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Publication numberUS1634935 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 5, 1927
Filing dateDec 1, 1924
Priority dateDec 1, 1924
Publication numberUS 1634935 A, US 1634935A, US-A-1634935, US1634935 A, US1634935A
InventorsDonnelly Walter W
Original AssigneeDonnelly Walter W
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Lift for sucker rods, pipes, and the like
US 1634935 A
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July 5, 1927.


'ing the lift yieldingly downward.

Patented July 5, 1927.

Parent w. noismnLLY; or roar wonrrzprnxns.


.a piieaaon filed December 1', 1924. Serial No. 753,381..

My invention relates to fishing tools and more particularly to sucker rod or pipe lift and to a combination of slips for en gaging rods and pipes nd a pipe or sucker rod lift; and the object is to provide a new fishing tool and particularly to provide a Combination fishing tool which is adapted to engage and lift rods and pipes and to lift a sucker rod by means of the weld or square. another distinguishing feature of this invention is that the lifting member is not supported by springs and rivets in operation. Other objects and advantages will be fully explained in the following description and the invention will be more particularly pointed out in the claims.

Reference is had to the accompanying drawings which form a part of this application.

Fig. 1 is a side elevation of the combination tool. F 2 is an enlarged view, showing a vertical section of, the lift and the shoulder for the lift. 3 is a plan view of the lift'and the casing therefor, showing the shoulder or base for the lift; Fig. 4 is an inverted. plan view ofthe lift. Fig' 5 is a horizontal section of the lift casing above the shoulder or base.

Similar characters of reference 316L156; to indicate the same parts throughout the several views.

The vuppermember 1 of the toolis provided with slips 2 for pullingv rods and pipes and the slips 2 are forced downwardly by a spring 3. The lower member 4t includes the casing 4; for the lift 5. The lift 5 comprises a body having two arms 6 which constitute the grab and an attaching shank 7. The lift 5 is pivotallyconnected to the casing t which has a vertical slot 8 therein to permitthe operation of the lift. The lift 5 is pivotally connected to the casing a by a pivot bolt 9. A spring 10 is coiled about the bolt 9 and one end is inserted in a hole in the seat 11 and the other end bears against the upper side of the lift 5 for hold The object is to provide a positive means for holding the lift down and making certain the falling of thelift to engagethe sucker rod. Means are provided for supporting the lift so that there will be no strain on the casing land crescent shaped. The lift the throat 15.

5 has supporting members 13 which rest on I the base 12 when pulling a sucker rod. The

general passage 14: through the casings is olf-set relative to the casing l so that the .weld or square or box or pm of a suckerv soon as the larger members of'the sucker rod and of the pipe pass above the lift 5, the spring 10 will throw the lift 5 down- 'wardly so that it will engage the sucker rod below the weld or box and, if a pipe, the lift will engage the pipe belowthe collar, so that the arms 6 will lift the sucker rod or pipe out of the well. The weld or box of the sucker rod and collar of a pipe cannot pass back .downwardly below the lift when once they have passed above the lift. The sucker rod or pipe'will be caught in The lower end of the casing t has a longer beveled portion. 16 on that slde of the casing 4': below the shoulder 12 and a shorter beveled portion 17 for aiding in centering the articles to be pulled in the passage 14.,

Various changes in the sizes, proportions, construction and arrangement of the several 7 my invention.

lVhat I claim, is,---

l. A. fishing tool having a casing provided with a passage for the heads of sucker rods and for the passage of pipes and a crescentparts may be made without departing from shaped shoulder offset in one side of said passage, a lift pivotally mounted in one side of said casingabove said shoulder and provided with arms for catching under the welds of sucker rods and under the collars of pipes for lifting purposes, and shoulders depending from said lift on-both sides of the pivotal connection and flat on the bottom edges and resting on said crescent-' shaped shoulder to support said lift on said shoulder.

2. A fishing tool having a casing provided with a passage off-set in one side of said casingffor the'heads of sucker rods and for the passage of pipes, a flat crescentslinpml shoulder exiemiing: the gzji'eziioi' poi-- [ion about said passage, :1 lift pivotziiiy mounted in one side ofi said easing above said shonidei' and held yioldingi'y on said Hhoukie' and PI'OVidQ-(i with arms for Quichin; under the T311154 of sucker rods and under the collars of pipes, and flat bottomed shoi'ili'lorsi depending from said lift and adopted ('0 rest on said crescenhshupod shoulder to support said lift on said shoulder and for preventing strain on said pivotal connection.

In testimony whereof I set my hand, this 24th day of November, 1924.


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U.S. Classification294/86.33, 294/86.31, 294/104
International ClassificationE21B31/00, E21B31/18
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