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Publication numberUS1638568 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 9, 1927
Filing dateMay 10, 1926
Priority dateMay 10, 1926
Publication numberUS 1638568 A, US 1638568A, US-A-1638568, US1638568 A, US1638568A
InventorsJesse Dreyfus
Original AssigneeJesse Dreyfus
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Hat box
US 1638568 A
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J. DREYFUS 'Aiigg 9, 1927.

HAT BOX Filed `Meiy 10. 192e ATT RNEY Patented Aug. 9,v 1927. s


Y s HAT Box. i Application meaMay 10, 192e. y serian No. 108,070.

' My invention relates to improvements in inner flange 16 forming a" shoulder for rehat boxes of the hand luggage type wherein ceiving the lower edge of the' side walls of a relatively deep compartment is'provided the t-ray which is positioned above the hat 45 for securely holdlng a womans hat in transit compartment and the side walls ofthe tray 5 and a tray is also provided for holding va` have a liketlange 17 forming a shoulderat riousarticles. Pockets may be provided in its upper edge. yThe cover has a vshort the dilierent compartments to hold articles.v iiange 18 iitting in the shoulder formed by Heretofore such hat boxes have been made the upper flange of the vtrayY to `make the 50 with a loose tray which was carried above case dust tight and stii when closed.

10 the hat compartment vand had to be removed A handle 12 is pro-vided for carryingpury before the hat couldbe taken out. l emposes vand a `lock 13 and catches 14 serve ploy a tray which is an integral part of to hold the hat compartments@ and tray b v the hat box and so construct t-he latter that securely closed. Like loclrs15 serve to'hold 55 access may be had to either the tray Vor the cover c to the tray -b when the ybox is l ,15 the hat compartment without any interferclosed.

ence. Y In use the lock- 13 and catches 14: maybe In the drawing Fig. 1 is a side view, partly loosened and the tray and cover thrown ,back` s in section of my improvedhat box and Fig. as auinitA to .obtain access tothe hat com-v 50' 2 a top View, also partly in section, of the partment, or the locks 15 ymay be released structure' of Fig. 1. Y l to throwback the lid and obtain access to The hat box comprises three main sections.V the tray. Inl this way `a loose, removable VThe relatively deepy hat compartment a has trayY is obviated and a unitary structure,

a bottom 1 and sides 2, being preferably without loose parts, isobtain-ed. 65 flattened at the back 8 to enable it to stand I' claim s upl without rolling and to enable a pairotmr A hat box comprising a relatively deepv hinges to be used. A hat blocken is secured hat compartment, the upper edge'of the side l inside the bottom 1 so that a hat may be wall ofsaid compartmenthaving an4 inner pinned thereto and held against movement. iange' forming a shoulder` for receiving the 70' L A tray b, having a permanently secured lower edgeof t-he side wall ofgatray posi# O9 bottom 5 closing the top of thehatcomparttionedabove the hatcompartment, the tray. ment and side walls 6, of the. same contour having a permanently secured botto'mclosing` as the body a, is hinged to the hat compartthe top of the hat compartment, the side wall ment at 7. Y of the tray having an inner` flange forming 76 Y Acover c, with a top 8 and side walls 9, a shoulder at its Yupper edge, a cover having also the same contour as the body, is hinged a short flange itting'in the shoulder formed to the tray walls and co-operates `with the bythe upper flange of the'tray, said cover tray to Jform a shallow compartment for co-operating with said tray to ,form a shal` Y wearing apparel and accessories. 'low compartmentfor wearing apparel andf80 l Pockets 10 and 11 may be secured to the accesso-ries, and separate, independentk lockunder side of the cover and tray to hold ing means for retaining the hat compartarticles if desired. Thek upper edge of the ment and the tray in closed position. side wall of theV hat lcompartment has an JESSE DREYFUS gift-38,508 i

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U.S. Classification206/8, 206/9, 190/28
International ClassificationA45C11/00, A45C11/02
Cooperative ClassificationA45C11/02
European ClassificationA45C11/02