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Publication numberUS1637814 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 2, 1927
Filing dateAug 22, 1923
Priority dateAug 22, 1923
Publication numberUS 1637814 A, US 1637814A, US-A-1637814, US1637814 A, US1637814A
InventorsJoseph Gallagher Dennis
Original AssigneeJoseph Gallagher Dennis
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Cigar-box moistener
US 1637814 A
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Aug. 2, 1927. 1,637,814





Application filed August 22, 1923.- Serial x01658586.

This invention relates to tobaccomoisteners and particularly to those which may be attached to the inside oftobacco containers,

such as cigar boxes, for keeping the tobacco box to Which has been attached a moistener constructed in accordance with the invention.

Fig. 2'is a view of the cigar box partially closed, with the mois'tening device in extended or open position.

In the illustrated embodiment'of the invention, the moistener comprises achannelshaped holder 1 ofany suitable, material, in which suitable 'absorbentmaterial 2 may be held. The holderrmay bev conveniently andinexpensively produced. by bending a sheet of material, such as sheet metal, upon itself to form a channel, and the free edge portions of the sides of the holder are flanged in opposite directions, away from the channel part, as at 3. One of the' flanges 3is provided, adjacent one end, with an aperture 4 through which a tack or screw may be passed to secure the holder against a wall of the con-, tainer, with the open side of the channel abutting the container wall. I

The absorbent material is, confined within the channel of the holder by the wall of the container, and may comprise strips of porous material such as for example felt or blotting paper. The illustrated holder is open ended, but preferably the walls forming the channel are provided with one or more apertures 5 through which, and the open ends, the air of the container may circulate in passing over and around-the moist absorbent material.

The moistener may be secured to the inner face of the cover of a cigar box, for example, by passing a tack 6 through the aperture 4,

as shown in Fig. 1. The secured'end of the holder should be adjacent anedge of the cover'so that the holder may beswung about the tack as a pivot from t-heJno-rmal' position shown in full lines in Fig. l'to the position I j also shownbydotted lines in thesame figure. Inthe position shownby dotted lines o the channel will be open and moisture may a be easily added to the absorbent strips 2 or new strips may be added,'after which the holder may be swung back to its normal po'-' 1 'SllllOIl, permitting complete closure of the cover. It will usua llybe necessary to remove one or two of the cigars so as to provide a space into which the moistener may descend When the cover is closed, in order that none of the cigars willbe crushed or injured.

It will be obvious that various changes in the details and arrangements herein de-- scribed and illustrated for the purpose of ex- I plaining the nature of the invention, may be made. by those skilled in the art within the principle andscope of the invention asexpressed in the appended claim.

I claim:

- In a tobacco moistener, a channel-shaped holder of absorbent material having a flange extending from the'free edge of its side and adapted to fit against a wall of a'tobacco container, said flange having therein an aperture for the passage of an attaching tack, said aperture being adjacent an end of the holder whereby when attached to a wall of a container adjacent an edge thereof, a hold er can be swung about the tack as a pivot beyond the edge of the container to expose the interior of the channel for facilitating the insertion of absorbent material or the adding of moisture to absorbent material in the channel.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand. 7

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U.S. Classification239/55, 239/57, 312/31.1
International ClassificationA24F25/02, A24F25/00
Cooperative ClassificationA24F25/02
European ClassificationA24F25/02