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Publication numberUS1639672 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 23, 1927
Filing dateSep 8, 1925
Priority dateSep 8, 1925
Publication numberUS 1639672 A, US 1639672A, US-A-1639672, US1639672 A, US1639672A
InventorsCarl Schraysshuen
Original AssigneeEugen Speidel, Speidel Chain Co
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Display card
US 1639672 A
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DISPLAI CARD Filed Sept. 8, 1925 C. SCHRAYSSHUEN Aug; 23, 1927.

IN VEN TOR. COr/ dciro udafi (18/?- By M M ATTORNEYS.

Patented Aug. 23, 1927.





Application filed September 8, 1925. Serial No. 54,970.

This invention relates to an improvement in display cards for chains for personal wear; and has for its object to provide a displaycard of this character which is provided with three or more chain-receiving holes adjacent one end and two chain-receiving holes at its opposite end thus permitting the chain to be secured at one end in one or more of the holes or openings to extend along the front of the card at one edge thereof and through one of the two holes at the opposite end of the card, thence across the back of the card and out through the second of the two openings and back along the opposite edge of the card through one of the three openings, thence transversely half-way across the back and forwardly through the intermediate opening of the three and along the front of the card intermediate the two :side strands of the chain, and means being provided on the card to which this free end of the chain may be attached.

The invention further consists in the provision of a sticker or attaching member to which this free end of the chain is detachably connected, the body portion of the sticker being-adapted to adhere to the face of the card and the. tab portion of the card being left unglued .or free to releasably attach the chain thereto. One advantage of this sticker being a fastening for the free end of the chain it may be adjusted vertically along the'card to accommodate chains of different lengths. arrangement, as the intermediate or free end of the chain extends but a portion of the length of the card the other portion of the card is left free for advertising or displaying matter thereon.

With these and other objects in view, the invention consists of certain novel features of construction, as will be more fully described, and particularly pointed out in the appended claims.

In the accompanying drawings:

Figure 1 .is a perspective view of my improved display card for chains for personal wear.

Figure 2 is an edge view sectioned on line 2'-2 of Figure 1, showing the holes through the card and the wrapping of the tissue about the card skews the gummed body portien Then again, by. this of the attaching sticker, the chain connecting tab portion of the same being plain or ungummed.

The usual display card for chains for personal wear is of a size and length to carry but two full strands or lengths of chain, the size or length of the card being arranged to accommodate chains of different lengths thus requiring a card of some considerable size which often vary in their dimensions to accommodate chains of different lengths. Applicant has devised a chain card which may be of a fixed or universal size to accommo date chains of slightly different lengths, whereby it is particularly adapted to be received in a standard size of box in which the chains are to be mounted, displayed and packaged for ready distribution; also by this particular arrangement of drawing one loop of the chain through two of the openings in the card and extending it down along the front of the card and attaching the same by an adjustable connector to the card such as a sticker, or'the like, the different lengths o'f chain may be accommodated by drawing the same tightly through the openings in the card and then securing the intermediate or free end of the chain into position by means of this sticker which may be applied to the face of the card in any desired position to secure the chain thereto. Then again, it is found of advantage to so arrange the card in a general way that the free end of the chain will extend but a portion ofthe length of the card along its front lea-vingthe remaining portion of the card free to receive display or advertising matter which is necessary to be carried thereon to identify the goods or determine the origin thereof; and the following is a detailed description of the pres ent embodiment of my invention and showingione arrangement of card whereby these advantageous results may be accomplished With reference to the drawing, 10 desig nates the body of the card which may be formed of pasteboard or other suitable material but which is preferably covered with a thin tissue paper 11 on which is printed the advertising or display matter 12 and which is then wound about the card to enhance and beautify its appearance, 1

My impr ved card is referably among rangement, presently described, for supporting a chain thereon, at one end of this card, preferably its upper end, I have arranged three openings 13, 14 and 15 in substantially transverse alignment and in some cases where an attaching or jump ring 16 is employed on the end of the chain, I form another opening 17 to cooperate with the opening 15 for the reception of this jump ring.

The chain 18 extends from these openings 15 and 17 down along the edge 19 of the card and through the opening 20 at the lower edge thereof, thence transversely across the back of the card as at 21 thence forwardly through the opening 22. thence up along the edge 23 of the card and back through the opening 13 at the upper edge thereof, thence half way across the hack of the card as at 24 and forwardly out through opening 13, thence the free end 25 of the chain extends downwardly intermediate the side strands thereof and the snap hook 26 in this end of the chain is connected to the unattached tab or eye 27 in the upper edge of a sticker 28, which sticker is preferably formed of cardboard having cement 30 on the rear face of its body portion, the tab portion remaining free and unglued to receive the chain hook, and by the use of this sticker the chain may be drawn tightly through the openings above described and secured in its adjusted position by attaching the sticker to the front face of the card, whereby chains of different lengths may be secured in adjusted position to the card. 7

The front face of this sticker may also carry advertising or display matter, if desired, and as the free end of the chain nor mally extends but a portion of the length of the card, the lower portion of this card beneath the sticker is free as at 29 for the reception of advertising or other display matter which is'to be carried on a card of this character to determine the originator of the goods.

My improved card is very simple and practical in its construction and by its special arrangement. of chain-receiving openings therein adapts itself to receive and accommodate chains of different lei hs. This arrangement also serves to materially reduce the size of'the card permitting it to be deposited as an individual package in a neat box which may be one of a series to he carried in a display case, not disclosed in 7 this application.

The foregoing description is directed solely towards the construction illustrated, but I desire it to be understood that I re serve the privilege of resorting to all the mechanical changes to which the device is sus- 2. A display card ;f oblong shape for chains or the like for personal wear having a hole in each of its four corners and a fifth hole in substantial alignment with two of the holes at one end of the card, and a sticker attached to the face of the card to which one end of the chain may he releasahly connected, said sticker being positioned on the ard to provide a display space below the same.

3. A display card of oblong shape for chains or the like for personal wear having a hole in each of its four corners and a fifth hole in substantial alignment with two of the holes at one end of the card, and a sticker having its body portion cemented to the face of the card and a free or unglued tab portion on the sticker to which the chain end may be releasably connected.

v v In testimony whereof I affix my signature.


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