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Publication numberUS1641648 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 6, 1927
Filing dateNov 29, 1920
Priority dateNov 29, 1920
Publication numberUS 1641648 A, US 1641648A, US-A-1641648, US1641648 A, US1641648A
InventorsSpeer Alexander S
Original AssigneeUnited States Gypsum Co
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Plaster board
US 1641648 A
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Sept 6, 1927. 1,641,648

A. S. SPEER PLASTER BOARD Filed Nov. 29, 1920 I awwemcoz a 51;; @Qbtonmzm Patented Se t. 6, 1927.





Application filed November 29, 1920. Serial No. 427,045.

My invention isan-improvement in plaster boarf. and the'invention has for its object to provide a board composed of plastic material, as for instance plaster, with facmgs I'of fibrous material, as for instance paper, and having means at its opposite side edges and if desired intermediate its side edges for reinforcing the plaster and holding it 1n place, and for providing nailing edges for the board.

In the drawings- Figure 1 is a perspective view of a portion of board,

Figure 2 is a partial the same,

And Fig. 3 is asectional View of another embodiment of the invention.

Plaster board as usually constructed being composed of a body of plastic-material and facing sheets of fibrous material .has a tendency to chip and break at its edges during handling, as for instance in' transportation, and there is also a liability to cracking and spliting of the edges during the placing of the board while nails are driven through the board. In order to provide a protection.

and reinforcement for the edges of the board, and in addition to provide nailing edges,I insert between the facing sheets at each side edge of the board inserts containing fibrous matter, as for instance strips of fibrous material havingbetween them portions of the plaster forming the, body of the board. These insets may also be arranged longitudinally of the board at Y aced intervals, and when so placed, and the board is out along the line of the insets into narrow lengths of board, each length will have an inset at eachside edge. In the embodiment of the invention shown I in Figures 1 and 2,-the improved board is composed of a body 1.0f plastic material, as for instance laster, and facings 2 of fibrous material, as or instance pa er, the said facings 'being on the opposite Insets are arranged between "the facings 2 a at each side edge of the sets being secured to the facin in any suitable or deslred manner,

ese insets are .for instance plaster Paris.

transverse section of,

aces of the body.

OMd, the said in flush at their outer edges, or approximately so, with the edges of the facings.

Each inset in the present instance. is composed of a tubular structure 3 of fibrous material, having a core 4 of plastic material, as

As shown 1n Figures 1 and 2, the tubular structures 3 of the insets are flattened'be tween the facing sheets 2. It is obvious however that such structure need not be flattened, and that they need not be of circular or alliptical cross section.- As shown in Figure 3, the board 5 has insets 6which are formed by bending fibrous sheets into tubular form,

- square in cross section, and filled with plastic material. These insets are inserted in the same manner as shown in Figures 1 and 2, and in both constructions thefacing sheets are secured to the insets.

What I claim is? 1., A plaster board comprising in combination, a plaster body having fibrous cover sheets adhering to the face sides thereof and reinforcing said board from edge to edge; and insetsindependent of the cover sheets lying at the side edges of said board between t e margins of\,the cover sheets to reinforce i the edges of the board, said insets comprising plaster covered ,with a tubular member of fibrous material along the board edges so as to provide a board which presents fiber covered side edges.

2. A fabricated board comprising a body of plaster and facing sheets terial, and having reinfo'rcin' insets between the facing sheets at the si e edges of the board, said insets each comprising a tubular structure having a plaster core.

3. A fabricated board comprising a body of plaster-1 and facing sheets of fibrous material and having reinforcing insets at the side edges of the board between the facing sheets to which said sheets are secured, said insets each comprising a flattened tubular member of fibrous material having a plaster? core.

In testimony whereof I afl'ix'my signature.


of fibrous ma-i

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U.S. Classification428/121
International ClassificationE04C2/04
Cooperative ClassificationE04C2/043
European ClassificationE04C2/04C