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Publication numberUS1641123 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 30, 1927
Filing dateOct 4, 1926
Priority dateOct 4, 1926
Publication numberUS 1641123 A, US 1641123A, US-A-1641123, US1641123 A, US1641123A
InventorsCullinan Thomas F
Original AssigneeCullinan Thomas F
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Draining system for mausoleums
US 1641123 A
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2 Sheets-.Sheet 1 ATToRNEYs.

ull-IHM T. F. CULLINAN RAINING SYSTEM FOR MAUsoLEUMs Filed 001'.. 4v 1926 O IIILH A nu.. o a T..- a L+, V

.dunnh Fundus fundan@ 1!-1 Frdllwulhl Aug.4 30,1927.

A ..30 192. f 1641123 ug- 7 T. F. CULLINAN DRAINING SYSTEM FOR MAUSOLEUMS l Filed OCT.. l 1926 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 w f E: @Qt/i? v f i UNITED fs'rrAd'rEs Patented Aug.- 30, 1927.

smi-:lar OFFICE.


DRAINING `sY'sfrEivr ron MAUsoLEUMs.

fappiieation ineaY octoberi, 1926. seriai No. 139,477.

lThis invention relates to an improved construction of mausoleuml which ,is provided with a plurality of. crypts or vaultsi for Vthe reception of bodies; and the object ofv this invention is to provide such a building with a drainage system whereby the Huid from the bodies in the crypts will be'conducted away and rain water is caused to flush the drain pipes and keep them clean.

Ay further object ofthe invention is to provide rain-receiving conductor pipes eX- tending down vthrough wthe Vroof past the crypts and to provide a drainage from each crypt of a stack into this conductor.` and to connect ythis conductor to a main discharge pipe andr to arrange the piping above the roof so as to-collect rain water to iush and clean both4` the. main and individual conductor pipes.

With these and otherobjectsin view, the invention consists" of certain novel features of construction, as willv be more fully described, and particularly pointed out inthe appended claims. i Y Y In the accompanying drawings: f `Figure l `is a plan viewof oneform of my improved construction of mausoleum showing the-*general arrangement of piping for draining the individual crypts of a stack or plurality of stacks therein.

Figure 2 is an elevation showing lthe arrangement of vertical conductor pipes as communicating with each individual crypt and these conductor pipes as being connect ed to a main conductor pipe and kthearranglement for flushing both sets of pipes kby rain water. r

Figure 3 shows the general arrangement of drainage piping, the catch basin and the arrangement forv collecting rain water for iiushin'g both the indivi lual Vconductor and the main conductors.

Figure 4 isa detailed view shewing the Y-shaped fittings which are connected to" the individual conductors to communicate with the .stacks of crypts ron either side of the conductor. l

Figure is a detail showing thegreatly enlarged rain-collecting receptacley located on the upper end of the individual conductor -pipes to receive a certain, amount of water and direct it into the pipe to lflush out" the drainage of the lcrypts deposited therein thecryptsof a mausoleum that a 'certain amount of fluid is deposited on the floor thereof and in order to keep the crypts free. from odors it is necessary to drain them and flush the drain pipe. Therefore, to accomplish this iushing action automatically, I have providedV a conductor for each pair of stacks of crypts which conductor may be set into the wall between the stacks. This conductor is provided with Y-shaped fittings the branches thereofl being arrangedto receive the drainage fromV the crypts. This conductor is positioned to empty intoa main drain conduct-or pipe at its lower end and its upper end extends out through the roof and is providedv with an venlargement for col- .It is known thatwhere bodies are placed' lecting rainwater which runs down through Y the pipe to Hush the same. Also, it is found that the down iow of water through these conductors creates a partial vacuuml in the crypt, which serves to draw the moisture and the air from the cryptV toy assist in its ventilation, which is the, subject of my copending application of even date herewith. Also the main discharge conductor to whicha series of these individual conductors are connected is flushed by action of rain water through the main rain water receiving conducting pipe, whereby ythe whole piping system is kept clean automatically; andthe following is a= detailed description of the present embodiment of my invention and inclinedtowards each other and to a given point therein so as toi-'eceive and conduct the fluids/deposited from the bodies to this lower point to be conducted away. A coni ductor pipe l2 extends from a point above the roof 13 down through the wall le between the pairslof crypts7 vwhich conductor Cil pipe is provided with Y-shaped fittings to communicate with the opposite ervptsl et each pair to conduct the drainage trom their low point into the conductor 1Q. This arrangement is repeated with eaeh sueeessive pair oit superimposed crypte. The lower end ot this pipe 12 is eouneeted through a litting 16 with the horizontally-disposed drain pipe 1T into whieh a series oi anpY number ot these Conductor pipes 12 may discharge. @n the upper end ot eaoh Conductor pipe above the root, an enlarged funnel-shaped rain reeeptacle 1&3 which is of a size to eolleet the necessarY amount et rain water and eaeh is provided with a sereen la, see Figure l, to exclude insects from the pipe. whereby the rain collected in these reeeptaeles will run down through the pipes and keep them elean and atI the saine time this rapid running' ot the water down through the pipe will draw out the moisture and any it'oul air whieh ma)7 have aeeuinulated in the crvpts with which it eonnected.

