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Publication numberUS1635915 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 12, 1927
Filing dateAug 18, 1926
Priority dateAug 18, 1926
Publication numberUS 1635915 A, US 1635915A, US-A-1635915, US1635915 A, US1635915A
InventorsJones White Wilfred
Original AssigneeJones White Wilfred
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Traffic warning device
US 1635915 A
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l 1,635,915 y 1927' w. J. WHITE TRAFFIC WARNING DEVICE Filed Aug. 18, 1926 3 Sheets-Sheet 1' ATTORNEY 1 July 927 w. J. WHITE TRAFFIC WARNING DEVICE Filed Aug. 18. 1926 3 Sheets-Sheet 2 INVENTOR (an E ATTORNEY s S E N n w July 12, 1927.


'- deviceto be attachedt anytel'ement forms ble device which may readily be carried at all times by the operator, when not required for active use, and may be available at a moments notice,the article being specially constructed to maintain its shape and position, and being conspicuous and of such unusual character that it cannot fail to be observed. a I

A further object is to provide an article of this kind which shall include a plurality of elements foldable with reference I to a central member, and retained in extended position by particular locking devices.

With the foregoing and other objects in view, the invention consists in the novel construction and arrangement of elements described, illustrated and claimed, it being understood that modifications may be made within the scope of the claims without departing from the spirit of the invention.

Inthe drawings formingpart of this application,

Figure 1 is a perspective view of the device, as it appears in use, the view showing a portion of a load, and a projecting timber or the like.

Figures 2 and 3 are'views in elevation showing the device as it appears at different stages during the collapsing operation.

Fi re 4 1s a fragmentary view showing especially the looking or retaining device or devices. c.

Figure 5 is a further view of the locking means. i

Figure 6 is a section on line 6-6 of Figure 4.

A disk '10 constitutes the central element of the device, andv a semicircular element 11 is connected by means of hinges 12 with the disk and is movable from a position ap-' to the disk 10.

elements 13 have their inneredges spaced, c and a U-member such as 14 has its opposite o t ons Ps -l P t e wee t d r p Separate. wings are connected with disk 10 by means 0 gets such as 13', and these 2T1... object bf as mania-1.1g toiprovide agap rt, of a loadcarried by} a motor; truck or the like, when the load ora portion" th'ere-' of projects beyond the bodyot the vehicle to an extent c'au'singit to constitute a menace pivot 17 extends.

PATENT OFFICE. I 1 wrrira 'oii'fDEirno IT, mailman. I 4

f ae wmmelm Q- i;

. j "Apia mats ,t t is, '1a2e. 1 Serial-No. 139,035.

'tivelyf-with the elements '13, by means of rivets or'otherwise, the U-element projecting beyond the edges of plates 13 and serving to mount a-loekingdevice.

The retaining or locking device for wings 13-include a curved or semi-circular member a 16 pivotally mounted at 17 on the central 7 portion of the U-member, the element 16 ineluding a stem or the like 16thru which the The locking device including portions 16and 16', is also of U- form, and includes a plate member having end portions cut to the configuration shown in Figures 4 and 5, the plate or strip of tainsthe members 13 and the element 11 in the relative position shown in Figure 1, but when the locking device is moved to the position of Figure 5, the wings 13 will swing about their hinge connections, and may be moved into parallel relation with the disk 10, cutaway portion 16 facilitating this operation.

The hinge connections 12 for the semicircular wing member 11 are so proportioned that said wing 11 may now be folded flat, so that the collapsible devices above the disk 10 will now assume the position assumed to exist at the close of the movement indicated in Figure 3.

A retaining pin 23 is passed thru registering apertures in the elements 14 and 16, when the parts are locked, and the cotter pin 24 connected with chain 25 provides ad'- ditional securing means.

The device may be attached to a projecting element of the load, as shown eonven tionally in Figure 1, by any suitable means, but I have shown a flexible device 27, a loop member 28, a snap hook 29 and an element 30 adapted forengagement by the hook. A swivel connection permits of spinning movement. 7

The construction of the elements hingedly connected with the lower side of disk 10 is similar to that already described in connection with elements 11 and 13, and in Figure 1 a portion of the semi-circular .late or wing is designated 11, and one o the metal being bent over to form the U-portion,

.wings 13 is adapted to be positioned at a right angle with reference to plate or wing 11.- On the under side two of the wings 13' will be employed, and they are to be retained in a position perpendicular with reference to disk 10, by a locking device similar to that. including elements-or portions 16 and 16' of the pivoted locking device first described. The lower locking device as a whole is designated 35, and description of the details thereof appears to be unnecessary. The U-portion 36 of locking device has connection with a loop member 37, and the latter is connected with a snap hook 38. In the present instance I have shown a weight 39 connected with the snap hook andadapted to retain the device in stable position, so far as necessar it being understood that some degree 0 swinging movement will naturally result, and that this movement is desirable for the reason that it makes the signal or warning more conspicuous. The disk 10 and the various foldable elements are illustrated as being provided with circular portions 40, which are to be of any suitable character,-being in tended to act as aids to visibility either by day or by night. Moreover, the entire reference to each other, and means device may be tolored, with the same object in view.

Having described the invention what is claimed is: l

1. A device of the class described, comprising a main plate, an element hinged to the main plate and movable from a position parallel therewith to a position at anangle with the plate, wings hinged to the plate on opposite sides of the hinged element first named, means for locking the hinged elements in a position at an angle with reference to each other, a U-shaped member connecting the wings and straddling said element hinged to the main plate, and means for pivotally mounting the looking means on the U-shaped member.

2. A. warning device, comprising a main plate, elements hingedly connected with the plate and movable to angular position with for retaining said elements in angular relation, said means including a pivotally mounted device movable thru one of the hinged elements and alongside of the remaining hinged elements.

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature.


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