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Publication numberUS1638584 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 9, 1927
Filing dateAug 24, 1925
Priority dateAug 24, 1925
Publication numberUS 1638584 A, US 1638584A, US-A-1638584, US1638584 A, US1638584A
InventorsKrank Alfred J
Original AssigneeKrank Alfred J
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Adjustable powder dispenser
US 1638584 A
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1,638,584* Aug. 9,1927. A. J. KRANK ADJUSTABLE POWDER DISPENSER Filed Aug. 24, 1925 Hlfred J. Krank Patented ug. 9, 1927. Y



Application inea August 24, i925. serial N. 51,956. i

linvention relates to dan .adjustable powder dispenser wherein provide a powder and puffcompact of/a design to permit the powder to be cariiedin a loose form so that it can be dispensed; readily `when itis desir-ed directly onto; the puffn and @without loss, which Ypermits the dispenser to be made small and compact, a feature which is very desirable in an article of this' nature.

My invention4 includes m'eans for dispensing the powder by av dispensing` cup which maybe rotated in either direction, and as the cup isrotated the powder is pushed through small openings directly inv Contact l'with the .powder puff. This permits just the exact amount of powder as is desired to be dispensed unto the puff and prevents thepowder from being spilled out .of the compactl when the cover off th-e compactis opened, The use ofloose powder in a compactismost desirable as it does not become injured by dropping the compact7 which is the case where kthe powder is in 'the cake form. v The powder cannot ordinarilycome out'fof the compact unless the dispensing cup-is operated. fThis provides means of econoinizing 'in the.` use of thepowd-er and thus only a small amountl of lpowder'is required to be carried in the powder compact.

It is also a feature of my inventiontofprovide a dispensing cup which includes means for holding the powder puff so that it cannot fall out of the compact when the cover of the same is opened.. This lmeans of hold! ing the powder puff vis very desirable as it permits the compact to be opened at, any time without danger of the i,puff fallingout Vvand. without danger of spilling the powder when the compact is-opened. In this manner the powder puff is held in the dispensing cup, sealing the powder from the mirror side of the compact and keeping themirror practicallyv free vfrom powder dust under ordinary circumstances.

I include in my invention means for hold' ing and causing to' hold the powder in the powder compartment against -rotation whenV vit packs in the powder compartment. This permits the powder` to be engaged and com-v. pressed bythe dispensing Y cup to force the powder through the openings in .-the `dis` pensingv 'cupn when the cup is "rotated, and

as the powder is dispensed, the cup is pressed.

down intothe powder compartment.

My powder dispenser is adjustable in'V the amount of powder dispensed unto the pu'and separable so that powder caribe renewed into the powder compartment.` vThe 4coiistiuctioii'of. my powder dispenser is eX- tremely .simple and operatesr inan edective manner; with lsmall compact parts yso that my powder dispenser is madeup in a small, thin, flat state, yet Acarrying anzample supply offpowder and having a most desirable puff holding means. i i

All of the features and vobjects will be more fully set forth in the specificationV and In the drawings forming, part of my specification;

Figure lis alside view enlarged formation.l v

Figure 2 is a cross section on the lineQ-Q of Figure 1. l" Y I I s Figure' is anenlarged perspective view ofthe dispensingcu'p removed from the powder dispenser. Figure 4 illustratestheV operating ringof the dispensing cup. i j x Figure 5 illustrates the'dispensing''cup in'l `a plan view with the operating [ring removed.. i i

Figure 6 vis a planfview of thel insideljoff.'`

the bottomofrmy powdervdispenser. f

' Figure 7 kis a similarlviewv to Figurev 6,

illustrating a .different formation yembossed in the bottom. v

My adjustable ypowderV dispenserA `is formed with a top ,10 anda bottomv portion 11 which parts arehinged together at12 in the'ordinary well r'known manner,*s0. that the top 10 ts'over' the bottom 11 to close the Vcomp-act A lwheniiot desired for use. The drawings illustratethe'. compact in an enlarged formation vto more clearly illustrate the parts.-

My adjustable powder ispenser is proj-` I vided with a mirror 13 inthe cover portion 1() which is held by the ring 14 in the -ordi- 3f A nary well known mannen The mirror porv-` tion/11 ofv the powder dispenser A is emeu j.

bossed in thev bottom wall`15 thereof `to *provide4v an irregular design, suchpas a stary 16, or the -Tfserrations 17 projecting'up intol .10.5. fbo'ssed surface orformation, suchas 16gory the .powder compartment 18.v This' em- 17 in the powder "compartment, 18,1 forms meansl for engaging thev powder Lheld in theS compartmentlto prevent it from packing iio and rotating ,inl a mass in the I)peration of my dispenser. 1 i Iqprovide a dispensing cup 19 which is' f 70. of my compact in provided witha series of openings 2O of a themetal forming the 'bottom 21 oft fthe' dissmall, Atriangular shape formed by 'piercing pensing cup 19, and leaving the metal which is punched `out to form theopenings'QO projecting into the powder "cutting points, "sfu'ch` as 22. l,These points extendromseachopeni fing '201 and vprojectinto the "powder compartment. 18. The points 2,2 'are sharpv and Vcut 3 lll.