In order to Hush out these horixontallvdisposed discharge pipes 1T to whieh the individual drain pipes are ronneeted, l have provided a water-tight catch basin 19 into which one end '120 et this main discharge pipe extends with a thiwuwardl)T turned exi treinity which is arranged to project below the normal water line therebyY providinp` a water seal lor this end et the pipe.

And in order to provide water lor llnshingr this eateh basin, I have arranged a stand pipe Q? on the upper end Q3 ot wliirh is formed a screen and this end is arranged to receive a relatively large quantity of rain water :trom the root oit Athe mausoleum and conduct the same down into the eateh basin7 whereby7 the level of the rain water upon being discharged thereiuto will rise in the horizontal pipe 1T and liow out therethrough to flush and keep it clean. This pipe 13T near its discharge end is provided with a trap 2st just before it enters Athe sewer at its discharge end. Also, this pipe 17 is pro vided. with a vent E outside the wall Ztl ot the mausoleum.

The eateh basin is provided with a manhole eover LST which may be removed and entered lier the purpose of cleaning out the basin when necessary.

illy improved draining` system for mausoleunis is verj7 simple and elteetive, is automatically operated by being arranged to collect the rain water iter the purpose et tiushinp` the drainage and keeping' the pipes clean.

The foregoing` deseription is directed sole- .ly towards the construction illustrated, but

I desire it to be understood that. I reserve the privilege et resorting to all the meehanieal changes to which the device is susceptible,

the invention beine` defined and limited only by the terms oit the appended claims.

I claim:

1. In a mausoleum having?r a root and a stach et civpts or vaults under the roof7 the eombination et an open-ended rain receiving eondlu'tor pipe attending through the root and means cominunieating` with the crypte ol said stack to drain the liquid :trom the saine into said conductor pipe whereby the rain water will run down through said pipe to clean the drainage therefrom.

In a mausoleum having a roof and a stael; ot erypts or vaults under the root, the combination of a drain pipe in the loor ot each crypt, the lloor beingf inclined towards said draiii, an openended rain receiving pipe extending` through the root and down past and connected to said drain pipes to eoaduet rain water down through the pipe to wash the drainage therefrom.

3.1i mausoleum having two verticallydisposed rows et crypts or vaults with a wall between them, a conductor pipe in said wallA leadinpl from the root down to the sewer below, drain pipes Connecting` each crypt with said conductor, the tloor of said Crypt being inclined to its drain pipe said Conluetor having an enlargement above the root to assist in catching the desired supply ot rain water.

.l. In a mausoleum having a roof and a sarl; et erypts or vaults under the root, the combination et a drain pipe in the Hoor ol each erypt, the lloer beinpgl inclined towards said drain7 and au open-ended rain receiving pipe extending through the roof and `down past and Connected to said drain pipes to conduct rain water down through the pipe to wash the drainage therefrom, the d ain pipe zbove the root being provided with a rain-reeelrim;l enlargement and eonneeted at its lower end to a waste.

5. In a mausoleum, a door, a root, a pluralit)y ot vertical rows` ot crypte, a catch basin below the door, a main rain water conlIU ductor leading' troni the root' into said basin,

a horizontally-disposed drain pipe .leading trom said basin to the sewer, a plurality ot vertically-disposeffl rows of crypte between the lloo' and roo'li, a Conductor pipe leading` trom the root down into said hori- Zontal drain pipe, and a drain from each eijvpt connected to said conductor pipe, whereby the rain water collected in said eonduetor is caused to lush the drainage there- ,trom into said horizontal waste pipe andV said horizontal pipe be `llushed by the rain water aecumulating;` in said basin.

(l. In a mausoleum, a door, a roof, a plurality ol" vertical rows ot erypts, a cateh basin below the door, a main rain water eondueter leadinpn from the root into said basin, a horizontally-disposed drain pipe havingr one end turned down and extending below the Water line in said basin to seat the Same, its opposite end leading to the sewer, Crypte between the floor andvroof, conductor pipes, an enlarged rain collecting head above the roofr leading directly into Said horizontal pipe, drains from the crypte connected to said Conductor drain pipe whereby the rain collected therein is caused to Hush out the drainage into the horizontal pipe, said latter pipe being flushed from the niainrain conductor and basin.

In testimony whereof l affix my signature.


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U.S. Classification52/132
International ClassificationE04H13/00
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