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Publication numberUS1641650 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 6, 1927
Filing dateOct 29, 1925
Priority dateOct 29, 1925
Publication numberUS 1641650 A, US 1641650A, US-A-1641650, US1641650 A, US1641650A
InventorsMilton H Walker
Original AssigneeMilton H Walker
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Toilet kit
US 1641650 A
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Sept. 6, 1927.

M. H. WALKER TOILET KIT INVENTOR Mao/v #m/rER 2 be wet,-

Patented Sept. 6, 1927.

UNITED s'm'rss Linnea ATENT. errata-- MILTON-H. WALKER, or NEWARK, NEW mm.


- Application filed October 29, 1925. Serial No. 65,623.

soaked with water withoutidamaging the kit as a whole after the toilet articles are replaced within the outer container. To this. end, I" contemplate the provision of an outer box like a container carrying an inner tray removable as an entirety and constructed of entirely waterproof material, and comprising nesting compartments for the various toilet articles. This'tray may washed, and even partly filled with water, container, no injury can occur to the outer container because of the fact that I provide a water-sealing cover for the removable '2 tray, which cover automatically closes upon the tray, and protects not only clothing and other perishable articles in the valise in which the kit may becarried from injury, but also protects the outer container itself from water damage. j 4

It is further an object of the invention to improve in general traveling kits and all of the above will better be understood and will be companymg claim which is directed to an illustrative embodiment of my invention dc scribed in the following specification in connection. with the accompanying drawing which forms a part hereof. This illustra- 40 tive embodiment is set forth merely for purposes'of illustration and not limitation.

In thedrawings,

Fig. 1 is a plan view of the mith the United States cover open;

v the Flg. 3 is a cross-section through of III-IIIofFig. 1; and

Fig. 4 is a erspective view of one form of the remove le tray. I

ne of 11-11 of Fig. 1; v theiplane An outer box like container A preferably shallow is provided with a suitable hinged cover 1, WhlCll may be openable and close. is,

. material may be highgrade substitute leath- I and yet when" replaced in the outer but it is preferred that' the outer rim 9 pointed out more fully in the .ac-'

2 is a vertical cross-section through ,structl nents respectively adapted iorthenesting secured by a latch 2'. It ispreterred that both the exterior and the-interior of box A $5 and itscover '1 be covered with-a highlyornamental covering such as coverings 3 for v the box and 4 for the-cover. This covering er and even more perishable fabrics.

Within the cover 1 is preferably fixed a water-sealing closure 5, preferably of sheet celluloid, sheet bakelite, sheet leather or, in fact, any suitable truly water-proof material; and it is preferred that this sealing t5 lid be resiliently pressed outwardly from the cover portion 6 by a resilient filling 7."

Arranged .to be seated within the box A. is a removable tray B, having various com-- part-ments 8,;designed to nest 'suitable'toilet articlesindicated in dot'and dash lines. It is preferred that the removabletray B project upwardly beyond the confines of the box part so as to facilitate-its easy removal,

as of this tray as well as most of the compartments 8 within the tray have their walls terminate flush in thesame plane at the top of? 3 the tray so as to facilitate water sealing with the lid 5. t y

In the use of, the kit, the entire tray with its contained article's is immediately removed from the. box A and the tray carried to the washbasin. From its co'nstruction, it is immaterial whether the articles replaced thereas in, after the owner has performed'his toilet, a are wet or dry, and it is immaterial whether. the interior of he compartments are wet or dry. Merely wiping ofi theexterior of the tray makes it safe for its replacement .in the outer container which, when closed, forms a combination wall which maybe packed in a grip without danger of damagmg any other articles which. maybe contained therein v j What I claimand desire I to secure by Letters Patentis: 1 A water-proof traveling kit adapted to to be carried in altravel'in bag com rising a rigid outer container int e form 0 a box having an openable and closable-eover and exterior y capable of ornamentation; a rigid removable 'tray for said box formed f entirel out of water-proof and water-dudel'e' material and having comparttially co-e-xtensive with the space within said box; the outer rim of said tray and the top rims of a number of said compartments ter- 5 minating substantially flush in the same top plane; and a water-proof water sealing inner lining for the cover of said box directly contacting with the upper rims of said tray and said compartments, and adapted to cooperate with said tray, to seal the same and said compartments against the escape of water When said box is closed.


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International ClassificationA45C5/00
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European ClassificationA45C5/00T