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Publication numberUS1640272 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 23, 1927
Filing dateJun 1, 1926
Priority dateJun 1, 1926
Publication numberUS 1640272 A, US 1640272A, US-A-1640272, US1640272 A, US1640272A
InventorsGotham Walter E
Original AssigneeGotham Walter E
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Evaporable device
US 1640272 A
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Y 1,640,272 Aug- 23 1927' w. E. GOTHAM EVAPORABLE DEV I CE Filed June l. 1926 Emma Aug. 23', 1927.




Application led June` 1, 1926. Serial No. 113,025.

My invention relates to an improvement' in evaporable devices.

The object is to provide a device, whichthe name implies,.`having the properties of repelling and exterminatingmoths, other insects and rodents; and' of" deodorizing, fumigpting,l scenting .or perfuming; and suitable for sanitary, antiseptic, therapeutic, germcidal and/or medicinal purposes.

In the illustrated form, this vinvention consists mainly of some medium, such as a sheet or sheets of paper, cardboard, wood, fabric, metal,- or other material in any form or shape, wholly covered and enclosed, by dipping, saturating, pressing, molding, cementing, or otherwise with a volatile or semivol'atile chemical o r mixture of a vermin destroying, germicidal, deodorizing, scenting, or insect repelling nature, and/or for' medicinaluse and purpose. In the accompanying drawings?- Fig. 1 is a view showing. one form this invention may take; f

Fig. 2l is a sectional view drawn longitudinally through the center of Fig. 1 and Fig. 3 is a slightly modified form.

The numeral 1 represents a center of material, such as paper,y cardboard, wood, fabric, metal or the like, made in any convenient form and thickness, entirely coated on both surfaces, and around the entire edge' with the chemical material 2, used'. in the vconstruction of the device.

The center 1 may bearengraving, printing, advertising matter, or the like, which naturally becomes more and more legible as the surrounding material-gradually evaporates. l

In its preferred form, as shown in Figs.

1 and 2, the disk has adepression or cavity 3 on one surface and a hole 4 at the center or some otherl point to receive a tack or fastening means for suspending it on the by a string or ribbon, as well as by a tack or nail.

The chemical is preferably of a volatile nature, the ingredients composing it being approximately one hundred percent (100%) actlve, so they will evaporate readily.

The time of evaporization, hence the active life of the article, is closely controlled in the manufacture, and according to its use and purposes may range from a few days to a yearor more.

When used as a moth repellant, the chemical consists chiefly of naphthaline with an active exposed surface equalling about fourteen (14) moth balls, more or less, of the chemical size and type, while its exposed volume is still greater. In other words, when as much as ninety percent (90%) of the adherent chemical is exhausted, it still presents the same surface as the approximately fourteen (14) moth balls, hence there is practically no diminution in the activity during its entire life.

A device of this character is easier to handle than either napthaline balls or flakes and being hardly more expensive, there being no appreciable waste.

A device of this character is Acleanly'and easily adapted to the uses for which it is intended. In the forms illustrated, it is flat and can be easily inserted in the pockets of a garment, between layers of material, in bureau drawers, or hung in closets, bath rooms, or elsewhere, or placed in a container or frame.

. A disk of the above nature will furnish the public with economical and harmless means of using such powerful antiseptics as for instance coal tar acids, such as phenols Aor creosote, for the purpose of disinfecting and especially purifying the air where needed in the home, factory, or public places, generally, without the danger and inconvenience ordinarily attending the use of such highly corrosive chemicals.

I claim:

A disinfectant pad comprising a center strip of non-evaporative material entirely coated and enclosed on its sides and edges with a composition capable of slowly volatilizing to give of an antiseptic and disinfectant eluvimsaid pad having a hole entirely through a portion. of the non-evaporative material and volatile composition for WALTER E. GOTHAM.,

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