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Publication numberUS1643118 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 20, 1927
Filing dateMar 16, 1923
Priority dateMar 16, 1923
Publication numberUS 1643118 A, US 1643118A, US-A-1643118, US1643118 A, US1643118A
InventorsHahn Erick A
Original AssigneeHahn Erick A
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Fly-paper appliance
US 1643118 A
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Sept. 20,1927.-

n E. A. HAHN FLY PAPER. APPLIANCE Filed March 16, 1925 Patented Sept. 20, 1927.


. Y FLY-rerun ArrLIANcn .Application iea March 16,",19'231.v I 'seriai Nb. 625,610,l .c

This invention relates to improvements in Hy paper appliancesland has for its' object to `provide kva new and'improvedappliance of thisV description.. The ordinary Hy'paper Yis vdiiiicult to handle. v 'Itis placed ontables and elevated places Vand is liable to have lthings laid upon it or be' blownfon the Hoor and stepped on or turned upside down and has many otherr objectionable features.` One of the objects `of the presentk invention is to provide a Hy vpaper appliance'byv meansof y which these objections lare obviated and which can be easily stored and handled.

Another object of the invention is toprovide af lHy paper appliance which will'beattractive and whi'chcan be used also as van advertising device. The invention has other objects which are more particularly pointedy Fig. 2 is a view of the upper end of the device/shown in ',Fig. 1 with the advertise# ment attached to the top thereof.

.Fig 3 is a view of the Hy paper section Hattened out. j

. Fig. t is a sectional view taken on line l-l of Fig. 1. Y f

Figg is a top view of the base o-f the appliance before the holding pieces`4 are moved up to the position shown in Fig. 1.

` Fig. Gis a sectional view taken on line 6-6 of Fig. 1.

Like numerals refer to like parts throughout the several figures.

Referring now to the accompanying drawings herein, I have shown one form of the invention.` I form the fly paper'l into a sheet of such shape that it can be formed into a hollow upright section or body 2 preferably larger at the base'than at the top. I prefer to provide stifening pieces 3 having a portion 4 of the Hy paper project beyond these stiffening pieces. I also provide stiffening pieces 5 at the bottom and stiflening pieces 6 at the top. Each side stiifening piece 3 be enlarged as at 6a at thetop to form one of the .top stilfening pieces. These side -stiifening pieces may also be ar` ranged so that the bottom stiflening pieces 5 next to themwill be integral with them. It is of course evident that any arrangement of these stiffening pieces may be made. The stiffening pieces at the top and bottom are arranged so that the Hy paper can be easily bent to beset up into positionor easily fold- Y ed forA storage or shipment. When it is desired to'ffold it forV storage, or shipment fit may be folded along the ldotted lines 7 Fig.

3. Some' suitable supporti or Ybase is pr'oupright position. Any v'suitable arrangement for this purpose may be used. herein shown I have illustrateda cheap and convenvided for holding the Hy papersection in an ient basefSv of vcomparatively stiff material such as VV'cardboard or the like. This base piece is formed soras to have the upwardly project-ing holding parts `9, see'Fig. 1.' -These 'holding parts maybe arranged in any dey I prefer, however,to form 'them outof thebase itselfby simply cutting sired manner..

the material at thelines 10, Fig. 5, and then when it is desired to set the device up, push up the parts 9 to the position shown in Figs. 1 and 6.

In the use of the device the fly paper section is made up and is provided on one face with any of the usual glues which attract flies, one such glue, for example, consisting of rosin, linseed oil and honey. This glue -will be applied when in warm condition tol the face of the paperv which is to be exposed.V This will be the lower face in Fig. 3 and is the outer face in Fig; 1. The paper is then This folded with the sticky face inside. forms a Hat sheet, as it were, and the base 8 is also Hat and these parts can thus be stored in a `small space or easily shipped to the point desired, 'being sent by mail or in any other way. When it is desired to use the Hy paper, the folding parts 9 of the base 8 are moved upwardly and theV Hy paperis opened out and then folded to the position sho-wn in Fig. 1 and inserted in between the holding pieces 9. These holding pieces are then moved against the face of the Hy paper and theHy paper will adhere thereto and thus be held in proper position. I may also fold over one of the edges 4 and cause it to .adhere to the adjacent rpieces of Hy paper and this will hold the Hy paper in proper position. Either or bothof these means may be utilized for this purpose. I may provide at the top a piece 11 by means of which the devicemay be hung up in any desired place. As shown in Fig. 3 the piece 11 is integral `with the stiffening piece 3. I may also provide an `advertising section 12, see Fig. 2, upon which any suitable advertising matter may be placed and this section may be used either when the device is hung up or when it a folded collapsible condition and may he then easily and quickly sel; `up so as to lhe in an upright position and therefore he out of the way and when in an upright posi-tion 4it may he set upon counters, tables, windows or other places or may be hung up at any point desired. When in any of these posit-ions articles will not 7he laid upon it or hands or elbows placed upon it. I have further found that when the i'ly paper is in an upright position it is lnore el'lective 4in catching the 'lies for when in a hat position the liies an illy over it hut when in an upright position they light upon it. I may also `provide .the hase 8 with any suitable advertising matter. This appliance can he easily and cheaply iliade and is very convenient and effective for the purposes set out.

I have described in detaila particularconstruction embodying the invention hut `it is of `course evident that `the parts `may he varied in many particulars Without depart ing from the spirit of any invent-ion and I therefore do not limit myself to the particular construction shown. y

When the hase 8 is made of heavy a1dhoard I inay cut the paper partially through along the dotted lines in leuning the pieces S) so that these pieces can he easily pushed up 'the `remaining portion ol the unsevered pastehoard forming hinges, as it were, to hold the pieces 9 von the hase and yet permit thein to he moved up.

I claim:

A ily paper appliance comprising a Apiece of paper having adhesive thereonj stii'l ening1 devices Yat the edges and the `bottoni of said paper arranged so that when the paper is lorlned into a hollow upright device the stilening devices will hold it in shape, a `portion of the paper with the adhesive thereon projecting' beyond said stiilienling` devices, a hase upon which said paper rests, and confining devices for confining the paper to `a predetermined portion of said lease.

' Signed at Chicago county of Cool; and State o Illinois, this 8th day ol March 1923.


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