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Publication numberUS1638770 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 9, 1927
Filing dateNov 1, 1926
Priority dateNov 1, 1926
Publication numberUS 1638770 A, US 1638770A, US-A-1638770, US1638770 A, US1638770A
InventorsJones Arthur C
Original AssigneeAlan S Kelly
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Insulated stove-top attachment
US 1638770 A
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Aug. 9, i927. 1,638,770 A. c. JONES INSULATED STOVE TOP ATTACHMENT Filed Nov. 1,1926 2. Sheets-Sheet 1 F i w. w. y -w! l 1 V 7 HHHH I 5444mm HHHH a A. C. JONES INSULATED STOVE TOP ATTACHMENT Filed Nov 1. 1926 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 milHllHllIllHlllHI! ll I II;


Wide C [0226 Patented Aug, 9 1927,

' UNITE s Arvrnunc. Joi ns, or

sourn rrrrsiz'une, rnnn ns's'nn, ASSIGNOR T0, ALAN s, KELLY,



'Appiicati n mea November. 1, 1926, Serial No. 145,524. 7

vide an improved insulated top'attachment' of the character above referred to in which the construction'is simple and inexpensive and inwhich the attachment may be efiected simply and quickly.

With the foregolng and other objectsin view, the invention will be more fully described hereinafter, and willb'e more particularly pointed out in the claims appended hereto. 1

In the drawings, wherein'like symbols re- 7 fer to like or corresponding'partsthroughout the several views, I

' Figure 1 1s a top "planiv'iew of {tn-1mproved top attachment constructed ,ja'ccord ing to the present inventioniand showing the stove as indicated therebeneath; I 3 Figure 2 is an end view-of a stove or range having the improved. attachment there-on with parts broken away Figure'3is a cross-section taken on line 33'in,Figure 1; r 1 Figure 4 is 'an enlarged fragmentary verti'cal section showingfa corner of therange anfill the insulated top and its attachment; an 7 'Figure 5 is aperspective view'of one of the insulated lids} Referring more'particularly to the drawings, 6 indicates a stove or rangefhaving the top 7 'w1ththe ledge 8 projecting there from and carrying at its outer end the down weirdly-turned fiange'9" which is spaced from the s-i-de vertical walls'of'the stove 61 l The top is provided with the usualopen ings or eyes 10' to which are applied the re movable cast-iron stove lids 11., r

I The improved top attachment is adapted to be placed upon the to-'p7 of the stove'6 and to be secured in place'by' devices which co-' operate with theledge'S and flange 9.

The top attachment is shown" as constructed of upper andi lower'spaced walls 12 and 13, respectively, of sheet metal'or other appropriate material between which a packing otheat-instrlatd material lt is interposed.

'i-heupper andlower walls-12 and 13 are connected by theuend' walls 15 "which confine the packing materialin place and in the top attachment so formediare nade openings in 130 tended to register with the eyes'lO of the range top 7' when the auxiliary topattachwalls 16 into which arereceived the, insulated mentis put in place. Theopeningsfin the v p a, top attachment are formed by the tapering lids shown" in Figure 5., These lids are 7 made ofthe upper andlower sheet metal or other walls-17 and 18 withthe inverted fru sto-conical sidewall 19. Thevinclination of this'side'wall 19; is such as to cooperate with opening into i'WlliOhr the insulated lid (is adapted to same. 7 i

I :The top attachment ismad'eto overhang the sides of the stov'epand to projectbeyond the ledge 8 and its fiange'9. Thisis advan extension will be very effective to cut down, to a minimum this dissipated heat.v ;The

the inclination given the wall 16 of the fitwhereby; to conservethe heat;

