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Publication numberUS1639085 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 16, 1927
Filing dateAug 9, 1926
Priority dateAug 9, 1926
Publication numberUS 1639085 A, US 1639085A, US-A-1639085, US1639085 A, US1639085A
InventorsMaurice B Fohey
Original AssigneeMaurice B Fohey
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Combined advertising bench, waste-paper receptacle, and automat stand
US 1639085 A
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Aug.' 16, 1927.


AND AUTOMAT STAND Filed Aug.-'9. 1926 Patented Aug. 16, 1927.




Application filed August 9, 1926. Serial No. 128,118.

My invention is a combined advertising bench, waste paper receptacle and automat stand intended to be located in public places where the bench will be a' convenience to pedestrians or travelers and having a receptacle connected therewith for waste paper,

the sides, back and front of the bench being.

specially constructed for mounting and securing advertising cards, posters or the like, also automat or self-service machines of any and all nature.

An object of my invention is to make a bench or chair preferably, of reinforced concrete, wood, steel, sheet iron, metal or any other material or substitute of any nature whatsoever, in the form of a hollow structure so that it' may be utilized for a waste paper receptacle and having the sides, front and rear of the bench panelled with special molding or the like to which advertising matter may be securedlor brackets aflixed to the sides or top for the securing and-display of, automat or self-service machines of any kind.

One of the features of my invention is in the manner, of securing the front panel or apron to the seat construction of the bench, also in the manner of securing the panels for holding the advertising matter to the material of the bench. A

My invention will be more readily understood from the following description and drawings, in which;

Figure 1 's a perspective view showing the bench from the front, indicating advertising matter secured thereon;

F ig."2 is a perspective rear view of the bench;. showing automat stand secured Fig; ing t e jointing ofjthe molding;

thereon by means ofbrackets 'etc., to the side, rear or top of bench;

Fig.; 3 is a vertical cross section'of the bench;.

Fig. 4 a longitudinal section of thebench takenthrough the top and looking" towards the front;

. Fig. 5 is a detail section showing attach?v ment of the front anel to-theseat; v 1 Fig. 6 is a section through'part of the bench, illustrating the manner of-attaching that part of the molding which is movable.

so .asto provide ,for the desired spacing or paneling; 1 v

' 7. 'sa front elevational detail, show brackets 8 giving additional support to the seat at'each end.

. The top 9 has an opening 10 extendin for a considerable length along the top- 0 the bench and the back wall has a cut-out sec-- walls. .There will preferably be molded tion 11 along the top of the back at the opening 10. A plate 12cxtends along the edge of the top at the opening for a pur-. pose hereunder set forth. The front of the bench is provided with a hinged apron '13, this being connected to the bottom of the seat by means of rings 14 attached to a staple embedded in the seat and extending through holes 16 in the apron.

In Fig. 9 the apron 13 1s lllustrated asbeing attached to the ends 2 of the bench by means of bolts 35 which are inserted through holes 36 formed in the .ends of the bench, and are threaded into bushings 37 imbedded in' the concreteor the structure of the bench. Thus thesemay be inserted-from .the ends, securely holding the aprons in position and allowing them to be pivoted to swing u wardlyat the bottom.

It wille noted that the heads. of the bolts are counter-sunk and the counter-sunk Theremay also be one or more transverse partitions 1 the bench, giving an intermediate support for the seat and the seat back as well as bracing the back wall.

- The various parts of the bench having flat surfaces are preferably so designed to have advertising matter in the form of osters or artistic cards secured thereon an for this end I have "fixed-moldings 18 which may be built inbr attached separately tothe concrete or the structure of the bench-in any suitable portion may be covered by a plug 38 so that when the aprons are oncehung they cannot 'be tampered with.

from the .front to the back of manner and have removable moldings 19 for eating to the people that they may throw old newspapers, waste paper or the like "benc the insertion of cards." These moldings are preferably formed with an under-cut portion 20 so that the cards 21 will be held thereon. The removable moldings are secured by having nuts 22 imbedded in the concrete in the bench and having screws 23 extending through the moldings screwed into said nuts.

