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Publication numberUS1639889 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 23, 1927
Filing dateDec 29, 1922
Priority dateDec 29, 1922
Publication numberUS 1639889 A, US 1639889A, US-A-1639889, US1639889 A, US1639889A
InventorsHumm Joseph A
Original AssigneeHumm Joseph A
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Combined tool and electric bulb
US 1639889 A
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g 7 J. A. HUMM COMBINED TOOL AND ELECTRIC BULB Filed Dec. 29, 1922 2.. k V W Patented Aug. 23, 1927.




Application filed December 29, 1922; Serial No. 609,686.

. lamp being caused to be, lighted by using the electrical system of the automobile itself, which will serve to provide a light in connection with the use of the tool itself, or may be used to provide a light when seeking for trouble about a machine, and also may be used in connection with testing out the ignition circuit to find if there are any shorts.

Reference should-Lbs had to the accompanying drawings 'fdrminga part of this specification, in which Fig. 1 is a side ele- 'vation; Fig. 2 is a front elevation with portions in section; Fig. 3 is a section on the line 3-3 of Fig. 2.'

Referring to' the drawings, 1 indicates a handle which is preferably made of wood or some equivalent electrically non-conducting material. The handle 1 is provided with a recess at the end thereof formed by a projecting sleeve '1 in which there is fitted a plug member 2 whose function will be subsequently described. There is also ahole 3 which is drilledlongitudinally through the handle 1, and provides a passageway through which a conducting wire 4- may pass which conducting wire at its end is provided with a clip 5 of any desired construction. The plu 2 is of usual type having a center electr e 6 which is electrically connected with the wire 4. The plug also has an inner sleeve on casingl brass or any ot er conducting'material secured into the sleeve 1, and it co-operatefl with the plug 2 which ismade of insulating material of some character. The member has a air of op ositely disposed bayonet slots w ich are in icated at 8, and these slots are. adapted to receive .the pins 9 which are carried an annular flange12whi'eh overlies the end 7 which may be made-of.

y the conducting base of a lamp 10,- this lampbeingfialso provided. with a central -ment is split to provide the two legs 14 and 15 which at their lower ends are pivoted to the sleeve 1*, as indicated at16 so that the implement may be swung about its pivot points. It will be readily seen in Fig. 2 that the legs 14 and 15 being pivotally connected to the metal sleeve 1 are in electrical contact therewith and also with the member 7 which is screw threaded into the sleeve 1 which carries the lamp 10.

In the present instance the implement, which is shown is a screw driver, but it will be obvious that other implements may be used instead of a screw driver withoutin anyway departing from the spirit of this invention.

In the modern automobile the usual electrical circuit is what is known as a one wire system in which one wire from the battery connects with the several electrical instrumentalities associated with the car, andthe return circuit is through the frame and other metal parts of the car to the other terminal of the battery.

In such atype of automobile if the clip 5 be attached to the battery or to a terminal in the wiring system and the implement end be' touched to another metal part of an auto mobile 1n such a way as to establish a circuit thenfthe lamp 10 will be lighted. The device when so used may serve as a trouble lamp giving a light at'a portion of the machine where it is desired to have one.

In the event that the implement be used to accomplish some purpose such as the screwing in a screw, or something of this kind, then the light will'beavailable at the time the implement is in use. It may also f be used in testin out the ignition or lighttending forwardly thereof, a socket attached to said sleeve and adapted to receive the end of. said conductor, a lamp mounted in saidv socket in electrical connection with said tached to said sleeve and adapted to receive the end of said conductor, a lamp mounted in said socket in electrical connection with said sleeve, and an implement having bifurcated end-s pivotally connected to said sleeve, the bifurcated portion being adapted to bridge said lamp.

In testimony whereof, I hereunto'afiix my signature. i


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