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Publication numberUS1634373 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 5, 1927
Filing dateNov 26, 1924
Priority dateNov 26, 1924
Publication numberUS 1634373 A, US 1634373A, US-A-1634373, US1634373 A, US1634373A
InventorsMann Robert C
Original AssigneePeter B Behr
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Electric therapeutic device
US 1634373 A
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192 July 5 7 R. c. MANN ELECTRIC THERAPEUTIC DEVICE Filed Nov. 26. 1924 IHHHIII Elia/'Venu' Inventor v n a n M' i Patented 1827.31

UNITED STA/'ras Pfarr-,infrfOFFICE.l

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nLEo'rmc ananrnurro nnvrcn.'

Application mea navember'as, im. serial no. 752,441.

This invention relates to electrically operated` `devices for therapeutic treatment, and one which willfoperate to simultaneously treat the portion of the body to which it is applied by a plurality of drii'erent effects thereon. n y An object of the invention 1sf to provide a simple construction, whlch wlll produce heat, vibration, and eddy currents, for the purpose of treating the human body, to strengthen and build up the tissues, blood, etc.

Another object of the invention resides 1n providing a device of this character, having a casing provided with a cover serving as a ldiaphragm of partial spherical form, for Iconvenient yapplication to t-he body of a human being, which carries an armature on the inner central portion adapted to be magnetically operated by an electromagnet mounted within the casing energized by a thereof may be' interposed in the circuit with the source of power anda lvarying heatingl effect of the device obtained 1n order that mechanical vibration, eddy currents and heat `may be applied to the human'body, for the treatment thereof.` A Y lThe invention comprehends other objects and improvements .in the details of construction and arrangement of the parts of the device, which are more particularly pointed out in the following description and claims, directed to the preferred embodiment of the invention, it bein understood, however, that various changes 1n this construction may be made without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention as described and claimed.

which is mounted a suitable insulating member 2, of annular form, forA receiving and carryin thecoil windings 4,' a suitable iron core 5 ing positioned 1n `the central'portion ofthe member 2, asillustrated in Figure 2 of the drawings. The openv front end n of the casing 1 receives a ring member 6 and the diaphragm member 7 is threaded on the open end of the'casing and seated against the ring 6, in themanner illustrated lin Figure 2, the remaining portion thereofbeing of partial spherical form, as clearly illustrated in Figures A1 and 2 of, the drawings, in orderto provide a surface for application to the body of a humanF being to be treated, so that it will conveniently fit the configuration of the body, in the application of treatment thereto. The central portion of the diaphragm member 7 carries an armature 8, of a size corresponding to the core 5 of ythe electromagnet, which extends `into roximity thereto.

An annu ar shell 9 is mounted on the rear of the casing and supports an insulating block 10, on whicha're mounted a plurality .of contacts '11, in circumferential relation,

concentric witlrl the stud -12, forming a centralY contact and pivotal mounting for the 'switch arm 13 and the dome shaped operating and cover member -V14:, having a beaded lower edge, as indicated at 15, formed ofsplit sections, as indicated at 16, inorder that the same mayebe convenientlyv applied and removed on the/ annular member 9, forv rotatably mounting the same thereon. A plurality of taps 17 are provided on the windings 4, which are each connected to respective hcontacts 11, on the insulating blocks 10. There is one additional contact mounted on the block 10, in addition to the' number of taps on they winding, inorder to provide an off position for the switch arm 13,' in the manner as illustrated diagrammatically in' Figure 4, the same controlling the number of windings of they electromagnet interposed in a circuit with the source of power, in a manner as illustrated by the Wiring diagram 100 tter 105 ings will heat up more quickly than when the whole Winding is interposed in'circuit at one time.

A fiexible cable 18 carries wire connections 19 and 2O respectively, the Wire connection 19 connecting one end of the windings 4, with one side of a suitable source of power, while the wire 2O is connected to the central post 12 of the switch device, and a suitable source of power, so that the winding 4 may be interposed in circuit, for effecting the operation of the device.

The windings 4 are of such a character, that when current is applied thereto, a degree of heat will be produced therein, of a desired character, for the treatment of the bod of a human being, and which is contro able within predetermined limits by the adjustment of the switch to the various contacts controlling the number omi turns of the, winding 4 interposed in the" circuit 1n a manner which can be clearly ascertained by an examination of Figure 4, so that a relatively greater or less degree of heat may be obtained for treatment purposes. At the same time that the coil maintains a predetermined degree of heat, the oscillations of the alternating current will produce a constantly changing magnetic field, through the'A core 5, which will operate to produce a vibrating eifect on the diaphragm cover member 7, so that when the saine is applied in contact with the -hi'iinan body, mechanical vibration will be set up on the surface of the body. In addition, the iron core 5 and the diaphragm 7 are so proportioned as to permit a considerable leakageof the magnetic lines of force, through the diaphragm and into the body of the patient, so that in the operation of the device to produce heat and mechanical vibrations of the diaphragm member, through the use of an'alternating current, a magnetic field will be produced about the electromagnet of an alternatin character, and which when applied to the 'said annular coil windings,

netic field, and for obtaining the results of the combined benecial effects produced by heat and vibration.

What is claimed is:

1. A device of the class described comprising a casing, annular coil -windings mounted in said casing, a core mounted 1n a diaphragm member mounted on one end of said casing having an armature positioned in axial alineinent with said coil .for operation by the magnetic field produced an electric circuit with a source of alternatble for eddy currents due to an alternating mageffecting vibration of said diaphragm.v

2. A device of the class described, coinprising electrically operated means adapted to produce heat and eddy currents within the human body due to an alternating magnetic field, and a semi-spherical diaphragm operable by said means for producing mechanical vibration, the heat, mechanical vibrations and eddy currents being ada ted to etlect the treatment of the tissues o the human body when applied thereto.

^ 3. A device of( the class described, comprising electrically operated means adapted to produce heat and eddy cui-rents within the human body due to an alternating magnetic field for treatingI the tissues in the' body, and means for simultaneously apply- `lng mechanical vibrations ,controlled by the first mentioned means. y

In testimony whereof I ailx my signature.


by the electro. lmagnet, and controlling means for closing dy, and will produce what are termed i producing within thehuman ody .o

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International ClassificationA61N1/32
Cooperative ClassificationA61N1/322
European ClassificationA61N1/32C