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Publication numberUS1634921 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 5, 1927
Filing dateDec 21, 1926
Priority dateDec 21, 1926
Publication numberUS 1634921 A, US 1634921A, US-A-1634921, US1634921 A, US1634921A
InventorsKallman Straus Joseph
Original AssigneeUllman Mfg Company
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Frame for photographs, display cards, and the like
US 1634921 A
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July 5, 19 1. 1,634,921

J. K. STRAUS- FRAME FOR PHOTOGRAPHS, DISPLAY CARDS, AND THE LIKE Filed [380.21, 1926 =fmsuaer 6 I3 8 4 y (I ivy/mi- P 6 Z9 =f:-- S

ATTORNEY Patented July 1927.

' PATENT F I was; Kenne ema ls, Q1} Jemi a, IF'EWYOEIQ s z ro f- L Y A MANUFAQMIR NG. rsets QF tons. ISLAND CITY. B A CORBOBATIQN r WEST memxa Application filed December invention relates; to frames. foif1 tOZ-' graphs, dis-play cardsfan'd' the like, my more particular purpose. being: to improve the. eiii- 01 81103 of the frame and to. facilltateits. mall-v as to improve its appearindicate like parts throughout :the. several" figures. -Figure 1 is a rear view, partly inelevation and partly showing portions of the frame as brolsenaway. Figure 2 isan inverted plan, or bottom view, of my improved frame. complete.

Figure 3 is a cross sectionthrough one ofthe'frame pieces, made in this instance of wood. I

I F igu-re i4 is 'a' sectionsomewhatlike: Fig-v ure 3, but showing the frame'pi'ece? in, its condition when.- the frame. is partially fin ished and contains the. glasspane;

Figure 5, is; asection' onwthe line 5&5 of

Figure 13', looking in the. direction indicated by the arrows and showing the frame as completed, all parts being in position.

Four frame pieces, 6, 7, Band 9., made preferably of wood, are mitered and fitted together so to form a rectangularframe. Slidabl-y fitted into this frame is a back.

platelO, carrying an easelbrace 11, and a limitinm strap 12 extending" from this easel brace to'the back plate The easel brace 11 has preferably the form indicated-in Figures :1 and 2', and the limit i-ng strap 12 determines the posit-ionoii the, easel brace when swung out at the. bottom so. as'to support the frame in inclined position.

The frame is provided witha shit 13 in whioh 'the "back plate is adapted; touiit slidably. p

. The frame is furtherprov-idedwith a projecting' flange 14, of the form indicated in Figures 3, e and 5, the topwsurfaee of the flange according tofthe three figures just mentioned being indicated at 15. The frame is further provided with an innersurface 16, at right angles with the surface 15.

The slot 13 is bounded in part by a fiat surface 17. j v


21, 1926. Serial no. 156,078;

generally injthennarmer well, known; in this this; picture, a display card he ke my be se terial, such as thin leather or;leatheroid,

held in position by an adhesive, such as a v c veri-ngQ'O; is proNided withportiQns-Zl and 2 1 1; part y around h flange a d made to adlrer'e to the adjacent surfaces thereof, and particularly to, the-surface 15.

This covering also; partially covers; the lhpr'" persurface. of the frame piece, according to lf gur e and to his p rpose th ro n 23 of the cove'rrng-. 1 s made sidiicieiitly'narrow iot to reach entirely across the top of the frame piece, as may be. understood from Figure 4:;

larly-in Figzrrres 4 and 5,, and madein this nstance of cloth, is. glued or pasted down glass pane is shown at 1 8, and serves art for protecting: the picture 1 9; Instead of photograph orve yth n: coating-0t. g e, n t o he" A binding strip 24, shown moreparticu as. indicatedin Figure at, SOf that a portion 25, oitthis' cloth strip overlaps the adjacent; portion 23' oft-he covering 20.. The cloth strip 2%. is; provided with aportion 2?,which isyhsnt'or forced down, as indicated in the figure last mentioned, so as for the time being to close'the slot-.13. The-cloth strip its/further provided with a narrow portion 2%,;which extends laterally inward,rat a right angle to the portion 2'? and is caused to adhere directly to the adjacent edge. portion of the glass 18 or of the picture-l9 in contact therewith. 7

WVh en. the frame, during its manufacture, re'aohesthis stage, namelywhen the portion 2701f thebinding strip 24 completely covers the slot 13:, indicatedin Figure i, the operator takes a sharp knife; thrusts it through the portion 27 and into the slot 13, and'then bydrawing the knife along end wise. of the slot, splits the portion 27 from end to end of the slot 13, andthis means of course. throughout that portion of the frame constituted by the frame pieces 6, 7 and 8. The two'edges thus left loose and overhanging the slot 13, are next tucked down into the slot, as indicated at 29 and 30, in Figure 5, and made to adhere to the adjacent bounding surfaces of the slot 1 as indicated in Figure 5.

