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Publication numberUS1643217 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 20, 1927
Filing dateJun 4, 1924
Priority dateJun 21, 1923
Publication numberUS 1643217 A, US 1643217A, US-A-1643217, US1643217 A, US1643217A
InventorsLazarus Solomon Andrade
Original AssigneeLazarus Solomon Andrade
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US 1643217 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

S. A. LAZARUS sept. 20, 1927. 5 3

TOOTHBRUSH Filed June 4', 1924 Pa-ems Sept. 20,1927.


- Q 1. 4 .211 PATENT OFFICE..-

sonoiron nmmn imiwa'or LONDON, 'nnemnn."


i neamn ma June 4, is, se ial Io. 717,788, and a: Great Britain June ai, 1923.

My invention relates to improvements in tooth-brushes.

According to, the invention I, make the bristle member of a tooth, nail or like brush 5 detachable with respect tothe h dle, on which it is so mounted that it ca revolve thereon in such a manner that, as it is used, a fresh bristle surface is continuously presented to the teeth or other object being cleaned.

In a suitable construction of brush embodying the invention, the bristles are advantageously secured spirally around an axial wire or other support, the ends of which can be sprung or by other suitable means brought into engagement with holes or recesses in a pair of projections or lugs on the brush back, the sa1d holes or recesses form ing bearings in which the cylindrical bristle member can revolve.

As will be understood, thespiral arran ement of the bristle tufts tends to cause 't e' bristle member, when rubbed against the teeth or the like, to rotate on the handle and 5 so to bring a fresh surface continually into use.

To enable the invention to be fully understood I will describe it by reference to. the

accompanying drawing, in which 0 Figure l isa side view of a tooth-brush constructed in accordance wlthmy invention.

Figure 2 is aview'at right-angles to Fig-' ure 1. Figure 3 is a section on the line 3-3, Fig-.

ure 1.

Figure 4 is a cross section of the bristle member of the brush but. drawn to a larger scale than the preceding fi res. 4 Figure 5 is a side view 0 'a modified form of my improved brush and a Figure 6 is a section on the, line 6-P6, Fig ure 5. Figure? is a side view of another modification of the .brush and Figure 8 is a section on the, line 8-8, Fig-' ure a-is the handle ofthe brush, 6 the back thereof and c the cylindrical bristle meni- 0 ber of the. said brush, the said bristle member comprising a series of bristles (1 ar-' rangfd spirally aroundthe axial support or-;s aft e, which, in the drawing, is, formed of a pair of wires twisted spirally andbe-- tweenwhich the bristles are inserted and from the opposite sides of which they procan be reversed in .spondingly tapered;

By the described'construction it will be as understood that when in use, the bristle member a, owing to th spiral arrangement of the bristles, will, v hen rubbed against the teeth, slightly rotate so as7to bring a fresh surface of bristles continually into r use.

. In the formof the invention illustrated in Figures 1 to 3, the rojections or lugs f' are formed integral wit the back b, whilst in the form illustrated in Figures 5 and 6, 76 the said lugs are formed separatelyv from the said back and cemented or otherwise secured thereto. In the form of the invention illustrated in Figures 7 and 8, the projec- .tions or lugs are integral with -a wire it so which engages in a groove or recess in the back I) and is cemented or otherwise fixed therein.

In'all the forms of the invention illustrated, the bristlefmember c is designed to 86 be s rung into or out of engagement with the arings g,-a notch '11 in the face of one of each pair of projections or lugs f facilitating such operation. For instance, when engaging-the said bristle member with the 00 brush back, one end of the shaft e is first engaged'with the bearing in the lug f opposite to the one provided with the notch iand then the other end of the said shaft is moved into engagement with the said notch and then forced down into the bearing into which the notch leads.

A tooth-brush ,made according to the vention, possesses a' number of advantages,

in practice. For example, more "sanl- .100 Y tary than brushes asheretofore made since the ;-'-bristles are more easily. accessible for cleanin and can even be entirely removed from t e back for that purpose. A ain, since the bristles are rotatable on theackor holder afresh surface is constantly being .firesented to the teeth. This prolongs the f fe of the brush; Furthermore, "the bristles sition in the brush this,

again, prolonging its life and when a bristle 11C I member is worn, it can easily be renewed.

Although the invention has been described as applied to tooth-brushes, it is to be understood that it is equally applicable to nail and other brushes.

Having now particularly described and 5 ascertained the nature of my said invention and in what manner the same is to be performed, 'I declare that whatI c1aim is:-

A tooth brush consisting of a handle rovided-at one end with a air ofspaced ugs 10 formed with aligned an opposed bearing recesses and a detachable bristle member, revolubie speet to said-handle,- said member comprising a straight axial shaft havin bristles secured spirally therearound, an adapted to be revolved by the brushmg action, said shaft belng of a resilient nature, whereby it can be s rung into and out of engagement with saitfbearin recesses. SOLOMON NDRADE LAZARUS.

with free rotary motion .with re-

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