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Publication numberUS1641103 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 30, 1927
Filing dateAug 25, 1925
Priority dateAug 25, 1925
Publication numberUS 1641103 A, US 1641103A, US-A-1641103, US1641103 A, US1641103A
InventorsSmall John E
Original AssigneeSmall John E
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Meat-block cleaner
US 1641103 A
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.Aug 30 1927' .1. SMALL MEAT BLOCK CLEANER LL* s vl fr 9 ze gef i AT y as . 1a Ill f 37 .m I I 24.- [mlmuummlmn 2.35 e n) a9 V516 j Ba 31 sa. I Imam? Patented Aug. 30, `1927'. t l



umm-:Brock CLEANER.

Application nled August 25, 1925.A Serial No. 52,368.

The primary purpose of the invention is to provide a device particularly ada ted for reach low and high places thereon alike; to

rovide a construction which may be readily andled by the operator; and to provide a device consisting of few parts and yet ei'- ciently designed, in order that a serviceable .product may be produced and marketed at small cost. v f

With this purpose in view, the invention 4consists in a construction and combination of parts of which a preferred embodiment is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, wherein:

Figure 1 is a central longitudinal sectional. view ofthe invention. Figure 2 is a transverse sectional view on the plane indicated by the4 line 2--2 of Figure 1.

Figure .3 is a horizontal sectional view on the plane indicated by the line 3-3 of Figure 1.

The brush or cleaner `10, which has a eared driving connection with the motor 11, 1s housed within a casing 12, the latter being referably of rectangular form with an open Eottom, the motor 11 being supported on the closed top and the handles 13 being mounted 5 at the remote ends of the latter, so that the device asa whole may be mani ulated by the two hands of the operator, o which one is in convenient reach of the motor control switch 111.

The motor is preferably of the vertical type with a drive shaft 15 disposed in depending position and passing through an opening 16 in the top of the casing, the armature of the motor bein carried on the Aball thrust 17 and the shaft elow the casing top carrying the pinion 18. Thewpinion 18 meshes with a gear 19 connected with the brush s indle 2O at the upper end of the latter, the brush spindle being hollow or in the form of a sleeve and rotatably supported on a shaft 21 secured in the top of the casing by a nut 22 abutting the upper face of the tolp and engaging a reduced portion 23 w ich projects through the top.

A thrust ball bearing 24 is interposed between the gear 19 and the top of the casing. The gear 19and pinion 18-are housed in a compartment of ,the casin top and side walls thereo 'and a division plate 25 secured in position in the casing as by bolts 26. The brush spindle 2O is flanged, as at 27, and the gear 19 rests upon this flange and is secured thereto by screws 28.

Acompression spring 29 is interposed between` the brush and the flange 27 and yieldingly forces the brush into engagement with defined by the E sok the upper surface of the block. The brush spindle is maintained on the shaft by the head 30 at the lower end of the shaft constituting a shoulder abutting the lower end of the s indle and the brush which is mounted or movement axially of the shaft but precluded from relative angular move'- ment thereon is limited in its downward movement by a collar 31 surrounding the head and retained in position thereon by a cotter pin 32.

The brush spindle is formed with a keyway 33 traversed by a feather 34 on the brush, this feather constituting tongues on the upper and lower disks 35 of the brush which are secured to ether by screws 36 serving also to hold the interposed filler block 37 cleaning action on the surface, following any undulations thereof as a result of being yieldingly impelled toward the surface by the s ring 29.

Lu rication of the thrust bearing 24 and brush spindle is had throu h the medium of a lubricant cup 40 mounte at the upper end of the shaft 21. The invention having been described, what 1 s claimed as new and useful is:

A device for the purpose indicated comprising a casing having an o en bottom, a motor mountedon the top o the casing, a`

division plate secured to and anning the casin and spaced from the top wall thereof to de ne a compartment, a depending shaft secured to the top wall of the casing and extending through said division plate, a brush away from said division plate, and gearing having e hollow spin'dle rotatably mounted operatively connecting the motor wlth the on sind shaft and extending through seid brush spindle end housed in the compurtl. division plete, the brush being keyed to the ment defined by said division plate.

I spindle to permit axial but preclude from In testimony whereof he axes his signaangular movement relative thereto, u springr ture. yie dlngly impelling the brush in e direction J OHN E. SMALL.

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U.S. Classification15/93.1, 30/477, 15/28, 15/143.1, 144/24.5, 15/198
International ClassificationB27G17/00, B27G17/04
Cooperative ClassificationB27G17/04
European ClassificationB27G17/04