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Publication numberUS1635942 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 12, 1927
Filing dateOct 31, 1925
Priority dateOct 31, 1925
Publication numberUS 1635942 A, US 1635942A, US-A-1635942, US1635942 A, US1635942A
InventorsHans Knudsen
Original AssigneeHans Knudsen
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Folding farrowing house
US 1635942 A
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July 12 1927. 1,635,942

H. KNUD SEN FOLDING FARROWING HOUSE Filed Oct. 31. 1925 a///w55.- y F Myth 70E.

QTTOE/VEK Patented July 12,1927. i 1 1,635,942




Application filed October 81, 1925. Serial No. 66,002.

This invention relates to improvements in ment with the eyes 12 of the bar-11 in the portable folding farrowing houses and one assembled position of the house as shown in object is to provide a simple practical de- Fig. 1. In Fig. 1 the house is shown assemvice of this type that is cheap to manufacbled and with its doors closed. To fold the ture, efiicient in use and that can be readily house the doors 6 are removed from the end 60 assembled or folded. walls and placed in position against the l/Vith the foregoing and other objects in wall 1, the cross bars22 are raised out of enview the invention consists in the combinagagement with the bar 11 and placed in ention and arrangement of parts to be heregagement with the retaining brackets 23 carinafter fully described, pointed out in the ried by the wall 1, the end walls folded in- 65 appended claims and illustrated in the acwardly and the side walls permitted to fold companying drawing which forms a part toward each other into the position shown of this application and in whichin Fig. 4. It will be noted that the keepers Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the folding for the doors 6 serve also to bracethe end is far-rowing house in operative position. Walls in the assembled or operative position 70 Fig. 2 is a fragmentary view showing one of the same. In the folded position of the corner of the house from the inside. house eitheror bothof the free ends of the Fig. 3 is a view of the end of the house cross bars 22 may be used as handles to only, partly folded. carry the house from place to place. l/Vhen Fig. 4 is a View showing the house comthe house is in assembled position the eyes 75 pletely folded. i 12 of the rod 10 are disposed at right angles Like reference characters denote cone to the eyes 12 of the rod 11, said rods and sponding parts throughout the several views. eyes being retained in this relative position The structure comprises the side walls 1, by the said connecting rods.

2 which are hinged to the roof rod 3, each of What is claimed is so said side walls being provided with a win- 1. In a folding farrowing house, side walls dow 4 and the wall 1 having secured thereto hinged together, said side walls terminating the spaced angular keepers 5, the upper ends at their free ends in sleeves, base rods disthereof being spaced away from the wall to posed in said sleeves, folding sectional end receive the removable door 6, provided with Walls hinged to said side walls, doors for the handle 7, when the'house isfolded or said end walls, cross rods releasably conwhen said doors are not in use. A stay bar meeting said base rods, angle pieces releas- 8 secured to the door connects the keepers 5 ably connecting said cross rods and the end when the door is therebetween to retain the Walls, and retaining brackets carried by one same in position. of said side walls for said cross rods in one 90 The lower or free ends of the side walls position of the same. V are formed into integral sleeves 9 to receive 2. In a portable folding harrowing house, the longitudinally extending base rods 10, side walls, a roof rod hingedly connecting 11 each of which terminates at each of its sald side walls, sleeves formed at the free ends in an eye 12 disposed beyond one end ends of said side walls, base. rods having eyeof a side wall. Each side wall 1, 2 is bent forming terminals disposed in saidsleeves, laterally at its ends to-form a flap 13 inside end rods connecting said base rods and roof of which the end rods 14, 15 are disposed to rod, sectional folding end walls hinged to which the sections 16, 17 of each end wall are said end rods, doors for said end walls,

secured by hinges 18, said end wall sections cross rods releasably connecting said base 100 being connected together by the hinges 19, an rods, angle pieces releasably securing said opening 20 in each end wall being closed, cross rods to said end walls, and retaining when desired, by the said removable door 6 brackets for said cross rods in one position which is then retained in position by keepers of the same, said cross rods in their last o 5 and a stay bar 8. named position forming handles. 11

Each end wall section is provided with an In testimony that I claim the foregoing angle piece 21 to receive a cross bar 22, at as my own I have hereto aflixed my signaeach end of the house, said bars being per ture. manently connected to the eyes 12 of the bar 10 and adapted for releasable engage- HANS KNUDSEN,

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U.S. Classification119/499
International ClassificationA01K1/02
Cooperative ClassificationA01K1/0218
European ClassificationA01K1/02B