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Publication numberUS1634621 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 5, 1927
Filing dateFeb 23, 1926
Priority dateFeb 23, 1926
Publication numberUS 1634621 A, US 1634621A, US-A-1634621, US1634621 A, US1634621A
InventorsIsidoro Martinez
Original AssigneeIsidoro Martinez
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Device for picking cotton
US 1634621 A
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6m I BY I ATTORNEY Patented my 5, 921. 1,634,621 our-run STATES PATENT OFFICE.

jvrsmono mm, or m rnron, 'rnxaa DEVICE ron rrcxmecor'rox. u e fled February as, 1028. semi 16.90pm I -T invention relates to cotton picking, and described straps are provided with and the hire, the invention having more parbuckles 26, spch as ordinarily used for fastlcular reference to a novel type of a sprin tening straps in position, and that suitable harness to be worn by cotton pickers, an shoulder pads 27 and 28, and le pads 29- o the and 30, are provided for the com ort of the The invention has for-an ob ect the rowearer. vision of an improved spring harness w 'ch It will be further understood that the rear will enable the wearer to assume an erect straps 14 and 15 may be provided with elasposition after continual steeping, as required tic pieces, or may be made entirely of elastic 65- ie when picking cotton or the like. materiahso as to permit the wearer to bend Afiurther-obylect is to provide a spring over onstoop. harness of move construction and arrange- 'As here embodied my improved device ment of parts. also comprises'a. coil spring 31, having its For further comprehension of the invenlower extremity attached to a lower support tion, and of the objects and advantages thereing member 32, and its upper extremity atof, reference will be had to the ollowin tached to an upper supporting member 33. vdescription and accompanying drawing, an The. lower supporting member 32 and the to the appended ciaims in which the various upper supporting member 33, preferably cirnovel ieatures of the invention are more parcular discs, are pivotally attached by means 75 I as ticularly set forth. of extended portions 38 to arms 34 and35, Fig. l of the drawing shows my improved extending from the supporting frame 11 and sprin harness attache to the wearer, as it the breast plate 10. As a means of holdi woul appear wheninuse. the said'lower supporting member '32 eg Fig. 2 shows a front elevational view of the upper supporting member 33, in any de- 2o myyimproved device. sired angular position, for the pur ose as- & ig. 3 shows an enlarged perspective dehereinafter set forth, I haveprovideg levers tail view of the spring and means of ad- 37 r'i 'dly attached to the extended portions justing same. 1 38 o the lower. supporting member and the .Fig. 4 shows .a front elevational. view of upper supporting member, and hand screws ll 80 a modification of the spring, used in connec- 39,01 any similar suitable screws, threadedly tion with my improved device. engaged with extensions depending from the Fig. 5 shows an'enlarged ira entary dearms 34 and 35, as at 40, and having pivottail of the means for angulary adjusting ally attached thereto, in a convenient manthe su porting members. her a jaw 39 located so as ,to'engage with the m 5 As here embodied my improved device free-extremity of the said levers 37, as clearly comprises a breast plate 10, preferably dia shown in'the accompanying drawing. mond shaped and corrugated, and & sup-iusting the screw 39, results in raisin or porting frame 11 having extended elements owermg the jaw 39', thereby movin ever 12 and 13, at right angles thereto. The 37, which is rigidly attachedto mem era 38 95 to breast. plate 10 is held in position on-the dependingfrom the supporting members, wearer, as clearly shown in ig. 1 of the actherefore turning these latter members. companying drawing, by means of the rear Referring in particular to the modificastraps 14, and 15 which extend from the tion of my improved device, as shown in breast plate 10 over the shoulder of the Fig. 4 oft e wearer and down the back to the foot straps rovided two coil springs 41 an 42. It 16 and 17 respectively, thesaid rear straps eing'understood that the two coil springs 14 and 15 being further supported by the 41 and 42 are. attached to lower supporting intermediate breast straps 18 and 19 respecmembers 32 and to upper supporting memaccompanying drawin I have o tively, and b the intermediate rear straps bers 33, similarly attached to the supportm 20 and 21. e supporting frame 11 is held ing frame 11, and the breast plate 10, re-

in 'tion on the wearer, as clearly shown spectively, as hereinbefore set forth and dein ig. 1 of the accompanying drawing, by scribed. a means of the thigh straps 22' and 23, the Reiierring in particular to the application upper foot straps and 25, and the heretoand use of my improved device. When the m 56 before mentioned footstraps 16 and 17 It .wearer assumes a bent over, or stooped posi being understood that the above mentioned tion, the coil spring will support the wearer,

just the angular positions of the upper supporting member and the lower su lporting member so as tomaintain the coi spring in a full compressed position, so as to prevent b ging or cantmg of the said coil s rm Haing thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to protect by Let- {ers Patent of the United States is as folows:--

1. In a device of the class described, a coil spring, a lower supporting member fastened to the lower end of said coilspring, an upper supporting member fastened to the uper end of said coil sprin a supporting rame pivotally holding sai lower sup rting member, a breast plate pivotally olding said upper supporting member, and means for holding said upper end and lower supporting members in angular adjusted positions.

2. In a device of the class described, a coil spring, a lower supporting member fastened to the lower end of said coil spring, an upper supporting member fastened to the upper end of said coil spring, a supporting frame. pivotally holding said lower supporting member ,b means of extended portions depending terefrom, a breast plate pivotally holding said upper supporting member, by means of extended portions depending therefrom, and means for holding said up r and lower supporting members angu ar adjusted positions.

3. In a device of the class described, a coil 'gaged in said arms, said thumb screws being signature.

to the lower end 0 said coil spring, an up" per supporting member fastened to the up per end of said coil spring, a supporting frame pivotally holding said lower supporting member by means of extended portions depending therefrom, a breast plate. pivotally holding saidupper supporting member, by means of extended portions depending therefrom, and means for holding said upper and lower supporting members in angular adjusted positions, consisting of levers rigidly attached to said extended portions of the said supporting members, arms de-. pending from said supporting frame and reast plate, thumb screws threadedly enengagedv with the free ends of said levers.

4. A spring harness for cotton ickers and the like, comprising a breast p ate, a supporting frame having extended elements at right angles thereto, a supporting member pivotally attached to said breast plate, another supporting member p'ivotally attached to said supporting frame, a coil spring fastened at one end to one of said supporting members and at the'other end to the other of said supporting members, means for holding the said supporting members in angular adjusted positions, and means for holding the said breast plate and supportin frame in position on a wearer, conslstin o rear straps extending from the breast p ate over the shoulder and down the back of the wearer engaging foot straps, breast straps and intermediate rear straps connected with said rear straps, and the said supporting frame being held imposition on the wearer by thigh straps, upper foot straps, and the said foot straps.

In testimony whereof I have affixed my ISIDORO nan'rntna,

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U.S. Classification2/44
International ClassificationA01D46/00, A01D46/08
Cooperative ClassificationA01D46/087
European ClassificationA01D46/08H