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Publication numberUS1639563 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 16, 1927
Filing dateMay 10, 1927
Priority dateMay 10, 1927
Publication numberUS 1639563 A, US 1639563A, US-A-1639563, US1639563 A, US1639563A
InventorsHays B D
Original AssigneeHays B D
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Tilting carrier
US 1639563 A
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Aug. 16,1927. 4 1,639,563

B D HAYS TILTING CARRIER Filed May i927 awuzu toz Patented Aug. 16, 1927. I Y UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE,

B n HAYS, or roar WoR'rH,'rExAs.


Application filed May 10, 1927. Serial No. 190,224.

My invention relates to package carriers ceive the head 12and a narrow slot leading for use on vehicles and other devices and therefrom; A handle 14 is formed on the more particularly to tilting carriers; and the bar 13. The bar 13 is positioned (when the object is to provide a simple attachment to supplemental frame is to be locked thereto) 5 be mounted on vehicles of various types so that head 12 will pass down throughthe which is composed of a' rigid member for. atbar, The bar 13 is then moved to bring the taohing or mounting the attachment and a slot 16 over the head 12. The supplemental. tilting member carried by the rigid member frame will be held securely in place on the for carrying bottles and jars and the like rigid frame. lVhen the supplemental frame for containing liquids and to means for is to be released for tilting purposes, the for holding the bottles and jars safely on bar 18 is'moved longitudinally to bring the the vehicle. Other objects and advantages large part of the slot 16 about the locking will'be fully explained in the following debolt 12. The supplemental frame cantlien scription and the invention will be more par be tilted. Thus a bottle or jar can be ticularly pointedout in the claims. v strapped to the supplemental frame and Reference is had to the accompanying locked in upright position. When thebotdrawings which form a part of this applica tle or ar is to be tilted, release the locking tion. bar 13 therefrom. Retaining loops 21 are F lillustrates the carrier as attached to attachedto themembers 8 and 9 and straps the running board of avehicle and'showing 20 are used toattach the bottle or jar to the a 1' all supported thereon. v supplemental frame. The straps 20 may en Fig. 2 is a perspective view, showing the gage a: ring 26 which is placed about the tilting member folded down on the rigid bottle. The bottle or jar can be tilted withmember. out detaching the same from the supple- F 3 is a perspective view showing the mental frame and the supplemental frame tilting member opened outwardly. can be tilted far enough to pour out the Fig. 4 is a longitudinal section substancontents of the bottle. It is apparent that tially on the line 44 of Fig. 3. the straps 20 can be released and the bottle Similar characters of reference are used or jar tilted without releasing the suppleto indicate the same parts throughout the mental frame from the main or rigid frame.

several views. It is more convenient to release the supple- The devices herein shown are constructed mental frame for tilting the bottle. Rubber of thin bar steel. The bars 1 and 2 run paror other pads 17 may be attached at various allel to the running board of a vehicle. Bars parts of the frame members to prevent rat to 3.3 3 and i are transversely arranged relative to tling.

the running board and are clamped thereon It is apparent that the carrier herein set by hooks or clamps 5 and set screws 7. The forth can be used more generally for transbars 1 and 2 are riveted to the bars 3 and 4. porting any kind of packages, boxes, jars or The bar 2 is bent at the ends to form upbottles and one of the advantages is that the turned lugs 10. The bottle or other package tilting member can be quickly detached by is supported on a supplemental frame commeans shown in the drawings for conven posed of diagonal members 8 and 9 which ience in handling the tilting member for reare bent one-quarter turns at the ends and packing or refilling or for storing at night pivotally connected to lugs 10. The bars without removing the rigid frame which is f 8 and 9 are held in their relative posiattached to the vehicle. Lugs 2 are rigid tions to each other by riveting the same with the ends 25 of bars 8 and 9 and project together at 11. The rivet 12 serves another loosely throughv lugs 10 which may be easily purpose or function. The rivet 12 has a sprung on and ofl". head spaced from the bar 8 and forms a re- As a supplemental means for preventing 5U taining device for the supplemental frame. the rattling of the tilting member, a strap The supplemental frame is locked to the 18 may be attached to the rigid frame and main frame by a bar 13. This bar 13 is .slidacaught on the bottle, jar, or other package bly mounted on the bars 3 and 41 and held to hold the same firmly. This strap is easily thereon by bolt heads 15, the bolts projeotremovable when the bottle or other device is ing through slots in the bar 13. The looking to be tilted by the tilting frame, or when bar 13 has an opening 16 large enough to re the tilting frame is removed,

hat I claim is 1- 1. A tilting carrier comprising a rigid frame, a tilting frame pivotally connected to one edge of said rigid frame and normally lying thereon, a headed bolt rigid with said tilting frame and depending therefrom, and a locking bar slidably mounted on and connected to said rigid frame and provided with a slot to receive said headed bolt for looking said tilting frame to said rigid frame.

2. A tilting carrier comprising a rigid frame, a tilting frame pivotally connected to one edge of said rigid frame and normally lying thereon and provided with a headed lug depending therefrom, a locking bar slidably mounted on said rigid frame and pro vided with a slot having a Wide portion to receive said lug and a narrow portion for locking said lug for detachably locking said tilting frame to said rigid frame, and loops carried by said tilting frame for use in strapping a bottle or other package to said tilting frame.

3. A tilting carrier comprising a rigid frame provided with upstanding lugs on one side, a tilting frame provided with diagonal members riveted together and pivotally connected to said upstanding lugs, a locking bar slidably mounted on said rigid frame and provided with a locking slot, a headed lug depending from said tilting frame adapted to enter said slot for detachably locking said tilting frame to said rigid frame, loops rigid with said tilting frame, and straps engaging said loops for attaching a bottle to said tiltmg frame.

4. A tilting carrier comprising a rigid frame provided with upstanding lugs on one side, a tilting frame pivotally and detachably connected to said lugs, means for detachably said frames and the package on said tilting frame including a strap attached to said rigid frame and to the package.

5. A tilting carrier comprising a rigid frame, a tilting frame pivotally and detachably connected to one edge of said rigid frame, pads between said frames for prevent ing rattling, means for detachably locking said tilting frame to said rigid frame in operative position, means for securing bottles or other packages to said tilting frame, and a strap for attaching said bottles or packages to said rigid frame.

In testimony whereof, I set my hand, this 5th day of May, 1927.


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U.S. Classification224/42.39, 248/139
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