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Publication numberUS1634064 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 28, 1927
Filing dateMar 20, 1926
Priority dateMar 20, 1926
Publication numberUS 1634064 A, US 1634064A, US-A-1634064, US1634064 A, US1634064A
InventorsAhlquist Eugene F
Original AssigneeGaw O Hara Envelope Company
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File wallet
US 1634064 A
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June 28 1927- E, AHL UIST FILE WALLET Filed March 20. 1926 ,t W W. 1

Patented June 28, 1927.




Applicationfiled March 20, 1926.

My invention relates to containers for papers and documents, and is commonly known as a file wallet and is designed particularly for use in banks and other places where the envelope or contain-er is successively used for containing different papers or the like, and one in which a withdrawable indexing tag is included, so that the wallet may be used and indexed many times by in changing the tag.

The object of this invention is to provide a cheap and simple device in which the entrance to the pocket for holding the indexing tag or card will be stronger and 1 more durable than the construction used at the present time, and in general to form an entire wallet which will be more permanent and adapted to longer service than the present type used. 7

It will be apparent that by the construction which I have provided, the file wallet produced will be considerablystrongerand more durable than the present day construction, and the danger of fracturing or tear ing the parts around the entrance to the card or tag pocket will be greatly minimized, all of which will be more readily understood when reference is had to the following description, considered in connection with the accompanying drawing, in which:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the upper part of my improved file wallet,

Fig. 2 is a like view showing an old type therefor of construct-ion used at the present time, and

Fig. 3 is a top plan View of the envelope or file wallet shown in Fig. 1 partly in section.

As illustrated in Figs. 1 and 3 of the drawing, my improved file wallet A includes a piece of manilla paper or other heavy flexible material providing a flap 2, and what I shall term an inner wall 4 to which an expansible or plaited member 6 is connected in any suitable manner. The member 6 has an outer side flange 7'at one side of the same and an upper flange 8 integral with one another, and so folded as to provide the diagonal corner .9. These flanges are preferably pasted down against the marginal edges of the inner wall 4. The outer wall 10 of the wallet is provided with a window opening 11 for viewing matter written or printed on a card 12 which is entered in the pocket 13 formed by and be Serial No. 96,155.

tween the inner wallA and said outer wall 7 10, and in the upper central part of said outer wall, a recess 14 is formed for permitting the card 12 to be grasped in the fingers and withdrawn from the pocket.

The outer wall 10 is provided at one of its sides with an inturned flange 16 which is pasted or glued to the side-flange 7 of the plaited member 6, while the upper portion 17 of said inturned flange 16 is placed be neath the diagonal corner 9 of the flange 8 of the plaited member and glued thereto to thereby secure the portionl? in place therebeneath. This provides a smooth edge along the upper part of the flange 8 so that there will be no projections to catch the edge of the card 12 when the same is being inserted into the pocket 13. The other side of the outer wall lOis also provided with an inturned flange 18 which is glued to the inner wall along the line .3 of bending of the flap '2, and the portion 19 at the upper end of said flange is also placed beneath the diagonally cut edge 9 of the upper flange 8 of the "plaited member 6 so that the upper edge of said flange is completely covered, and the inturned edge of the flange will present a clean surface without any project ing portions which would catch the card 12 in its insertion in the pocket 13.

lVith this construction, the upper end of the outer wall 10 will be secured always against having its edges disconnected from the plaited member or the body of the wallet, as will be appreciated. Various other methods of accomplishing this result have been tried out experimentally, and some have been .adopted, but theparticular method above described has advantages far superior to other constructions in that there are no projecting lips or wearing edges likely to become worn out and thus release their hold upon the body of the envelope or wallet and permit the outer wall 10 to be loosed from the other parts.

Fig. 2 shows an old type of front wall construction which has been used to some extent. In this construction, which is merely shown for purposes of comparison with my invention, the inturned flanges 16 and 18 are each provided with an extension 21 at their upper ends. This extension is adapted to pass over and around the outer flange 8 and is secured against the outer side of the nearest plait 22; however, with this form of fastening device, the edge 23 may become worn quickly and frayed by the constant insertion and removal of cards into the pocket, so that after the same has become worn through, the card may catch between the top flange 8 and the flanges 16 and 17 so that these flanges and the entire front wall 10 might be torn from their adherence to the inner wall and plait flanges, thereby rendering the file wallet wholly unfit for fur ther use. a

In using my improved construction, no parts of the tops of the flanges 16 and 18 are exposed along the edge of the flange 8, so that when a card is inserted in the pocket 13, it enters with the flange 8 forming the inner wall of the pocket which is opposed to the smooth surface of the outer wall 10 forming the other wall of the pocket. When the card passes down beyond the outer flange 8, it is held between the outer wall 10 and the side flanges 16 and 18. It will be understood that in both constructions illustrated,

the front wall is glued solidly or practicaliy so to the inner wall beginning slightly below the line to which the bottom of the card 12 comes.

The advantages, from a practical standpoint, of this construction of file wallet will be apparent to anyone using the same to any extent, and while I have described the envelope and have show-n one specific form of my invention, I do not limit myself to the exact construction herein shown, as various modifications and changes will readily suggest themselves to one skilled in the art, and these changes and modifications are contemplated as part of this invention, so far as they are defined by the following claims.

I claim:

1. A file wallet having a member comprising the top, one side, and the bottom thereof, flanges on said member at the top and one side integral with .one another, the top flange having a diagonal fold at its juncture with the side flange at the corner, a front wall having side flanges bent inwardly against the side flange of said member, and the ends of the side flanges of the front wall lying beneath portions of the top flange of said member.

2. An expansible file wallet having. a plaited member comprising the top, one side, and the bottom of said wallet, flanges integral with said member along the top and side, and a front wall having a side flange bent inwardly against the side flange of said member with the upper end of said front wall side flange lying beneath said top flange.

v3. A file wallet having a member comprising the top, one side, and the bottom thereof, a flange extending at right angles to the plane of the top, a side flange extending at right angles to the plane of the side, the top flange being arranged to overlap the top end of the side flange, and a front wall having a side flange bent inwardly against the face of-the side flange of said member with the top end thereof extending beneath the top flange of said member and between the top flange of said member and the topv end of the side flange of said member.

4. A file wallet comprising a member forming the top, one side and the bottom thereof, said member having a flange along the top and along the side and overlapping at the corner to provide a diagonal fold with the top flange overlapping the side flange, and a front wall having side flanges bent inwardly and directed toward one another, one of said front wall flanges being secured to the side flange of said member and at its upper end lying beneath the top flange of said member.

5. A file wallet including a member providing the top, one side and the bottom thereof, a second member adapted to form the inner wall of said wallet, flanges along the top, the side, and the bottom of the first said member integral therewith and secured to one face of said second member with the top flange folded on a diagonal .and right angle fold of the side flange, and front wall having side flanges bent inwardly against said face of said second member and secured thereto with the top ends of its flanges beneath the top flange of the first said member, whereby a pocket is formed between said front wall and second said member.

In witness of the foregoing I affix my signature.


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