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Publication numberUS1638494 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 9, 1927
Filing dateFeb 11, 1925
Priority dateFeb 11, 1925
Publication numberUS 1638494 A, US 1638494A, US-A-1638494, US1638494 A, US1638494A
InventorsHarris Frank S, Lewis Rush C
Original AssigneeHarris Frank S, Lewis Rush C
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Casing puller and cutter
US 1638494 A
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Aug. 9, 1927.


CASING FULLER AND CUTTER Filed Feb. 11. 1925 gwueqtow law as,



Application filed February This invention relates to an improved device which may be conveniently entitled a casing puller and cutter, the same being adapted to salvage a complete or a section of a casing and remove it from a well or hole when the same has become stuck therein.

The principal object is, of course, to gen erally improve upon devices of this class by providing one embodying a novel structural arrangement of parts so associated as to operate efficiently even under unfavorable conditions when the casing is covered with oil and would be otherwise very difficult to remove.

The structural features and advantages derived from their use will become apparent from the following description and drawing.

In the accompanying drawing forming a part of this specification and in which like numerals are employed to designate like parts throughout the same:

Figure 1 is a complete view of the device showing the parts fully assembled, portions being in elevation and other portions being in section.

Figure 2 is a View, partly in section and partly in elevation, of the upper portion of a device constructed in accordance with the present invention.

Fig. 3 is a similar View of the remainder of the device showing both the pulling and cutting means in particular.

Fig. 4 is a transverse section taken approximately on the plane of the line H of Fig. 3 and Fig. 5 is a section taken approximately on the line 55 of Fig. 3.

4 Referring to the drawings in detail and considering more particularly the puller, it will be seen that the reference 1 designates a centrally bored head fashioned to permit it to be connected to appropriate raising and lowering means. At its bottom it is equipped with a screw threaded flange 2 into which the screw threaded upper end of a tube 3 is tapped. The tube is also internally screw threaded at its lower end and in practice it functions as a cylinder. Screwed into the lower end of the tube is a special, body 4 having a central longitudinal passage enlarged as at 5. On its lower end the body is constructed to provide a point 6' and on one side it is provided with a pocket for removable reception of a toothed block 7 commonly known as a slip. At a diametrically opposite point the body is formed 11, 1925. Serial No. 8,488.

with a tapered groove 8 in which a toothed reciprocation in the aforesaid tube 3. If.

desired, the piston may be equipped with a packing ring 11.

Connected to the center of the piston and depending therefrom is a hollow tubular stem 12 extending slidably down into the aforesaid passage 5 and surrounding this stem and interposed between the piston and "the body 4 is a coiled spring13 for moving the piston upwardly. In order to control the slip, a connecting link or rod 14 is provided, the same having its upper end sliding in the piston. The lower end of the link extends downwardly an'd slidably through a hole 16 formed in-the body 4 and into a socket 17 in the. upper end of the slip, 9, the same being pivotally connected to a cross pin 18 arranged in this socket.

Giving more particular attention to the specially constructed body 1, it will be seen that the aforesaid tube 12 is rovided on its lower end with a conical hea the enlarged portion 5 of the bore of the body. This head may be referred to as a spreader. Just below the normal position of the head are transverse slots 20 which intersect each other and pass through the bore as indicated more particularly in Figs. 1* and 4. Pivoted in each slot is a lug 21 pressed inwardly under the action of a removable flat spring 22 anchored in any appropriate manner, for instance, as shown in Fig. 1*. Each lug is provided adjacent its upper free end with a V-shaped rib 23, the apex of which is sharpened to provide a cutting edge.

The adjacent faces of the lugs are beveled as shown to provide a substantially conical recess 24 into the head 19 is adapted to be passed for spreading all of the lugs outwardly to bring the cutting edges 23 into engagement with a surrounding casing (not shown).

The operation of the device is as follows. Air or other fluid under pressure is introduced into the cylinder to act on the piston head to force the same downwardly against 19 slidable in.

the tension of the spring. As the piston head moves downwardly the link 14 which is slidable through an opening therein follows. the same'owing to its own weight and the weight of the sliding slip 9. Obviously, a

as the slip moves downwardly upon the beveled surface of the groove 8, it is forced outwardly and into engagement with the wall of the casing. Consequently, when the tool is lifted, the casing will be lifted with it.

It is also clear that by forcing the piston still further downwardly into the cylinder, the conical head 19, which acts as a spreader, enters the conical socket 24 and serves to spread the lugs, rather to swing them outwardly to bring the cutting edges into contact with the casing so that by rotating the tool, the casing can be cut at this point to salvage the greatest portion possible.

It is thought that the foregoing description will be suflicient, when taken in connection with the accompanying drawing, to enable persons skilled in the art to which the invention relates to obtain a thorough understanding of the same. For this reason a more lengthy description is thought unnecessary. I

While we have shown and described the preferred embodiment of the invention, it is to be understood that minor changes coming within the field of invention claimed may be resorted to if desired.

Having thus described our invention, what We claim as newis-:- In a casing puller of the class described, a head, a body, a cylinder interposed between and connected at its ends with said head and body respectively, said head and said body being provided with alined longitudinally disposed bores, a piston slidable in said cylinder, a stern connected with said piston and slidable' in the bore in said body, a spring surrounding said stem and interposed between the body and piston, said body being provided on one side and adjacent its point of connection to the cylinder in a tapered groove and on its diametrically opposite side is a pocket, a: toothed slip slidable in said tapered groove, a toothed block secured RUSH e; LEWIS. FRANK s. HARRIS.

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International ClassificationE21B31/16, E21B23/00, E21B31/00, E21B31/20, E21B23/04, E21B29/00
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