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Publication numberUS1642950 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 20, 1927
Filing dateFeb 24, 1927
Priority dateFeb 24, 1927
Publication numberUS 1642950 A, US 1642950A, US-A-1642950, US1642950 A, US1642950A
InventorsHaas Earle C
Original AssigneeHaas Earle C
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Medical-powder applicator
US 1642950 A
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Sept. 20, 1927. E c. HAAS MEDICAL POWDER APPLICATQR Filed Feb. 24, 1927 R ga-W406 Attorney ily dis Patented Sept. 20, 192'].

c. we, or 'wnamoommo;

nnrcnn-rownnn Arrmcaron.

Application filed rebmar 'ai, 192?. Serial no. 170,090.

This invention relates to new and useful improvements in devicesfor applying medicinal powder to different body orifices, and has for its primary object to provide a relatively simple and easily operable device wherein the powder may be delivered to predetermined point within the orifice and thence properly discharged.

A further and important object of the invention is to provide means whereby powder cartridges ma be injected into the device and thence delivered to the infected parts, after which the powder may be forcibly projected from the cartridge. By reason of the provision of such a cartridge, the medicinal powder may be conveniently sold to the trade, and such'powder may be readed within .the applicator without any lia ility of the projected from the device until such is the intention of the using party or attending ph 'sician.

ith the foregoing and other objects in view as the nature of the invention will be better understood, .the same comprises the novel form,-

of parts hereinafter more" fully described,

combination and arrangement shown in the accompanying drawing and claimed. 4

In the drawing wherein like reference characters indicate corresponding parts throughout the several views? Figure 1 is a detail longitudinal section through my improved medical powder applicator, a powder cartridge being shown as arranged therein and the gwder being dise closed as being projected erefrom,-and

Figure 2 is a perspective of a powder cartridge that is preferably used'in carrying out. the present invention.

Now. having particular referenceto the drawing, my; novel applicator consists of a relatively elongated cylinder of small diamconstructed of any suitable mateeter rial. The inner end of the same formed with an outwardly extending c1rcumferential'flange 6 so finger attachment at this 'end of 'the cyl inder. v r .I

The opposite end of the cylinder is formed with an internal circumferential. lip 7, while slidably' arranged within this cylinder is an elongated iston 8, the inner end of which is rovid with a reduced stem 9 having is a pin-point 10 upon the inner endthereof.

same spilling or being as to provide a,-

In carrying out the present invention, there is provlded a heavy paper or cardboard cartridge 11 ofcylindricalformation and beingof a diameter such as to permit of the free movement of the same within the cyl- 6Q inder 5. The top wall of this cartridge is composed of thin paper 12 having cross per-- forations 13 therein in order that this paper may be easily broken when pressure is applied to the medicinal powder 14 therein. Arranged within the lower end of thecy- "lindrical cartridge is a plunger-like wad 15 that will be impaled upon the pin 10 of the reduced stem 9 of said piston 8 when the "same is forced thereagainst, it-being obvious that the reduced stem 9' is for the purpose of permitting the same to pass into the body of the cartridge during the projection of the powder therefrom. Obviously after the pin 10 has been forced through the wad 15 a further pressure upon the outer end ofthe piston 8 will cause this wad to so act against the powder 14 within the cartridge as to cause the breaking of the wall 12 and the resultant projection of the powder therefrom so1 as suggested in F1gure 1.

For purposes of facilitating the properactuation of the piston 8 the outer end thereof maybe and preferably is formed with adisc-like head 16 to be engaged by the palm 5 of the hand directly beneath the thumb thereof.

It will thus be seen that I have provided a highly-novel, simple and inexpensive medical powder applicator that is well adapted for all the purposes heretofore designated, and eventhough I- have herein shown and described the invention as consisting of certain detail structural elements it is nevertheless to be understood that some changes may Q be made therein without affecting the spirit and scope. of the appended claims.

Having thus described the invention, what I claim 1s: f

1. In; medical powder applicator, where- 00 in the powder is disposed within a cartridge having-a disruptible closure at one end and a wadd'ed closure at its opposite end, a tubular cylinder for receivmg said cartridge, means inthe forward end of the c linder. to 1 5 prevent the passage of the cartri go therethrough, a piston slidable within e cylinder, and means at the inner end of the piston for engaging said wad and for engagement within the cartridge when the piston no is'forced into the cylinder so as to force the wad inwardly causin the breaking of the disruptible end of said cartridge.

2. In a medical powder applicator for use in applying powder to ali'eoted body within a cylindrical cartridge, the outer end within a cylindrical cartrid e, the outer end thereof being closed b a isruptible material, and the inner en thereof being closed y a wad, a cylinder for receiving said cartridge, means at the forward end of the cylinder to prevent the passage of the cartridge therethrough, and a piston slidably mounted within the cylinder and adapted to engage the wad of the cartridge to force the same inwardly of the c lindrical shell for breaking said disruptib e closure.

3. in a medical powder applicator for use in applying powder to affectedbody orifices wherein the powder is arranged within a cylindrical cartridge, the outer end thereof -means at the forward end of the cylin er to prevent the passe e of the cartridge therethrough, a piston shdable within 'the cylinder and havin a reduced inner end for engagement within the cartridge shell and for engagement with the cartridge wad whereby a pressure of the iston will cause the inward movement of t e wad to break the disruptible closure so that a further move ment of the piston will discharge the powder from the cartrid e.

In testimony w ereof I afiix my signature.


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