1 tion may be made Without departing from the scope of the invention as defined by the appended claims. .I cl aim:-- I 1. In a golf tee, apin having a cup shaped head and a resilient casing disposed about said pinand having a hardened subuliform end associated with an end of said pin.

2. In a golf tee, a metal pin having a cup shaped head and a'rubber casing moulded about said pin and having atapering portion vulcanized to hardness adjacent ,the

3. 'A golf tee comprising a subuliform resilient member having a hardened-end and reinforced by a metal pin having a cup shaped head and a pointed end projecting from the-hardened portion of said resilient 4."In a olf' tee, a subuliform rubber member havlng a'pointed end vulvanized to Y hardness, and a metal reinforcing membercomprising a pin disposed axially of said rubber member and having'a, point extending beyond-said vulcanized portion and havingacup shaped head adapted to receive a golf ball and to reinforce the soft part said rubber member.

5. A golf tee comprising a pin having a cup shaped headand a subuliform rubber protective casing In witness whereof, I hereunto subscribe of August, 1926. ANDREW J. I

disposed about said pin.

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U.S. Classification473/401, D21/718
International ClassificationA63B57/00
Cooperative ClassificationA63B57/0018
European ClassificationA63B57/00C