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Publication numberUS1634856 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 5, 1927
Filing dateAug 7, 1925
Priority dateAug 7, 1925
Publication numberUS 1634856 A, US 1634856A, US-A-1634856, US1634856 A, US1634856A
InventorsSkroch Frank W
Original AssigneeSkroch Frank W
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US 1634856 A
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l 1 634 856 July 5 1927 F. w. sKRocH ,ARTCLE LIFTER Filed Aug. '7, 1925 fwn/55555. @wenn Patented July v5, 1927.




Application ledAugust 7, 1925. Serial No.' 48,858.

This iiivention relates to a tool, and has for its object the production of a simple and eihcient tool especially adapted for the purpose of picking up hot rivets and putting the rivets in place. Y

Another object of this invention is the production of an inexpensive tool which will efficiently operate to facilitate the work of iron workers in placingV rivets in position and handlingthe red hot rivets prior to the placing of the rivets wit iin the structural -iron work. Y

Other objects and advantages of t ie present invention will appear throughout the followingspecification and claim.

lin the drawings: y

Figure l is a perspective *iew of the tool.

Figure 2 is a perspective view of a modified form of the tool and Figure 3 is a perspective view of astill v further modified form of the tool.

By referring 'to the drawings',`it will be seen that the tool comprises a handle A,

' having a spirally-wound coil l at its outer end.y and terminating in a pair of divergng spring arms 2. These arms 2 each terminate in a forwardly-extending, right-,angularly arranged finger .3, and in; the structure shown in 'Figure l, each finger 3 is provided with a substantially hook-like end 4,' to 'which .is rivetedvor otherwise securely fasteneda concavo-convex rivet gripping jaw 5. rilhe oppositely 'arranged jaws 5 are adapted to abut as indicated at 6, to constitute a closed outer end for the gripping jaws 5 when the same are brought together, this being the normal position caused by the coil l. Y

By carefully considering Figure l, it will be seen that by compressing the two arms 2, the fingers 3 will be forced apart, Ythereby spreading the jaws 5 apart andV permitting the iron worker or other operator to grip a red hotrivet, the formation of the jaws 5 being so arranged as Ato iirmlyconform to the contour of the red hot rivetfand hold the same against accidental dropping from the jaws 5. Y

In Figure 2 is will be seen that the handle A is of a similar construction to that shown in Figure l, wherein like numerals apply to the various parts thereof, the fingers 8",

being formed straight throughout their entire length and being widened toward the lower end. A pair of segmental concavo convex gripping jaws 7 are secured to the inner faces of the fingers 3 as shown in F igure 2, and these jaws 7 extend longitudinally of the fingers 3 as shown, the respective edges 8 of the jaws 7 abutting to constitute' a closed gripping member when the jaws are brought together, or when the arms 2 are released.

n Figure 3 there is shown a still further modified form of the invention, wherein the handle A comprises a coil 9 at its upper end terminating in diverging arms 10, which Varms terminate at their extremities in right angularly extending .gripping fingers l1, these fingers lbeing widened at their lower ends, as indicated at 12'. From the structure shown in Figure 3, it will be shown that a very simple and eiiicient tool has been produced, having a pair of gripping fingers l1 which may be used for picking up small articles when it is desired. v

From the foregoing description, it will be seen that a very simpleaiid 'ei'iicient tool has been produced, which may be manufactured at a minimum cost, and which consists of a minimum number of' parts.

It should be understood that certain detailed changes may be employed without departingfrom the spirit of the invention, so long as theseA changes vfall within the scope of the appended claim'.

Having described the invention, what isV claimed is: f Y

An article holder of the character dev.scribed comprising a. handle constituting a s rino' at one end terminatin in diverfrino b tu b arms, said arms being bent inwardly of their forward kends to set up overlapping right angled portions and having their forward terminals bentto extend forwardly in substantially parallel relatiom said forwardly extending Aterminals being flattened, a pair of substantially semi-cylindrical members arranged in edge opposedl relation, and means for securing the flattened'terminals across they outer surface of said members.

ln testimony whereofl afliX my signature.


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U.S. Classification294/99.2, 294/33
International ClassificationB25B9/00, B25B9/02
Cooperative ClassificationB25B9/02
European ClassificationB25B9/02