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Publication numberUS1639928 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 23, 1927
Filing dateMay 6, 1925
Priority dateMay 6, 1925
Publication numberUS 1639928 A, US 1639928A, US-A-1639928, US1639928 A, US1639928A
InventorsCohen Samuel H
Original AssigneeJerry J Inc
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Attachment for sweaters and the like
US 1639928 A
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Aug. 23, 1927. 1,639,928



smear. n. comm,- or nos menus} oaLIronn-Ia, Assrenon, BY' nnsnn'nssrenjmmwrs, r mans-1.; me, or, nos menus, earn-01mm, n' conrona'rron on CALIFORNIA.

- -n'r'rMazatlan-'1! ma swmmnns Luca.-

apjucaaon fled my a,

I My invention relates to and has 'for. its

purpose the provision ofa simple and inexpensive attachment which can be readil applied to sweaters .and similarly knitte garments to maintain their normal form or contour so as to prevent stretching. and subse 'uent distortion of the sweater..

y invention is particularly adapted, al-' though not necessarily, for sweaters of the' slip-on typewherein a neck opening is pro-' vided by which the sweater can be applied 'to the body. In this adaptation of my in" vention, it operates to maintain theorlginah.

form of the neck opening yet allowing temporary expansion or stretching of the opening to permit of the ready application of the sweater to the wearer. Further, my attachment includes elastic means connect ing the shoulder seams of the sweater with the neck opening so as 'to prevent stretching of the sweater at the shoulder portions and thereby maintainingthe original form of tothe drawings, in er to 7 similar parts in each of the views, my invenopposite edges of theneck opening downtion in its present embodiment is shown applied to a knitted'sweater having a V-shaped opening'15-through which the neck and head of the wearer are adapted to be projected when the sweater is in applied position.-

The sweater isso constructed that shoulder seams 16 are provided which extend from wardly to the sleeves of the garment.

The attachment forming the subject matter of my invention comprises a strip of elastic tape 17 secured by stitching to the inner side of the marginal edge of the wall of the neck. opening 15, the tape. as so applied describing a figure of the same contour as the opening. By virtue of the fact that 1925. Serial no. 28,410.

the tapeis formed of elastic :material, it

will be manifest thatit operates to maintain the original form of the neck opening yet allowing expansion or stretching of the neck opening in order to permit the pro'ec-' tion of the wearers head therethrough, ut as soon as the. sweater is in proper position on the wearer, the elastic tape will contract to its normal form thus restoring the origi-' nal form of the neck opening.

My invention also includes two strips, of

elastictape 18 and 19 which as illustrated to advantage in Figure 3 are securedto'the mner side of the sweater and in s anning relation to the shoulder seams 16, suc strips being co-extensive in length with the shoulder seams in order to re-inforce thelatter throughout the length. As these two lengths-of .tape' are formed of elastic material, it will be clear that they will not interfere with that stretching of the shoulder portions of the garment necessary. in applying the garment to the wearer, but as soon as the garment has been applied the elastic strips of tape will automatically function to restore the shoulder portions to their normal a knitted sweater is due to t e stretching of the shoulder. portions as a result of applying the sleeve portions to the arms of the wearer, as when inserting the-,arms into the sleeves, a longitudinal stretching of the sleeves takes place which operates directly on the shoulder portions of the garment thereby distorting the normal and sym-' metrical contour of the sweater. The elastic strips of tape yield to this stretching when inserting the arms within the sleeves but immediately contract the knitted fabric toits normal form as soon'as the arms have been completely inserted into the sleeves.

Although I have herein shown and described only one form off attachments;="for sweaters and the like embodyin my invention, it is to be understood t at various *changes and modifications maybe made therem without departing from the spirit of the invention and the\s ,pirit and scope of the appended claim.

What I claim is:

The combination with a sweater having a single opening at its neck portion, of a strip of elastic tape surrounding said openpositions. Experiment has proven that the greatest distortion of the upper portion of i ing and secured to the inner face of the the sweater, all of said strips functioning sweater, and a plurality of elastic tapes seto exert an elastic influence upon the fabric' 10 cured to the inner face of the sweater and of the sweater, whereby the neck portion is extending along the lines of both shoulders made to closely adapt itself to the neck of and terminating at their outer ends at thethe wearer and the shoulder portions to the junction of the sleeves of the sweater with shoulders of the wearer.

the shoulder portions thereof and at'their inner ends adjacent to the neck portion of SAMUEL H. COHEN.

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U.S. Classification2/90, 2/113
International ClassificationA41D1/00, A41D1/04
Cooperative ClassificationA41D1/04
European ClassificationA41D1/04