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Publication numberUS1643968 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 4, 1927
Filing dateJan 25, 1926
Priority dateJan 25, 1926
Publication numberUS 1643968 A, US 1643968A, US-A-1643968, US1643968 A, US1643968A
InventorsFearing S Thompson
Original AssigneeFearing S Thompson
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Multiple spacer
US 1643968 A
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Oct. 4,


Patented Oct. 4, 1927.



Application filed January 25, 1926. Serial No. 83,496.

i My invention relates to devices adapted to be used for marking off a plurality of positions for rivets or the like all at the same time,an object being particularly in this device to be able to make optional adjustment in the space relation between markers whereby the adjustment of the space relation between any two markers will automatically set all other markers simultane- 1o ously to the same space thus providing a uniform space between all markers on the spacer.

I attain the objects of my invention with the device describedin the annexed specifications, recited in the claims, and illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in the study of which the above and other objects may become apparent with the description below in which like reference numerals denote,

like parts in the several figures.

Referring to the figures:

Figure 1 is a top or plan view of the multiple'spacer of my invention showing that it is arranged in the form of an extension apparatus and adapted to be lengthwise adjustable.

Figure. 2 is also a top extended view of the multiple spacer of my invention showing the spur markers connected therewith arranged in uniform spaced relation and also showing a measuring device connected thercwithfor optionally spacing the marker spurs to any desired space apart.

Fig. 3 is a side view showing the measuring attachment bracketed to one corner of the spacer and arranged in a position to make suitable adjustment of the spacing between the spur markers. I

Figure 4 is a detail showing the winged 4-1) nut clamp adapted to hold the spacer substantially into any desired predetermined position of adjustment.

Figure 5 is a detail of one of the spur markers adapted to be used also as a pivotal joint at one of the connections.

Figure 6 is a detail showing how the frame members are pivotally connected along one side by means of a tubular rivet in each joint whereby the same may be used as markers also.

Referring in detail to the drawings a plurality of frame members 1 are pivotally connected at the ends with a similar group of frame members 2 and connected along one side of the spacer by means of tubular rivets -3 and along the opposite designating a side of the spacer at the respective joints by means of a plurality of sp'ur markers 4 which are adapted to serve not only as pivotal connection between corresponding ends of frame members 1 and 2 but. also adapted to provide suitable means for marking off positions on sheet metal or drawing paper -or other places of the like to desig nate positions for rivets or bolts or the like.

By referring to Fig. 1 it will be noted that between the respective ends of the parallel frame members l are arranged in spaced relation suitable rivets 5 and 6- adapted to pivotally engage said frame members with corresponding positions on parallel frame members 2 which are angularly disposed with respect to their relative operating position with frame members 1.

At one end of the spacer pivotally attached to the spacer is a measuring scale 7 adapted to be optionally swung pivotallyinto a position for taking readings of the space existing between the marking spurs 4 and it will be seen that as a resultof the extension feature of the spacer and the pivotal connections between the oppositely disposed groups of frame members l and 2-e that when any two marking spurs are adjusted to a desired space apart that by making such adjustments in the spacer where thumb screws 8 may be tightened to hold the adjustment in place all other marking spurs on the same side of the spacer are thereby automatically adjusted to the same space apart and the spacer therefore becomes an accurate multiple spacer adapted to be used for marking oil locations for rivets on sheet metal or structural steel or in carpenter work or for plurality of like spaces on a drawing or many other purposes for which this spacer could be used.

It will be noted that it would be possible to connect the frame members of this spacer at each joint with tubular rivets like those designated by numeral 3 and in this connection could be used to mark off uniform spaces by sticking a pencil through the hole in the rivet to mark on the surface to be spaced.

To those skilled in the art it will be evident that certain minor changes might be made in the specific structure of the frame members or the marking spurs or other little details but the preferred arrangement therefor is illustrated in the drawings and has been hereinabove described.

Having thus described the nature of my invention what I claim as new and useful and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. A multiple spacer comprising a plurality of pivotally adjustable frame members, arranged in angularly disposed opposite parallels; one group of said parallel members comprising members spaced apart in ever-parallel space relation; said parallel members of one group each pivotally con nected at uniformly spaced predetermined points along its length with pivot points on members of said opposite angularly disposed group of parallel members; said parallel members pivotally engaged by a plurality of holding members at intermediate points along their length and at their end connections along one side of the spacer, and provided with marking spurs at the end connections along the opposite side of the spacer; said spacer provided at one end with a bracket-ed, pivotally adjusted measuring scale for adjusting said marking spurs along the length of the spacer to any desired position of spaced relation. 7 g V 2. A multiple spacer of the character described including a plurality of frame members operatively connected pivotally; said members comprising two groups of everparallel but variably spaced blades pivotally connected at uniformly spaced points along their lengthzwith a second groupof-similar blade members ever-parallel with each other, variably spaced but angularly disposed from said first group; a plurahty of .marlnng spurs pivotally. secured along one side of said spacer and a measur ng scale pivotally bracketed to one end of said spacer extending under ad ace.nt marking spu whereby a plurality of points may be located and indicated at equal distancesv apart simultaneously.

In witness whereof I hereunto set my.

hand this 14th day of November A. D. 1925.


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U.S. Classification33/664
International ClassificationB25H7/00
Cooperative ClassificationB25H7/00
European ClassificationB25H7/00