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Publication numberUS1637535 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 2, 1927
Filing dateJun 18, 1923
Priority dateJun 18, 1923
Publication numberUS 1637535 A, US 1637535A, US-A-1637535, US1637535 A, US1637535A
InventorsJames H Rand
Original AssigneeRand Kardex Bureau Inc
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US 1637535 A
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Patented Aug. `2, 1927.




'i Application fired .nuire is, 1923. lseriaino. 645,999.

This invention relates to'index devices of' the type having' holders or panels with iii-r ilex material `on bolli sides thereof.

Objectsot' the inventionare to leive an indication upon ee'chcsidc ol"` such holders or panels of thefscope of the index material. on both sides thereof. to provide animproved torni ot index striplftor tabs. and

iii .Qeiieral to improve idcvicesoij'this rkind to the end 'that index items therein may be more readilii found.

For the purpose of'illustratiiier tlie inveii tion one concrete embodiment thereotis the accoiinpaiiyingr drawings, in fvvhichz j l is an elevational view:

` Fig. y2 is an enlarged `detail ot a Fig. l; f f

Fig. 8 is ay'section` on the line 3-3 of Fie. 2 showinfir the panel in plan; and

Fig. 4' is a plan view of an index strip. The embodiment of the inventionshown for the purpose of illustration comprises'a r plurality o'tindex holders yor panels .Ac arranged detachablv to support index strips or cards B upon bothsides thereof. jIn the form shown panels A are mounted for swingingY movement upon vertical pivots C in frame Dto display7 the k.iederen'iaterial upon the opposite sides thereof. Each panel is provdediupon its outer free edge with a suitable tab E. This tab inavy be of any sultable form or construction.` one torio` 'beine shown rin elevation iii Fie. 2 and iiil section in 3. The tab comorisesa strip of sheet metale fast at one end between the sides a of'one ot the panels, lthegoiiter end` of metal. strip e heinfr bent iiito .parallel rewill also tell. him iipon which yside of the 95 lation with the remainderot the strip. y*This strip e is preferably7 enclosed or surrounded by a l,sheath e .of transparentrresilient inateria'l.. such asa Celluloid. having; ak bent n end e2 enclosiiigthe tree edge oi strip-e and the opposite end e wede'ed between. one of the sides l of the panel and the metal. Strip e, whereby the sheath is securelv retained upon the metal strip c. kBetween. sheath e and strip e are inserted index strips F each having index indicia 'thereon such as the number otthe panel or each side thereof and an indication ot the scope or content of the index material not only upon the side upon which the strip is ap- Y portion 0i one of the holders orfpaiiels shown in" plied `but panel also.

A preferredlorm oi the index strip is.

upon ythe opposite side of the shown in Fir.` whereiiia heavy horizontal 1 'i serted in tab directly behind the cellii-. `loid sheatli'e and between n `it'and the metal strip e as showny in Fig. 3.

From the above it will beclear that en improved indexv strip has been .provided for li desired the index strips Fi giving aniiidication on each sidel of a. doubley i faced index panel of the index material content oii both' sides thereof; ment lis particiilarhi useful in lan index den vice of the 'type such as illustrated shown in Fie. 1, inwhich ka pliiralitv of index panels aremonnted for swingingf movement` to opposite sides ktodisplav the index material on the opposite sides thereof.' In inspertine siieh anindex device aportion of This arrange-r the panels ywill ordinarilyv be disposed with ftlieir faces toward the user and ythe other portion kwith their backs towardthe user. Bv providing such index panels with index strips 'of the tvpe shown the user `has at kall timee'visible to hiin a complete index of all the. material. iipoii the panels and as soonas yhe determines trom the indication on they several tabs which panel has the item which he desires to inspect the tab of that'panel panel the item is to be found. since the indicia 4above the horizontal line refers to the items" on the exposed side of the panel and the yindicia below ythe line to the kopposite side of the panel.

While but one embodiment of the invention has been shown it is obvioiis that many changes and variations mair be made in a daptinu' the inventive idea herein disclosed to vindex s vstems of various kinds without departing Jfrom the spirit and scope of the invention.

I claim: y

1,111 an index device the combination A with a series of holders having index inaeach faceV of said holder.l said indicia indi-V face.

terial upon both faces thereof. of indicating means at one edge of cach holder showing upon one face thereof the contents of bothV facesof the holder. j c

2.111 an indexfdevice the combination with a series of holders having index inaterial upon both faces thereof, of indicating` means adjoining the edge of each faceof each holdei showing the contents of both faces of `the holder. j

3. In an index device. a holder having index material upon both faces thereof. means at the edges of said faces displaying identical indiciainfreverse order at opposite faces of said holder thereby to indicate at each faceof the holder the first item upon that fac-ej and the first item upon the opposite face. v Y

I 4. In aii'index device. va holder having index material upon opposite faces thereof. `means at the edge of'one face of said holder indicating the first andlast items on both faces 'of said holder. f

5. In'anfiiidex device, a' holder having` index material upon opposite faces thereof a tab displaying' identical indicia adjoining catingjfthe first and last items of each face of-said holder and being disposed ir reverse order adjoining' opposite faces of said holder.

A6. An indexdevice comprisinga doublefaced panel, an index tabextendingY beyond one edge t-hereofand arranged to displajvv an index strip adjoining each face of said panel. an index'strip on each face of saidy tab. said strips having identical indicia thereon indicative of the scope of index material upon both faces of said panel.

` 7. An index device comprising a double- Vfaced panel, an index tab extending beyond one edge thereof and arranged to display an index strip adjoining each face of said panel. an index strip'on each face of said tab, said'strips having" identical indicia thereon indicative yof theY scope of index material uponr both faces of said panel. said indicia. being in -reverse order at opposite faces of said panel .whereby the scope of index material on the exposed faces is indicated inadvance-of that on the opposite 8. An'index device comprising a doublefaced panelran index tabl extending beyond Vholder When the strip is so folded with one edge thereof and arranged to display an index strip adjoining each face of said panel, an index strip on each face of said tab, said strips being.;l integrally connected and having` identical indicia. thereon indicative of the scope of index material upon both faces of said panel.

9. An index strip for the tab of a doublefaced index holder haviiio' indicia in duplicate on one face thereof. said indichi. being; indicative of the'scope of the index material on both faces of the holder. said strip being arranged to be folded before insertion in the tab whereby one set of the indicia will appear adjoining' each face of the holder.

10. An index element for thetab of a double-faced index holder. said velement havingr indicia. in duplicate but in reverse indicia beingrindicative of the scope of' the index material on both faces of the holder. said element comprisingY a strip of sheet material adapted to be folded before in Y tion in the tab wherebyy one of the indicia ivillappear adjoining each face ef th indicia adjoininga each face of the holte? referrinn` Erst to the index .material cu that face and then to the i'iiateriai on the opposite face of the holder. f

11. in an index device. a holder for die.v` playing index material on both faces. a sheath mounted on the edge of tlieholfhi. an index element in such sheath'. said clement having` on opposite faces thereof indicia. indicative of the index material on opposite faces of the. holder respectively. and said sheath being constructed to I'lisplav said indicia on opposite faces of the holder. l d 'Y l2. In an index device. aV holder for displaying index material on 'both faces. a

sheath inounted at the eilvfre of the holder.

a foldedrindex strip in Vsaid sheath. said vstrip `iis-folded comprising an element hav JAMES H. RAND.

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