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Publication numberUS1643735 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 27, 1927
Filing dateApr 5, 1926
Priority dateApr 5, 1926
Publication numberUS 1643735 A, US 1643735A, US-A-1643735, US1643735 A, US1643735A
InventorsEdwin Baker
Original AssigneeEdwin Baker
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Ice-cream-cone holder
US 1643735 A
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' Sept. 27, 1927. E, BAKER 1,643,735

ICE CREAM CONE HOLDER File d April 5. 192a Wane/as Patented Sept. 27, 1927. a 1,643,735



Application filed April 5, 1926. Serial No. 99,973.

The invention aims to provide a new and ends received in the sleeves 7, eifectivel 65 improved device for holding ice cream cones holding the cones while they are bein filled: while they are being filled, embodying a After filling, the tra and the fille cones cone-carrying tray which may be removed may be bodily lifted rom the support 6 and 6 from the remainder of the device to carry carried to any desiredpointby the purchasthe filled cones from the stand at which they en. The tray 9 is formed of cardboard or were purchased. any other cheap material and it is given to r In carrying out the above end, further the purchaser of the cones, so that he use: aims are to provide the support for the coneit merely as a carrier and throws it away in carrying tray, with upstanding means to enwhen its use is no longer needed. To stiffen gage said tray and insure proper position this tray against distortion under the wei ht thereof upon the support; to provide this of the cones, its edge is preferably provided support with a notch permitting the tray to with an upstanding rim 12. It will of course be readily grasped by hand to remove it and be understood that the tray illustrated, is to I15 a number of the cones from the support; be considered as one of many which are kept and to provide a unique connection between on hand by the proprietor of the ice cream the support and a tubular standard which stand, so that whenever a purchase is made rises from a base. of a number of cones, they may be served Figure 1 is a perspective view showing to the customer upon the tray, the latter 2% the cone supporting tray spaced above the forming part of the means for holding the tray support and in dotted lines illustrating cones while they are being filled. To permit a number of cones supported by said tray. easy grasping of the tray to lift it and the Figure 2, is a vertical sectional view cones from the supporting plate 6, the latter through the completed device and a number is formed with a peripheral notch 13, and $5 of cones supported thereby in readiness for preferabl the portion of the tray overlying filling. this note is free from openings 10. b- Figure 3, is a horizontal section on line viously, any desired number of these open-' 3-3 of Fig. 1. ings and the sleeves 7 may be used, and some The form of construction herein disclosed, trays may be kept onhand with only a few 30 may be considered as preferred, andwhile openings, whereas others may be provided this construction will be hereinafter speciwith more openings, one tray or another beas fically described, it is to be understood that ing selected according to the number of within the scope of the invention as claimed, cones purchased. 7 variations may be made. To insure proper positioning of the tray 35 The numeral 4 designates an appropriate upon the support 6,'the latter is provided at base from which a tubular standard 5 rises its edge with upstanding lugs 14 to engage 0o rigidly, and supported by this standard, is the tray edge. These lugs insure that when a tray-supporting plate 6 having aplurality the tray 9 is placed uponthe plate 6, mere of cone receiving sockets, each socket being turning of said tray in one direction or the preferably in the form f a downwa y other, will bring its openings 10 into register projecting and downwardly tapered sl ev with the sleeves 7 so that the cones 11 may as 7. One of these sleeves, preferably located be readily positioned in said openingsand at the center of the plat 6, i snugly re iv d sleeves, in readiness for filling. When only in the upper end of the standard 5 and may one or two cones are to be filled, I may place 45 be secure thereto by solder 8 or in any other th i one or more f th Sleeves 7 ithdesired manner, establishing a rigid connec-- t, a plying a, tray 9 to the plate 6, if

tion between theplate 6 and said standard. d i d,

The numeral 9 designates a cone-carrying .It will be seen from theforegoing that tray to res 11 h p t Bald l g while my invention is exceptionallysimple or 5 a p l y of g p g 10 and inexpensive, it will be very desirable which are Spaced p in the Same manner use wherever ice cream cones are sold, the 106 a the Sleeves registmfiPn Withflw invention being partcularly advantageous latter, so that cones 11 may be Ins r ln when sales are made to automobile parties, the openings 10 and may have their lower, as the cones supported. by the tray may readily carried tothe machine outside-of the confectionery or the like at which the purchase was made.

I claim: 4

1. An icecream cone holder comprising a support .having'a socket for a cone and a peripheral notch, a cone carrying tray separate from and removably; resting on said v support, said tray having a portion thereof disposed over said periheral notch of the support whereby the tray' may be gripped for removal from the support,.and having a cone-receiving opening to register with the socket in said support to permit a cone .to be having a downwardly projecting and downwardly tapered sleeve to receive and hold a cone to be filled, a base, and a tubular standard rising from said-base, said sleeve being secured in the upper end of said tubular standard to connect the support to said standard.

4. An ice cream cone holder comprisinga base, a tubular standard rising therefrom,

a tray supporting plate secured to the upper end of said standard said plate having a center of the plate and adapted to enter the upper open end of said tubular standard and to be secured thereto thereby formin a rigid connection between the supporting p ate and the standard, a cone' carrying tray formed of inexpensive material and adapted to rest on said supporting plate and having a cone re-.

ceiving opening adapted to register with the socket in said plate.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto,

aflixed my signature.


tapered cone receiving socket located at the

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Cooperative ClassificationA47G23/0625, A47G23/065
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