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Publication numberUS1636709 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 26, 1927
Filing dateMay 1, 1925
Priority dateJun 13, 1924
Publication numberUS 1636709 A, US 1636709A, US-A-1636709, US1636709 A, US1636709A
InventorsCamilla Schmidt
Original AssigneeCamilla Schmidt
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Method of providing cakes of soap with advertising matter
US 1636709 A
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Patented July 26, 1927.



Application led Hay 1, 1925, Seriall No. 27,145, and in Germany June 13, 1924.

The largerportion of the pieces of soap sold is marked by means of stamping on the exterior side of the cake or piece of soap the name of the manufacturer, his trade mark or the particular designation of such soap. This method of marking soap however shows the drawback that such Stamping 1will last a short time only, since it will soon disappear on account of the wearing ofi' during use, and in consequence the piece ofsoap will be void of any marking during the greater period of its use.

It has been endeavoured to. provide pieces of toilet soapl and others with a marking that will last during the entire period of use' and it was proposed, for instance to introduce into transparent pieces of soap some strips of paper provided with inscriptions and the like. It is also known to embed printed labels of gelatine in transparent pieces of soap, so that thesheet of gelatine to a certain degree is covered up by the soap while the inscription will remain visible. But this method will serve only for perma-` nently marking pieces of soap which are transparent. Opaque pieces of soap,l as lor instance coloured and non-transparent soaps cannot be marked visibly in accordance with the above suggestions. For such purpose the marking must be provided on the exterior sideV of the cake or piece of soap, but on the other hand the device carrying such marking must be ixedly connected with the piece of soap to be marked. In addition said arrangement must be of sutiicient durability during the time of using such pieceof soap, and it must not interfere with the use of the soap.

The drawbacks referred to are overcome in that a piece of cloth or ribbon, upon which the marking is printed, woven or provided otherwise, is attached to the piece or cake of soap in such a manner, that the portion of the ribbon carrying the marking will project from the piece of soap.

A The manner of reducing this method lto practice is illustrated on the accompanying` drawing in which Fig. 1 is a central long1. tudinal section of a cake of soap embodying features of the-invention; Fig. 2 is a cross section thereof, and Fig. 3 is an exterior view of thecake of soap in its final condition.

For the purpose in question the cake or piece of soap is provided during the pressing step in the soap-press with a slot passing through the centre `part of the bar of soap (see Figures 1 and 2). The said slot c may be produced in any convenient manner, for

instance by providing the discharge opening of the press with a centrally arranged lat pike which extends almost to the ,cutting device. When cutting the band of soap ei;- truded from or otherwise leaving the press, into the individual pieces a the latter show the slot-like longitudinal perforation c designed to receive the section of the ribbon. Before finishing the piece of soap in the tinishing press and imparting to it its final appearance or get-up, a piece of ribbon b (see Figure 3) is introduced into the slot c of the cake or piece of soap, so that the said ribbon will project an inch or so at one end or at both ends of the piece of soap under treatment. Subsequently the final pressing is effected whereby thepiece of ribbon will be rmly secured .to the piece of soap. The 7 projecting part or parts of the ribbon are provided with the manufcturers name or trade mark or the like, so that the pieces ot soap thus marked still show their marking long after the stamping of the soap has disappeared. The projecting portions of the ribbon may be formed into a loop or they may be lprovided with eyes or rings 1* (see Figure 3) or the like, by means of which the pieces of soap can be suspended.

I claim:

1. The method of providing cakes of soap with advertising devices vwhich consistsl in forming an internal open-ended slot in said cake of soap, inserting at least one end of a flexible ribbon into said Slot and compress-' ing .the soap to bring the opposite wallspf said slot into contact with each other and 1nto clamping engagement with the inserted end4 of said ribbon.

2. The method of providing cakes of soap with advertising devices which consists in forming an internal open-ended slot in said cake of soap, placing opposite end portions of al ribbon of flexible material in surface engagement'with each other to form a ribbon-loop, inserting the engaging end portions of .said ribbon into said slot to an extent to form a ribbon loop externally of saidcake of soap, and compressing the soap to bring the' opposite surfaces of said slot into y contact with each other and into clamping engagement with the end portions of said ribbon. i

In testimony whereof have axed my signature.


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