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Publication numberUS1642295 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 13, 1927
Filing dateJan 22, 1926
Priority dateJan 22, 1926
Publication numberUS 1642295 A, US 1642295A, US-A-1642295, US1642295 A, US1642295A
InventorsMarcial Bracamonte
Original AssigneeMarcial Bracamonte
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Noiseless intercommunicating telegraph and telephone device
US 1642295 A
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' 1,642,295 Sept 1927' M. BRACAMONTE I NOI'SELESS INTERGOMMUNICATING TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE DEVICE Filed Jan. 22. 192 6 INVENTOR. Mrc/b/ flmmmom? BY a i rr omwsy Patented Sept. 13, 1927.



Application filed'January 22, 1926.

This invention relates to noiseless intercommunicating telegraph and telephone de. vices, and has for its object the novel construction of a soundproof enclosing device with novel arrangements of parts, to simplify and expedite the method of operation of the same. Y

In the further disclosure of the invention, reference is to be had to the accompanying drawings constituting a part of this specification, in which similar characters of reference denote similar or corresponding parts in all the views, and in which Fig. 1 shows a plan elevation of the de-' vice with the top cover open, and part of auxiliary inner partition broken away to show the telegraphic sounder beneath.

Fig. 2 shows a transverse vertical sectional view on the line 2-2 of Figure 1.

Fig. 3 shows a detail of the swinging panel on which telephone is mounted.

Fig. 1 shows an enlarged detail of partition operating device.

Fig. 5 shows a schematic wiring diagram of the device.

The soundproof box has hinged on one of its edges a soundproof cover 11 and is provided with a fixed horizontal inner partition 12, two slidable vertical partitions, one of which partition 13, is normally maintained in an upper position by springs 14 acting against horizontal partition 12, and the other, partition 15, has attached two flexible wires 16 and 17 actingagainst pulleys 18 and connected to first mentioned vertical partition 13 whereby when partition is drawn up, partition 13 descends and closes compartment 19. The pin 20 and spring 21 is used to lock partition 15 in its upper position, engaging in an aperture of said partition.

Housed in compartment 19 is an adjustable table' 22, carrying an ordinary telegraphic sounder 23, and provided with supports 24: operatively engaging the threads of adjusting rod 25, which rod has a bearing at 26 and at 27,.and a knob 28 for manual adjusting.

A swinging panel 28' supported in said partition 15 is provided with an ordinary telephone transmitter 29.

Batteries30 and 31 are suitably arranged within the box 10. The exterior of said box is provided with a telegraph key 32, and other devices explained in detail fur- Serial No. 83,019.

ther on in description of the schematic wiring diagram.

Normally in operationthe soundproof box has its cover closed, incoming signals actuate the telegraphic sounder, but 'none of the sounds representing dots and dashes are audible without the soundproof box, telephone transmitter within the soundproof box carries the sounds to exterior earphones 4:0, and by means of exterior knob 28 the distance between sounder and transmitter may be adjusted to obtain proper loudness in earphones. The transmitter may be used as a telephone by opening box cover 11, drawing up partition 15 which action, because of wires 16 and 17 causes partition 13 to descend and enclose telegraphic sounder in a separate compartment. turning swinging panel so that transmitter faces the front, and proper operation of the switches as explained from wiring diagram.

Referring to Figure 5, a schematic wiring diagram is illustrated which may be used,

but I am fully aware that in practice various alterations may be made therein, and therefore Ireserve the right and privilege of changing the details without departing from the scope or spirit of the appended claims. The incoming leads from the sender are33 and 34. Connected to said leads in multiple are the telegraphic sounder 23, an electric bell 35 having switch 36 in series, the secondary coil of transformer 37, and the sending key 32. Connected to said leads in series is the battery 31. The primary of transformer 37 is in series with the primary of transformer 38, the telephone transmitter 29, switch 39, and battery 30. The secondary of transformer 38 is connected with earphones 40. The square 41 represents the box 10, and apparatus shown on the outside of said square is supposed to be on the exterior of the box. When switch 36 is closed, switch 39 opened, and key 32 opened the device is in a ready condition to announce an incoming call on leads 33 and 34 by bell 35 ringing.

Receiving operator opens switch 36 and closes switch 39 thereby receiving incoming message on the earphones 40. Talking into transmitter and device can be used as a telephone, and operating key 32 can be used as a telegraphic sender.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by sound proof box having between said adjacent compartments adapted to be normally retained in a raised position to provide an unobstructed path for the passage of signals from said sounder to said transmitter, a swinging partition adapted to be raised to permit access to said telephone transmitter for transmitting voice therethrengh, and means operatively connecting said partition for lowering the slidable partition when said swinging partition is raised to enclose said sounder in a sound proof compartment for preventing interference of the signals therefrom with the voice sounds 2. A noiseless intercommunicating telegraph and telephone device con'iprising a compartments therein, a partition disposed between adjacent compartments adapted to be raised to permit sound Waves from one compartmentto pass into the adjacent compartment and to be lowered to prevent the passage of sound when desired, a telegraph sounding device adjustably mounted in one compartment, a telephone transmitter disposed in an adjacent compartment for receiving the sound signals from said sounding device and adapted to transmit said signal outside of said box, ear phones connected with said transmitter and disposed externally of said box, and adjnstably supporting mechanism for supporting said sounding device com prising a rod having one end thereof extendentside of said box, said rod being operably connected with said supporting mechanism for varying the position of the sounding device supported thereon relative to the transmitting device for controlling the volume of the sound received by said transmitting device.

In testimony whereof I have affixed my signature.


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