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Publication numberUS1642770 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 20, 1927
Filing dateJul 28, 1924
Priority dateJul 28, 1924
Publication numberUS 1642770 A, US 1642770A, US-A-1642770, US1642770 A, US1642770A
InventorsDrake Rollin L
Original AssigneeTexas Co
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Grease-gun cartridge
US 1642770 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

l 1 I sept 927 R. L. DRAKE GREASE GUN CARTRIDGE Filed July 1924 2 Sheets-Sheet l Se t. 20 1927.

p R. DRAKE GREASE GUN CARTRIDGE Filed July 28, 1924 ZSheets-Shei: 2

be more clearly V ping container,


run waxes COMPANY, or new YORK, 1r.

7 GREASE-GUN Application filed July 28,

This invention relates to improvements in dispensing devices for plastic or semi-plastic materials and more particularly has'ref-' erence to devices for dispensing grease, solid or semi-solid oils and lubricants in general,

The object of my invention is to provide a cartridge or filler containing lubricants which may be inserted bodily into a lubricant ejector. Also it is one of the purposes of the invention to provide a container for lubricants which may be used in the ordinary type of lubricant ejector and which is manufactured of such low priced materials that it may be thrown away after such use.

Further advantages of the invention will recognized by referring to the following description and drawings.

Prior to my invention t had been cus ternary to provide grease gun cartridges with comparatively expensive shells from which it was necessary to'removethe mass of lu-- bricant into the grease gun barrel, In per forming this operation appreciable amounts of lubricant were left upon the inside of the cartridge shell and thus wasted Furthermore, in transferring lubricant from cartridge to grease gun the hands of the user were more than likely to become. soiled by the lubricant and the transfer was, at best, a cumbersome operation.

My invention seeks to overcome these disadvantages by providin acartridge having a shell which may he s id directly from its shipping case into the barrel of the ordinary type of grease gun so that the lubricant itself does not need to be disturbed,

Referring to the drawingsz=-- Figure 1 is a front elevation partly in section of an empty cartridge shell.

Figure 2 is a side elevation of the same.

Figure 3 is an elevation, partly broken away and partly in section, of acartridge filled with lubricant in position in its ship igure 4; is an. elevation, partly broken away and. partly in section, of a cartridge filled with lubricant about to slide from its shipping container into a grease-gun barrel. Figure represents an elevation, partly broken away and partly in section, of a cartridge in final position in a grease gun barrel. v

Figure 6 represents the same with the lubricent partly ejected.

ldefferring particularly to Figures 1', 2 and Y., A. CORPORATION 0F DELA'WARE.


1924. Serial No. 728,559.

,3, the cartridge shell 1 has a body portion Figure 2 is formed, b.ut which assumes a cylindrical shape when filled with lubricant. It will be seen, therefore, that the rigid open top will be of equal diameter to the lubricant filled sack. I

A cylindrical container 5 is provided for shipping the lubricant filled cartridge, the

conta'iner having a diameter slightly reater than thatof the cartridge to permit tie latter to be placed therein or easily removed when it is to be used. Likewise the length of the container corresponds to the length of the cartridge. A. cap 6 is provided for the container 5 to prevent the entry of foreign materials into the open top of the grease cartridge.-

In Figures 4;, 5 and 6 the usual type of greasegun is shown having a barrel 7, a pieton 8 adapted to operate in the barrel in ejecting the lubricant and a piston rod and handle 9 for operating the grease gun. The gun also has a threaded top 10 which is adapted to screw on to the top of the barrel to exclude dirt and serve as a guide for the iston rod 9. A constricted portion 11 havmg inclined surfaces 12 and an outlet 13 provides for projecting the lubricant into a tube attached to the outlet 13 or as otherwise desired,

The cartridge is formed of such. size that when filled with lubricant it will readily slide into the barrel of the grease gun. It is inserted by removing the cap from the container 5 and holding the container over the open barrel of the grease gun so that the cartridge may slide directl intothe barrel without intermediate handling. It will be noted that the cartridge is placed in. the container 5 with. the ring fz at the top end of the container thus permitting the cartridge to be inserted in the grease gun barrel in its proper position with the rigid open top at the bottom of the barrel. As the cartridge reaches the bottom of the barrel the ring 2 will come in contact with the sides 12 of the constricted portion 11 and Hit will not permit the further insertion ofthe cartridg A particular advantage of my invention resides in the function of the rigid top of the' cnrtridge while lubricant is being ejected from the grease gum A natural tendency of the cloth material, of which the body portion of the cartridge is preferably composed, isto slide down into the constricted portion 11 of the grease gun when the lubricant has been partly pressed out of the cartridge, permitting the .cloth to partially or completely close the outlet 13. In using my cartridge, however, it will be clear that the ring 2 holds the top of the cartridge open to the full di nmeter of the cartridge and at the same time orevents the cloth nearest the ring or top Irom moving toward the outlet 13 along with the lubricant being ejected. By moving the piston 8 to afposition corresponding ejected. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set.

to the ring 2 practically all of the lubricant in the cartridge can be ejected leaving in the gun only that small amount of lubricant from the gun and discarded.

"What I claim is:

A collapsible cartridge for loading a grease gun having a barrel with e constrict: ed outlet from which thecontents may be ejected; comprising a collapsible sack and, a rigid ring at the mouth of the sack-adapted to enter the barrel of the grease gun, engage the constriction-thereof and hold the mouth ofthe sack-open at the constricted end of the grease gun While the contents is being my hand and seal this 23 day of June, 1924.


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