The back plate It) is next slidably titted into position. as indicated in Figure 5.

An important teature of my invention is the one illustrated more particularly in Fig;- nres 1 and namely, that a portion of bindin strip. first covering the slot 15. is split; and the edges tucked down into the slot and tliere secured. and afterward held firmly in position by pressure of the back plate it).

The inwardly tucked edge portions 26 and 30 oil the binding strip not only strengthen the frame. but serve to cushion the back plate 10; to prevent lost motion between this back plate and the frame, and thus to prcvent any rattling movement between these parts; to improve the appearance of the frame, by avoiding rough edges upon the binding strip, and particularly where it bound the slot 13.

hrpractice, the frame assembled as follows: First, the tour :trame pieces 6, 7, 8, 9, are brought together, and upon each of the frame pieces is placed the covering 20, and upon the frame pieces 6, 7. and 8 are placed the binding strips 14., as above described. Second, the glass pane 18 is placed in position, as indicated in Figures i and 5, so that its edge portion rests upon the edge portion 552 of the covering, so as to hold the same l'irmly in position. Then the picture 19 or its equivalent, such as a photograph or a display card. is placed in position, the edge portion 28 ot the binding" strip 24 being brrnipjht: down, upon the adjaccnt portion of the glass panc. Next the portion 27 ot. the binding strip it is split as above described. and its edges Qti and H0 tuclicd into the slot. 13. as indicated in Figure 5. .l inally the back plate it) is slidably tilt ed into position, between the eth cs 2t; and 3t). and reaching out into the slot 13.

The 'l'ramc constructed as above described is very strong. presents a neat appearance. and holds the photograph or its equivalent; lirrnly in position. and yet. so as to be accessible by removing the back plate lt To use the frame. it is placed up n a table. mantel board or other suitable siniport. the easel brace it is swung outwardly to the limit permitted by the strap 12. and the frame as a whole and its accompanying parts thus serve practically as an easel.

I do not limit myself to'the precise mechanism shown and described, as variations may be made. therein without departing from my invention, which is connnensurate with my claims.

liIaving thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent; is as follows:

1. A device of the character r lescribed comprising a frame piece provided with a pl'fijetftil'lg flange and further provided with asnot. a covering carried by said. frame piece and provided with a portion bent partially around said flange, and a binding strip secared to said covering and to said frame piece, said binding strip being provided with aportion extending into said slot.

In a frame of the character described the combination of a "frame member provided with a flange and with a slot. :1. coveri115 of sheetmaterial carried by said frame member and provided with a portion bent partially around said flange, a binding strip carried by said frame member and el'igaginp; said covering. said binding strip being tucked partially into said slot, a glass pane engaging said portion of said covering which is bent partially around said flange, and a member 0 1 sheet material connected with said glass pane and extending therefrom into said slot.

3. A device of the character described comprising a rectangular lrame made up of frame members, each provided with a projecting flange, a covering of SlltEQlLHltttQlhll carried by each frame incmbe and provided with a portion bent partially around the flange thereof, a pane of transparent mate rial carried by said rectangular frame and engaging said covering where it; bends partially around said flange, a member of sheet material engaging; said pane of transparent material and. extending therefrom into said slot, a bindinp; strip overlappiat; one edge of saidrmvoring and carried by said frame member, said bindiiur strip oxtemdingr into said slot and thus brought. opposite said strip ol' sheet; material cxtcndin; into said slot, and a bacl: plate carried by said frame. and slidably extendinginto said slot so as to engage both said strip of sheet material and the edge portion of said binding; strip.

1-. A. t'rame oi the character described made of lramc pieces titted together in the proximate term of a rectangle each of said frame pieces being provided with a slot, covering members of sheet material carried by said frame members and provided with portions extending into said slot. and a back plate'carried by said frame and extending into said slot. so as to engage said covering members extending thereinto. i

Signed at Jamaica. in the county of Queens and State of New York, this 16th day of December, 1926.



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