the-powder vasjthe dispenser-cup 19 is rotate/d." a 'f v 1, The powder dispensingcupl') is provided with an operating Vring 23, which isY rigidly attached vto the Vpowder ycup 19 by the de- Y pendinglange V24,' and which is prcrvidedV with .1t-horizontally extending flange 25 to "form anengaging shoulder across th'etop and .aboutrthje Vei'itire dispensing cup 19.

The upper surface oi? the flange 25 is formed l manner soeasfto' rough'en the flange 25 so` iv thatft may be easily engaged by the lingers kto rotate the. dispensing cup `19.

*The operatingring 23 is ysecuredyto the dispensing cup 19 in any suitable manner vandmaybe formed integral therewith ifit isdesiired Y u Y The flange 2540i the ring 23 forms animportant feature of myfinvention as it pro-l vides an yannular ,shoulder which engages' about the periphery of the powder pui B to-liold thesame against tree disenoa ement from the Vdispensing cup 19., It -will'l be vquite apparent thatthis is important-because uponopeningthe cover 10. vof t-he compact veA, runless the puff was held against disengagement. it would be apt'to fall out if the compact weretilted accidentally, and in this f way the powder puit v*would become soiled,

which lis'fvery objectionablejin .powder compacts.- The :fact Vthat my powder puit lB Ais held against disengagement fromA the disv- .pensingcupl)v alsorprovides a very desiri 'i able feature, as itI holds the puitV B against the openings 2O and .prevents any powder `trom bein@ spilled outV of the dis ensino` cu e: i c p underordinary circumstances. Y e In operationV my `adyustable powder dis- Vpenser'compact'isvery desirable for useas the mirror is kept practically clear of any loosepowder, the purlV being held under the ilange @Sin place inthe dispensing cup 19. The dispensing cup y19 rictionally engages the'side wallet the powder compact `18 and is f held against free j engagement therefrom,

but is suiiioiently free to be rotated so that VVthe powder'trom the' coinpactflS'can be cut by. the points 22 and pushed throughy the openings 2O when the operating ring .23 is engaged kon the serratedsurtace 26 to rotate the dispensing eupl9 in either direction and Vcanse the desired amount of' powder -to be fin the `scope being dispensed unto thepnif from the compart`- y ment 18. Y

Xdhen the desired amountof powder has been dispensed to the puii B, the ypull ,B is

readily removed by engaging the 'puff strap S28, disengaging'the purl' from the dispensing `cup 19 yfrom `under lthe flange 25. As the pull is removed fromrthe cup 19, it having collected all of vthe v powder dispensed through the openings 20, the dispensing cup is leftV empty" and theA openings 2O being small, practically no powder will fall out through these openings, and thus I provide a very veconomical, and practical means oi' holdingpowderH in a compact -and Vfor ad-` vgusting the samevr to kdispense the desired amount of powder by the rotation of the Y dispensingcup 19 and by-holdingthe puff against dropping out of thecnp 19 bythe flange 25.. The dispensing cup V19 is yrotated until the powder;compartment-,18 is practically einpty'andat thispoint the vdispensing cup has penetratedinto the` compartment The drawings iillustrat'ea Aparticular for! mation of my adjustablepowder dispensing 'compactf and I vhave illustrated @and defscribed my invention in accordance with the patent statutes, but l desire to have it Ylinder- Vstood that-theseudrawi'ngs are onlyillustrative of a particular means of carrying vont Y my invention and tliatthe'invention can be applied to uses other than those above set.

forth andcarried out by other means withg 'of the following claims. lclaim: l f e i 1'. vAn adjustable dispenser having, a top and bottom member, said'bottom member loose powder, means formed in thebottom member touprevent the-powder from .slipping therein, a dispensing cup carried by said bottom member and an engaging' surtace formed on saidfdispensing cup to permit-the rotation of the same'in either'direcl tion to y dispenseA powder' through theV cup Vtromsaid powder compartment.

'2. A compact for powder including,a.casing, a dispensing cup within said casing, putt' holding means within the cup to prevent tree ydisengagement of the pun from the cup and a serrated surface vwithin kthe casing to hold the powder stationary in the i ALFRED J. KRANK.

the casing.

adapted to yform a compartment iior lsame when the dispensing cup' is rotated in e

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