The advertising matter is preferably arranged with a large picture advertisement 23 on the, lower part of each end, a smaller advertising card 24 on the upper part of each end, or brackets projecting outward for the support of automat or self-service machines of any kind. The back wall, the seat back and the panel or apron are provided with apertures indicated by the numeral 25 so that these may be spaced in the center and at different distances from the ends so that there may be two long panels as" The screws 23 securing the removable moldings may be removed and then these moldings may be disconnected from the transverse moldings. 18and the advertising cards or pictures inserted ahd the moldings secured in position a ain, or moldings may remain in position an advertising pasted in space bounded by said moldings.

The shiftable vertical moldings can be relocated and may be positioned in any of the series of a ertures25 having nuts therein to suit the fierent sizes of advertising pictures, posters or cards. These can then again be secured in place by screwing the screws 23 into the nuts 22 imbedded or attached tothe material of the bench.

It is intended that the plate 12 can have some matter written or printed thereon as indicated by the numeral 31, giving directions on the rear section to keep the city or;.towu clean and on the front section the name of the advertising concern, or the former directions may appear on both sides, thus indithrou h the openings 10 and 11 in the top and e back of the bench into the paper recep ltacle 32 formed in the body of the When it is desired to remove this waste paper the apron 13 may be swung upwardly onthe rings or adjustable bar and the paper cleaned out. This bench may be constructed with or without a bottom of any suitable material for the removal of its contents, also it may be constructed with sides,

rear or top opemn'gs for the removal of eonneaaoss tents, or may be constructed as one unit to be elevated at either end, front or rear for the removal of its contents,

In the construction of my bench I may make the moldings for the panels of concrete built into the form or mold at the time of making the bench, or any other suitable material when the bench is'not made of concrete. In order to harmonize with the concrete bench the movablevertical and hor.izontal moldings maybe made of wood covered with sand by a sand blasting process, thus giving a harmonious appearance to the bench. v a

It is intended that these benches be installed in parks, on the streets or in the space between curbing and sidewalk, near street car or other-vehicle stops in subways, railroad stations, buildings, etc., in order to accommodate the traveling public, and it is apparent that with artistic advertising such advertising will not be objectionable in any manner but add tothe appearance of the bench it having the utilitarian feature as wellof forming a receptacle for waste paper. The bench is to rest upon and be surrounded for about two feet by a thin foundation of crushed gravel, stone or concrete.

It is obvious that my bench may be considerably changed in general features or in 91 specific details to change the shape, design or to utilize same for different purposes. Such changes, additions or improvements, however, would be withinthe spirit of my invention as set forth in the description, 1

drawings and claims. These changes may be such as the erection of fire or police alarm boxes and phones 'or signals, sanitary drink- 3 ing stands etc., of any nature whatsoever..

Also the illumination or lighting of the ad- 1" vertisements by means of direct overhead or indirect concealed lights in the construction of thebench;

While it is believed that from the fore going description the nature and advantages. of the invention will be readily apparent, I desire to have it understood that I do not limit myself to what is herein shown and described, and that anychanges may be resorted to when desired as fall within the scope of what is claimed.

Having described my invention, what I claim is:

1. A bench structure comprising end walls havin on an% an upper part, a back wall, a seat and seat back extending between. the end walls, a transverse partition extending between the seat back and the back wall, a to connectingthe seatback and the ends ad iacent the end walls and terminating short of the back wall at the center part, the back wall extending from the bottom of the bench to the top adjacent the end walls and terminating short of the top in l a lower part with an arm rest there- 1,ese,oaa

the central part, thereby leaving an unobstructed opening in the top of the back and the back of the top wall to allow depositin of waste paper, the main body ofthe benc having a hollow space to receive such paper .and the transverse partition forming adiyi- "sion in the hollow space, and a pivotally mountedapron extending downwardly from the front of said seat to allow removal of paper from the hollow space.

.2. A bench structure comprising end walls, a back'wall, a seat and a seat back extending between the end walls, a top connected to the seat back'and extending from said seat back to the backwall adjacent the end walls, the back extending from the bottom of the bench to the top wall adjacent the end walls and terminating short of the top at the center part, the center part of the top terminating shortof the back wall formihg thereby an unobstructed longitudinal openingto allow depositing of waste paper, the bench having a hollow space, and an apron pivotall connected at the front of the bench to t e end walls, said apron extending downwardly from the seat to allow removal of the waste paper. y

In testimony whereof I have signedmy' name to this specification.


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