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Publication numberUS1638594 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 9, 1927
Filing dateMay 10, 1927
Priority dateMay 10, 1927
Publication numberUS 1638594 A, US 1638594A, US-A-1638594, US1638594 A, US1638594A
InventorsMyers Marcus Ash
Original AssigneeMyers Woolly Animals Inc
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US 1638594 A
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Aug. 9, 1927, I I 1,638,594

M. A. MYERS PURSE Filed May 1o, '1927 ATTORNEYS,

patented Aug.' 9, W2?.


This invention relates to purses, and partion. .Thebody portion is, as shown more ticularly to a novelty purse in the form of particularly in Figure 2, provided with an 55 a toy animal. opening 7 along the back of the animal, in The object of the invention is to provide extent substantially equal to the length of a novel and attractive form of purse or the the pocket or purse 6, and the upper parts 5 like, in which the purse proper is located or of the pocket or purse are suitably secured, Venclosed Within the body of the animal, prefas by stitching 8, to the edge portions of erably being adapted to be opened and closed the skin adjacent said opening. The purse along the back of the animal, the.article or pocket 6 is preferably left free within produced combining the useful functions of the body of the animal excepting for lthe a purse or like receptacle with the attracattachment of the upper portions thereof at tive and striking appearance of a toy animal. the opening 7. 65 Another object of the invention is to pro- The open side of the purse or pocket may vide certain improvements in the construcbe closed, by any suitable form of closing tion of the toy animal, particularly relating means, the preferred form of closing means 5 to the manner of stuiiing the legs and other being that known commercially as the hookparts of the animal. I less fastener. This fastener is indicated 70 With these and-other objects in view the diagrammatically in the drawings at 9, the invention consists in the novel features Of purse being opened by pulling the sliding 0 construction and combinations and arrangemember 10jin`on'e direction, and being closed Y ments of parts as will be more fully hereinby pulling said sliding member in the opaftcr described and pointed out in the claims. posite. direction. Preferably a small piece 75 The invention is illustrated in one form or ring of skin 11 is attached to the ring`12 thereof in the accompanying drawings, in usually provided on such hookless fasteners. which: y I 1t will be noted from the drawings that- Figure a side elevational view of the the major portion of the body of the animal improved from of purse, certain parts being is not provided with any stung or padding, so broken away in longitudinal section to more as when the purse is in use, the articles conclcarly show the construction and arrangetained within the pocket or container 6 will ment' of the parts, and suiiciently ll out the body portion to give Figure 2 is a. cross sectional View taken the sameaproper appearance. on the line 2-2 of Figure 1.

v vThe leg and tail portions are, however, 'sa The particular form of purse illustrated padded or stuffed, and an improved means in the drawings is 'made up into the form of for this purpose is employed. Each leg or an animal by sewing or otherwise securing tail portion has its own individual padding together a number of pieces of sheepskin or or stuffing element, which, as shown more other suitable material to form the body particularly in connection with the tail 3 ce lportion 1 and legs 2 and tail 3 of the animal. in Figure 1, comprises a bag or casing 13 1t is preferred to employ inthe making of of cloth or like flexible material, which is ,m the animal natural skin, for example, of the' filled with the stuffing or padding material kind known as Shearling, and to secure the 14. The stued bag or casing so formed is pieces of skin together with the leather side of substantially the same size as the interior es innermost and the wooly part on the outside of the leg or tail ortion so that when it is so that the toy animal approximates in appushed or inserte therein it will properly g5 pearance and touch to a real animal. In fill out and pad said portion. The bag or the drawings the leather part of the skin pad may be positively secured within the and the woolly part thereof are respectively leg or tail ortion as by stitching` at the ico indicated by the numerals 4 and 5. outer end o said portion, and' in the case' The purse proper comprises a pocket .or of the leg portions the stitching maybe so s@ container 6 of ilexible material, such as applied as to represent or indicate the feet leather, arranged within the body yof the of the animal. animal, and preferably occupying practically The use of the pads or bags providesl a los the whole of the interior of this body porsimple and effective means for stuffing or 50 the extremities thereof, representing thev padding the leg and tail portions yand prevents the stung from working out of said portions into' the unstu'ed body portion of the animal. It is preferred also to provide a ywire member -15 extending lengthwise through eachof the pads or bags 13, the wire being of such a nature that-when bent the leg or tail portion will tend to remain in the bent positlon. Such wire may be se-..

cured by simply bending over the ends. therevof as indicated.

retain this material within the head, and in order tol ive the head v`and neck portions the proper s ape and-firmness a pad 21. is' provided lyingpartly withinthe neck or body v portion and partly withiny the head portion and suitably secured in placeias bymeans of rial.

