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Publication numberUS163531 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 18, 1875
Filing dateApr 14, 1875
Publication numberUS 163531 A, US 163531A, US-A-163531, US163531 A, US163531A
InventorsDaniel Eoake
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Improvement in rain-spout supports
US 163531 A
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' p. ROA KE. Rain-$pouf Supporter. N0 163,531, Patented May18,1875.

Janzel lL'oa/le ni h a Z zi THE GRAPHIC 60.?" 0T0 rLITHJQ 81.41 PARK PLAOEJLY.




Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 163,53 1, dated May 18, 1875; application filed April 14, 1875.

To all whom it may concern: I

Be itknown that I, DANIEL RoAKE, of Haverhill, of the county of Essex and State of Massachusetts, have invented a new and. useful Improvement in Conductor-Brackets or Spout-Supporters; and do hereby declare the same to be fully described in the following specification, and represented in the accompanying drawings, of which- Figure l is a perspective view of the article as improved by me; Fig. 2 is a top view, and Fig. 3 a side elevation, of it. Fig. 4 is a perspective rear view of the dovetailed brace.

My invention consists, mainly, in a tapering base plate, provided with a socketed flange, in combination with a furcated brace, having fastening holes and ears, and a dovetailed head, all as hereinafter explained.

In such drawings, A denotes a furcated brace, somewhat in the form of a spur, but having at its rear end a tapering or dovetailed head, a, to fit into a corresponding socket, I), made in a flange, 0, extending from a supportplate, B. The prongs d d of the brace are bent in the form shown, to receive between them a cylindrical spout, and each prong, near its end, not only has a hole, 0, made through it, but is provided with a stud or projection, f, to extend upward from itin manner as shown. The holes are designed to receive screws for fastening a spout, when of wood, to the brace. When, however, the spout may be of metal, the studs or projections f f are used with a Wire bent around them to hold the spout in connection with the brace. The support-plate B tapers gradually from top to bottom, it being wider at top than at bottom, and it has holes h h made through it to receive screws for fastening it to the side of a building. The purpose of the plate being made tapering, as described, is to enable it to be fitted to the clapboarding of a building, so as to cause the brace to standhorizontally. By having the brace and support-plate in separate parts, connected by a dovetail and its socket, as described, the spout may be removed from the building at any time without the necessity of first detaching from the building the supportplates or removing the fastenings of the braces and the spout.

I claim in the spout-supporter as follows, v1z.:

l. The fastening-plate B, tapered and provided with the dovetail socket, as described, and for use with the separate furcated brace provided with the dovetailed head to enter such socket.

2. The dovetailed and furcated brace A, provided with the studs f f and the screw bolts 6 0 arranged with it, and for use as specified.

3. The tapering base-plate B, provided with the socketed flange, as described, in combination with the furcated brace A, provided with the dovetailed head a, the holes 6 e, and the studs f f, all being substantially as specified.




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Cooperative ClassificationF16L3/04