- The lids'are providedwith-the handles 20for' convenience in removing and replacing the overhanging edgesfof-the insulated top attachment are also advantageous. in provid ing :the securing clamps 21 which clamps are provided with openings registering with similar vertical openingsin the overhanging portions" or; the insulated top attachment I 4 whereby to receive therethroughthebolts or other fastenings 22 having the: nuts 23' I on thelower ends the'reoftotake against the lower. portions of they clamps 21 whereby theseclamps may be; secured tightly in po s'i' tion. .bluch clamp's are 'provided' with the 1 f hooks24- adapted to enter beneath the ledges 8 and behindqthe flange 9 of the permanent;- stove' top. The clamps are also provided; i with vertical outer portions 25 extending-in spaced relation from the hooks 24 andhoria zontally outward oftheflange 9, there being 2 v I 1 a slot formed between the hook Ql'and vthe 5 vertical spaced part 25 of the clamph'lhe clamps thus bind upon opposite sidesofthe flange 9 beneath the ledge :8, against the vertical Wall of the stoveas indicated at 26'wood range are retained and only the undei and against a substantial area of the under surface of the overhanging portions of the insulated top. The top is thus effectively held upon thestove against any tilting or lateral creeping and the alignment is preserved between the stove openings and the openings of the top attachment. At the same time the rounded Wall 27 of the hook 24 forms a relatively Wide mouth 28 for the slot 1 between the parts 2a and 25. Thisfacilitates the-pressing oftheclamp in place and also guides the clamp to its proper position, facilitating the subsequent assembly ofthe bolts 22 and in general making it an easier task tostove. V 1

' In Figure 3,.one of the insulated lids is indicated as lifted in dotted lines and a pot properly place the attachment on the or other cookingvessel. is represented at 29 as being placed in a vacatedopening in the insulated top attachment. It Will-be clear from this Figure 3' that the base portion of the openingin thetop attachment is greater in diameterthan the diameter of the eye 10 'o-fthe'stov'e top beneath; In this Way the bottom of the vessel 29 may rest, upon theedge of the-eye 10 and be supported by thepermanent'to'p 7 of the stove, thus relieving the top attachment ofany Weight of the receptacle, but at the same time the attachment, thus preventing the rising of Js ula't'ed .lids as'comprising tWo concentric side portions of'the pot Willrest against the inclined Wall: 16 of. the insulated top the heat, flame and smoke.

'In Figure 1,1 have shown. one-of the inannular se'ctions' 30 and '31 and a small in I ner cover-section 82;" -Handles"33, 34 and p 35 are provided individually for-thesec- 1 t ions whereby these sections may be independently lifted. or Iveryf small vessels, the cover 32 may be lifted to expose an opening of comparatively: small diameter .Where the vessel-is larger, the ring 31 may be lifted and the 'vesselse't Within theouter larger ring30. .The entire section or lid;

mayberemoved and the sameis interchangeable with the other solid unit lids. 'lhe improved attachmentconserves the heat andgconsequently the fuel, keeps the room cool 'a'ndprevents the heat from raj diat'ingl up into the face and against the body of the; attendant: V The top'of the at 'tachment ill not get'very hot'and consequently it is easy to keep clean. For this 1 reason it may benickel-plated or enameled,

which makes avery desirable finishon the,

top of a stove. I

' lnc'ool eather the insulating caps may i be removed Where-the; room is'to beheated:

from the stove. p "Musing the improved attachment all of the advantages ofthe old-style coal and sirable features eliminated. I Itwvill be obvious that many changes in the construction, combination and arrangement of parts could be made,'Which could I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States is.:

1. In combination with a vrange having a permanent top With eyestherein and an overhanging ledge and a down-turned flange, llds for the eyes, aremovable insulated top-attachment comprising upper and lOWer spaced Walls, heat-insulating material thereln and an, outer Wall connecting the inner and outer Walls, said attachment having I openings with inclined Walls of greater diameter than the diameter ofthe eyes, said attachment havlng overhanging edges extending beyond. said ledge and flange, and

hook-shaped clamps removablyfisecured be, neath the overhanging portions and interlocking With saidledge and flange.

2. In combination with a range having a permanent top With eye's therein, a projecting ledge and downturned flange, an insulated'top attachment havingopenmgs above the eyes and overhanging edge portions. projecting beyond said ledge and, flange, clamps removably secured beneath vsaid overhanging portion-and having hooks to engage beneath theledge and Within said flange,- said hooks having curved portions, said-clamps having 'vertical portions ex-' tending beneath said overhanging portions of the top attachmentand spaced by slots.

from said hooks",-saidslots having Wide against the sides of the stove, an.d means for removably securingsaid-clamps to the overhanging portionsotthe top attachment;

8. In combination with a range having arpermanent-top with eyes therein aproectmg ledge and down-turnedv flange, an lnsulated top attachment having openings above the eyes and overhanging edge por-i overhanging body portions of the attach ment, and means for removably holding the clamps to the overhanging edge portions.


upper mouths, said clamps, adapted to fit adapted to. lie in contact throughout a sub- 'stantial area Withthe lower faces-of the v

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