- not restricted to the particular details of.

stitching. This pad is formed similarly to the pads 13 of the leg and tail portions, comprising a bag of cloth or like flexible material lled with the padding orstuiflng mate- It will be seen that the-article produced in accordance with the present invention may be, carried as a toy animal, and at the `same time has the 'useful function of a purse for carrying the usual articles. The article will usually be madeof a size so that it can be carried under the arm,-although this is `not essential. l

It will be understood that the invention is construction r materials specifiedV herein,

`and that alterations or modifications may be made' ,Withinsthe` scope of the appended claimsa What I claim and ters Patent is: i

1. A hand bag co'mprising an animal shape made with a iexible outer covering,

`body appendages of the animal, beingdistended yto substantial rigidity,- and the central portionfrepresenting the trunk of the .animal bod ermit ben ing of thesame when pressed etween the arm and body of the user, said centralportionbein provided With an article containing poc et, accessible through an opening in said covering.

2. A: hand shape made with a flexible outer covering,

' the extremities thereof being distended vto simulate the contours of the4 body append- .ages of the animal and the central portion being hollow 'and flexible toA bag comprising an animal messen being hollow and pliant and provided with an article receiving pocket accessiblethrough an opening in said outer covering.

3. A, hand bag comprising an animal shape made with a flexible outer covering,L im

the extremities thereof being 'distendedl to simulate the contours of the body appendages of the animal, and theccentral portion being hollow and pliant `and provided with an article receiving pocket `accessible through an opening in the outer covering uponl the line corresponding to the backbone of the animal, and means operable by the userto close said opening. v

4l. A hand bag comprising an anlmal shape madesvlth a fiexlble outer covering,

'the extremities thereof, representing the body appendages of lthe animal, being distended to substantial rigidity, and the central portion representing the trunk of the animal body being hollow and iiexible to permit bending of the same when pressed between the arm and body of the user,`said central portion being provided'with an article containing pocket, accessible through an opening in said covering, and means operable by the user to close said opening.

A hand-bag comprising an animal-l shape inthe form of a quadruped made of fur or fur-like material in hollow form and having fore legs and hind legs and head stuffed so as to be semi-solid and its midsection or body portion unstuifed and pliant,

the mid-section being provided with an article receiving pocket adapted to be .partially iilled with articles placed therein to NIU give .the mid-section `anatural appearance,`,.

thev animalshape 'being' formed with fore legs and' hind Vlegs extended from the body and suiiciently spaced apart toembrace the arm of the user and thus prevent accidental displacement-when the article is confined at its mid-section between the arm and the body of the user.

6: A hand-bag comprising an animal- A shape in the tform of a quad'ruped made' of' desire to secure by Let havingI fore legs and hind legs and headl stuffed so as to be semi-solid and its mid-y furor fur-like material in hollow form and section or body portion unstufed andpliant, the mid-'section being provided with an article receivingv pocket adapted to be partially mal-shape being formed withfore legs exarm of the user and thus prevent accidental displacement. when the article is confined at its mid-section between the arm and the body-of 'the user. i 125 7.. hand-bag comprising an animalshapel in the form of a quadruped made `of having fore legs and hind legs and head stuffed so `aste-be semi-solid and its .fur or fur-like material in hollow form and I' .section or body portion unstuled alud pliant,`

the mld-section being providedwith a slit extending longitudinally thereof, the fore legs extending fromthe body so as tooverlie the arm'of the user and thus prevent v accidental displacement when the article is confined at its mid-seetionbetween the arm and the body of the user, a lining in said body constituting a pooket l which is in said slit" sald pocliet being adapt- 10` the mouth ofv ed to carry mlsce aneous articles such as are usually carried in a purse or handb and means for' closingsaid slit and hence sidpoehetto retain said articles therein.

In test1moriy whereof I aiix my signature. MARCUS ASI-I MYERS.

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U.S. Classification446/74, 229/116.3, 383/907
International ClassificationA63H3/00, A45C1/02
Cooperative ClassificationA45C1/02, A63H3/005, Y10S383/907
European ClassificationA63H3/00C1, A45C1/02