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Publication numberUS1637219 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 26, 1927
Filing dateAug 11, 1925
Priority dateAug 11, 1925
Publication numberUS 1637219 A, US 1637219A, US-A-1637219, US1637219 A, US1637219A
InventorsEdelmann Leo
Original AssigneeEdelmann & Co
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Hydrometer bulb
US 1637219 A
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' 1,637,21 July 26, 1921. L EDELMANN I 9 HYDROMETER BULB Filed Auz. 11. 1925 Patented Jul 26,1927.

7 no EDILIAIIN, or cmcaoo, minors, assronon c noaoo, more, a oonromrron 00., s or or rumors.

g mnonm nuns. Application fled u 11, ms. smart. 46,673.

My invention relates to hydrometenbulbs, and particularly "to a compressible bulb adapted for use upon syringe hydrometers and in other connections where asuction or forcing bulb is employed.

An object of this invention is to provide a bulb comprising a body of substantially ovoid or oviform shape provided with an attachment sleeve at the larger end, thus insuring a maximum suction and ejectm force as the bulb is compressed and release A further object resides in providing the body with a plurality of circumferential and Ion itudinal ribs which give a better grip wit in the hand of the user and permit more ready compression of the bulb and insure a uicker expansion.-

.A still further object is to so construct the bod and attaching sleeve that a substantial y s uare shoulder is provided there between, t us insuring that the passage through the attachment sleeve will be open at all times and that the form of the body will insure quick expansion to exert a maximum suction force.

With the above and other objects in View, which-will be apparent to those skilled in the art, my present invention includes certain novel features of construction and combinations of parts which will be herelnafter set forth in connection with'the drawing.

.In the drawing: I I

Figure 1 is a view in side elevation of my improvedbulb.

Fig. 2 is an end elevation.

Fig. 3 is a longitudinal sectional vlew taken on line 33 of .Fig. 2.

Fig. 4 is an enlarged fragmentary sectional view on line 44 of Fig. 2 to better show the form of the circumferential ribs.

The body 1 is of substantially ovoid or oviform sha e in its main contour, and an attachment s eeve 2 is provided at the larger end to receive the barrel of a hydrometer or other instrument or implement with which the bulb may be used. The body and sleeve will be" preferably cast, molded, or otherwise formed as a unitary structure, and can be made of soft rubber or other suitable material.

In the present instance Ihave illustrated the attachment sleeve 2 as provided with an internal annular groove 3 to receive the beaded edge at one end of the usual glass sleeve 2, and the wall similar rib 8 of, less diameter is hydrometer barrel, but it be a preciated that my improved bulb is adapta le for usein many other connections where a compressible bulb is required for exerting suction and expelling forces upon liquids, fluids and the like. The shape and form of the attachment sleeve 2 will be governed primaril by the particular requirements of each individual installation, and it is preferable that this sleeve be provided on the larger end of the oviform body to extend substantially co axially therewith.

l has a sharp or substantially square shoulder 4 adjacent the attachment of the body is made of The body such thickness that the bulb is readily compressible within thehandby gripping force exerted by the user.- This bod 1 has a plurality of longitudinally exten in ribs 5 on the outer surface thereof and a p urality of circumferential ribs 6 are rovided on the periphery. An annular til? 7 is provided around the body adjacent shoulder 4 and a rovided around the smallerend of the b0 y 1,'the ribs 5 extending between these annular ribs 7 and 8 and being substantially in line with the axis of the body.

The circumferential ribs 6 are referabl so formed that the center line oi each ri is substantially inline with a center on the radius forming the curve of the smaller end of the body, and the ribs 5, 6, 7 and 8 are of substantially uniform hei ht to thus give a uniform outline to the body. Within the annular rib 8 any printed or other matter intended to identify the name and. address of the manufacturer, or emplo ed for other purposes, can be displayed, an it is preferable that any letterln be raised upon this portion to substantial y the height of the several ribs so that the uniform peripheral curve of thebody will be preserved. Such lettering is shown at 9, and it will beappreciated that this raised letterin serves to roughen or insure a better han grip upon the end of the bulb.

If desired, an internal rib 10 can be-provided within the body 1 to facilitate rapid expansion of the bulb, when com ressed, and the body portion, shoulder, an sleeve can be made of greater or less thickness than here shown to suitvarious conditions of use; From the foregoing it will be seen that I have provided a com ressible bulb comprising a bod of su stantially oviform sha rovide with an attachment sleeve at t e arger end and havin a substantially square shoulder between the ody and sleeve, the body being ribbed substantially over its entire outersurface to insure a better grip within the hand of the user. 7

While I have herein shown and described only certain specific embodiments, suggesting only certain possible materials, it will be appreciated that changes and variations can ribs over its middle surface and one end with the longitudinal ribs erossin and breaking the circumferential ribs an provided with an attachment sleeve at its remaining end.

3. A compressible bulb com rising a body of substantial] ovoid form aving a plurality of longitudinal and circumferential ribs over itsouter surface and smaller and and v provided with an attachment sleeve at its larger end said bulb havin tially square shoulder between t sleeve. p

4. A bulb comprising a compressible body having an attachment sleeve extending therefrom, said body being shaped adjacent the attachment sleeve to form a distinct shoulder a substane body and to be engaged with the fingers and to present the y portion in osition to be compressed by pressure of t e thumb.

5. A bulb comprising a com ressible body portion of substantially ovoi form having attachment means at one end and she ed to form a distinct shoulder adjacent t e attachment means to present the main portion of the body in position to be compressed by,

the use of the thumb when the attachment means is held with the first and second fingers resting a ainst the shoulder.

In testimony w ereof I afiix my signature.


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