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Publication numberUS1637156 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 26, 1927
Filing dateMar 5, 1925
Priority dateMar 5, 1925
Publication numberUS 1637156 A, US 1637156A, US-A-1637156, US1637156 A, US1637156A
InventorsAaron J Mirski
Original AssigneeAaron J Mirski
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Manifold record book
US 1637156 A
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MANIFOLD RECORD BOOK Filed March 5, 1925 Fig. l I2 RENTAL 9 510 new":


HDDREES CNINGE nnazu aurnv rvr: TELEMwME N! CA n RENTAL on: nun

manna muons wane:


EAR RENYAL 7w: TOTAL mun: wan/saw menu) INVENTOR M 'MM BY )rM/ W ATTORNEY Patented July 26, 1927.


mom) RECORD Application filed larch 5, 1825. Serial, No. 18,057.

My present invention relates to new and useful improvements in combined recording books for rep-airmen or the like and customers receipts and tags for identifying articles left for repair or similar purposes.

The object of my invention is to provide a device of the character described so arranged that at a single entry, a permanent record will be had in book form of all repairs or articles left for repair and at the same time provide an identification tag and customers receipt.

A still further object of my invention resides in the provision of an arrangement of a. plurality of identifying tags and customers receipts in bound form in connection with duplicate record sheets, and further resides in the manner of combining and arranging the same so as to quickly and efficiently and with the minimum amount of manipulation of the parts thereof, serve their intended function.

More particularly, my invention has for its object the provision of a stora e battery repair and service mans combine auditing and record book, customers receipt and identifying tag for the eflicient and accurate management of such service mans business.

To attain these objects and such further objects as may hereinafter appear or be pointed out, I make reference to the accompanying drawings forming a part hereof, in which Fig. 1 is a plan view of my device, with the cover open to disclose the first page which is partially turned to expose the other parts thereof immediately underneath.

Fig. 2 is an end elevational view of my book in closed position.

Fig. 3 is a perspective View of a tag and customers receipt as they appear immediately after severing these arts.

The device provided y this invention has particular applicability to a storage battery repair and rental service station. In such business it is customary to rent out to a customer the repairmans battery while the customers battery is left for recharging, repair or other similar purposes. Under such conditions it becomes necessary to keep a record with great accuracy of the storage battery so rented out and of the customers battery, to prevent losses incidental to the accidental or intentional interchange of the repairmans battery for the customers battery. It also becomes necessary to keep an accurate account of the repeated use of a rental battery in order that its life may beextended and best results obtained therefrom. With a device, such as contemplated by the herein described invention, at a single writing a notation is made of the battery rented out by the repairman and is clearly and permanently recorded in volume form, at the same time means are provided for recording the details or histor concerning the customer and the car or ve 'cle from which the particular storage battery was taken and left for repair or recharging, and in which the rental battery was supplied.

With a construction such as herein contemplated, a single entry will obtain a permanent record and at one operation procure identical information on the customers receipt or rental agreement and tag. For this particular type of business, the tag is made of acid resisting material in order to prevent, as has heretofore been experienced, the defacing of such identifying tag by acid contents ofthe batteries.

Referrim more particularly to the drawing, 10 is the original record sheet having a plurality of units 11, each unit having a combined receipt, rental agreement and battery history portion blank 12 and a. customers name and identifying form blank 13, that is, blank spaces being provided for filling in the details under the headings outlined thereon. This original sheet is superimposed upon a sheet 14 which has the exact duplicate printed matter thereon, as the first sheet 10 forming units 15. The units of printed matter of the sheets 14 are preferably divided from each other by weakened lines of fold 16, preferably a series of perforations running transversely across the full width of the page and indented on the edge by notches 16. Each unit 15 is in the form of a tag having an attaching eyelet 22 preferably reinforced by a washer 23 made of suitable reinforcing material and is divided transversely into three portions herein referred to as the binding strip portion 17, receiptportion or stub 18, and tag portion 19, by weakened lines of fold or perforations 20 and 21 respectively. The sheet 14 is preferably made of stiff paper which may be impregnated or treated to be sub stantially acid resisting in character.

