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Publication numberUS1643189 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 20, 1927
Filing dateMay 5, 1926
Priority dateMay 5, 1926
Publication numberUS 1643189 A, US 1643189A, US-A-1643189, US1643189 A, US1643189A
InventorsNathan Urovsky
Original AssigneeNathan Urovsky
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Portable theftproof box
US 1643189 A
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Se 1:. I

p N. UROVSKY PORTABLE THEFTPROOF BOX Filed May 5 1926 INVENTOR Jilimn Emmy ATTORNEYS Patented Sept. 20, 1927. V


PonrnBL rnnr'rrnoor Box.

Application filed May 5, 1926. Serial No. 106,923.

The present invention is concerned with the provision of aportable receptacle 1n the nature of a box adapted to be used by messengers when carrying cash, securities, or 5 other negotiable instruments, or valuables.

An object of the invention is to provide a device ofthis character, so constructed that the owner of the contents of the box is protected, notonly against the possibility of the messenger. being held up and robbed, but

against dishonest messengers as Well.

In a preferred embodiment of the invention, the box is actually locked'to the messengers body in such a manner that the box cannot be detached from the body without the use'of the'proper keys. Preferably means is provided for actually handcufiin'g the me"- senger and a guard or companion to-the box, so that the only way in which a bandit could rob the messenger and his companion would be to carry them and the box away bodily. 'Obviouslythe ordinary bandit wouldnot have time to forcibly break into the box or-remove it from the messengers body without being apprehended- Obviously also, there is little chance of there being collision between the messenger and his companion, both of whom are padlocked to the box.

Further objects of the invention are to provide a box of the above described character which will be of simple practical construction, which will beru 'ged and durable in use, and which may e manufactured with comparative economy.

With the above noted and other objects in view, the invention consists in certain novel features of construction and combinations and arrangements of parts, as will be more fully hereinafter set forth and'pointed out in the claims. The invention may be more fully understood from the following description in connection with the accompanying drawings, wherein p Fig. 1 is a perspective iew showing a box embodying the present invention in closed position.

Fig. 2 is a perspective view. showingv the two box sections swung apart and exposing the mechanism at the interior of the box.

Fig. 8 is a Vertical sectional view through the box indicating in dotted lines the position of a mess-engers hand when the box is being carried. Fig. 4 is a detail elevational view of the interior mechanism of the box.

The box may be made of any suitable materlal which will resist attempts to forcibly crush-the walls or pry the same open. As 1n;the case of most boxes which are designed for housing cash or securities, it is prefer- ,ably made of strong sheet metal including a v pair of relativelyishallow tray-like. sections lO'and 1'1 hingedly connected at one edgefby suitable hinges 12. The free edges of'the sections 10 and'll'meet at the;top of thebox, and are provided with opposed mat mg recesses 13, defining an opening through which the hand of a messenger indicated-in dotted lines in Fig. 3, is inserted. Staples 14 on the box section 11 are adapted to be engaged by hasps 15 carried by the section 10, and suitable padlocks (not shown) may be passed through the staples after the hasps areswung down over them. 7

J Additional locks may be provided at the interior of the box.- I have shown key actu-' ated bolts 16 on the section 11 adapted for coaction with keepers 17 on the section 10, the bolts being operated by keys (not shown) entered intokeyholes 18 at theexterior of the sectionll.

At the interior of the box there is provided a; horizontalpartition 19 carried by the sect1on 10 and adapted to extend the full width of both box sections when the box is closed. Rislng from the partition 19 are a pair of vertical partitions 20 which extend approximatelyto the top of the box, and mount be tween them a handle 21 adapted to be grasped by the hand of the messenger inserted through the opening 13. The box may be provided with a shoulder strap 22 to be swung over the messengers shoulder and aid in supporting the weight of the box, and the section 11 may carry at one slde a handle 23 to be grasped by the messengers'companion who may assist in carrying the box.

Firmly anchored in the compartment defined between the two vertical partitions 20 carried may be. placed in the lower portion of the box beneath the partition 19. The

messenger grasps the handle 21 and has his both padlochcd to the box which houses the aluables, and it would be p'actically im possible to ell'ect robbery of the messenger, unless there is collusion between both the messenger and his con'ipanion. The ordinary bandit or holdup man could not attack the messenger forcibly, release the box from his body, and open the box without being apprehended, since the time factor necessarily enters into all attempts at such holdups.

Means maybe additiona lly provided for the mcsscngers sounding an alarm in case oi" an attempted holdup. With this end in View I mount a bell or other audible alarm signal 30 on the partition if together with a battery 31 for energizing the hell circuit. A spring pressed switch 232 for closing the circuit carries an operating tinge 33 within convenient reach o l? a finger of the messenger grabbing the handle 21, so that the alarm circuit may be selectively sounded at any time.

In many instances the use oil the handcutl 2U may be dispensed with, since this handcult is merely designed to prevent the retract tion oi? the messcngers hand. It the hand and wrist oi? the messenger are large enough, the opposed recesses la in the box top will serve as an effective h andcutl'.

Obviously various changes and alterations might be made in the general form and arrangement. o'l? parts described without departing from the invention. Hence I do not wish to limit myself to the detail set forth, but shall consider myself at liberty to make such chan es and alterations as fairly fall within the spirit and scope of the appended claims.

I claim:

1. A portable thett't-prool box including a pair of hinged sections having aligned 1'ecesses in their free edges cooperatively detining and opening when the box is closed which is adapted to encircle the wrist 01 one carrying the box and prevent the retraction of the hand therefrom, and a handle on the interior of the box adapted to be manually grasped.

A portable theft-proof box including a pair of hinged sections having aligned recesses in their free edges cooperatively definingan opening when the box is closed which is adapted to encircle the wrist of one -arrying the box and prevent the retraction of the hand tllGlQlTOllhit handle on the in terior of the box adapted to be manually grasped, and means for locking the hingez. sections together whereby the hand of the carrier is locked in the box.

3. A portable theft-proof box including a pair of hinged sections having aligned recesses in their tree edges cooperatively dc lining an opening when the box is closed which is adapted to encircle the wrist oi one carrying the box and prevent the retraction oi the hand therefrom, a handle on the interior oi the box adapted to .be manually grasped. means for locking the hinged sections together whereby the hand of the carrier is locked in the box, and a handmil" anchored inside ot the box and adapted to encircle the carriers wrist within the box.

l. A. portable tllGfEll-Pl'OOf box including a pair of hinged sections having mating recesscs in their free edges, a horizontal partition in the box and vertical partitions between the horizontal partition and the box top, a handle mounted between the vertical partitions and adapted to be grasped by the hand of a carrier when the carriers wrist. is locked in the opening defined by the mating recesses.


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