Groups of sheets 10 and 14 of the series of units as above described, are superimposed with the sheet 10 overlying the sheet 14 so that the printed matter of each coincides one above the other and are then bound in book form by stapling or otherwise, preferably including the same within a. cover of a stiffened back 24, a more flexible front cover 25 and binding edge fabric 26, all as shown stapled or stitched at 27.

The page 10 is preferably made of a shorter width than the page 14 and where this page has the eyelets formed of added reinforcing material, the edge 28 thereof is made to just clear the row of eyelets 23 above described.

Superimposed ages of this nature can thus be arranged without any disturbing bulge at one side of the book, as the reinforcing eyelets nest outside the edge 28 to barely add any additional thickness to this edge of the book. Other features of this arrangement of parts will appear hereafter.

In use the units of each page 10 and 14 are each numbered in consecutive order as is shown by the bold-face characters, the receipt stub and tag portion corresponding thereto having like numbers. A sheet of socalled carbon paper 29 is interposed between the sheets 10 and 14 with its recording surface arranged for recordin on page 14. Whatever history or data is necessary is then entered u on the original sheet 10 in the s aces or lanks therefor provided, in accor ance with the particular system adapted. Impression is recorded in duplicate simultaneously upon the sheet 14 by means of the carbon or recording paper 29 in a manner which will be apparent.

The ta 19 with its attached stub 18 is then separate from the book by tearing along the weakened lines of fold or row of perforations 16 and 20 and thereafter the stub 18 is se arated from the tag along the weakene line of fold 21. Preferably this last step is only made after the attaching cord 30, which is provided therefor in the eyelet 22, has been atlixed to the article desired to be identified.

Continued use of the book in this manner and of the tags and receipt blanks until complete disposal of the tags and receipts has been made, will leave in book form the original entries for record purposes, the repair and rentals made, as well as the original contractual obligation of the customer.

As above described the ori nal receipt 10 is made of a width s orter t an that of the tag sheet 14, permitting of ready accessibility to the next place of entry on the tag sheet and-with great facility permitting turning to such page. Thus in this way the extended length of the underlying ta sheet serves in the nature of an index for t e next lace to make entries. This difference in ength also permits of the nested arrange ment of the eyelets of the tags so as to prevent an undue and cumbersome thickness of the bound book. The arrangement of the eyelet at the open edge of the book also permits the insertion of the attaching cord 30 at the eyelet without disturbance of the remainder of the book, and in this manner not only does it prevent any undue thickness of the book but the tag may be e ually prepared for its necessary and intended purpose before the immediate transaction for which it is intended with great facility and case.

It will thus be observed that I have provided an arrangement whereby books and records may be kept at a minimum amount of manipulation, and at a single entry, the office records, shop records and customers receipt will be obtained. Also, in this manner an identifying tag or recei t may be obtained from the oilice or managing end of the business for the repair shop or customer with the greatest dispatch and minimum of delay and handling.

It will be observed that though I have described my invcntion as having particular utility for storage battery repair and rental mens business. I consider my invention as equally adaptable to other classes of business requiring similar parts and construction, and that minor changes in the form and arrangement of the various parts may be made without departing from the spirit of my invention, the scope of which is set forth in the appended claim.

Having thus described my invention and illustrated its use, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is- A bound book comprising a group of pages made up of a sheet divided by a plurality of weakened lines of fold into units comprising a: biudin strip, an owners receipt check and an i( entifying tag having a reinforced eyelet and a su erimposed duplicate sheet for ermanent binding therewith in the form 0 a book, said duplicate sheet being of a shorter width than said first mentioned sheet, to permit said evelets to nest beyond the edge thereof.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto signed my name.


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