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Publication numberUS1644189 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 4, 1927
Filing dateFeb 25, 1926
Priority dateFeb 25, 1926
Publication numberUS 1644189 A, US 1644189A, US-A-1644189, US1644189 A, US1644189A
InventorsHendricks Royal E
Original AssigneeHendricks Royal E
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Electric scrubbing machine
US 1644189 A
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Oct. 4, 1927. R. E. HENDRICKS ELECTRIC SCRUBBING MACHINE Filed Feb. 25. 1926 Patented Oct. 4; 1927.



Application filed February 25, 1926. Serial No. 90,508.

This invention relates to electric machines for scrubbing or polishing of floors byV means of revolving brushes, and the objects of the invention are to provide such a machine which Will be portable in the manner of a vacuum cleaner' and which will effectually polish and scrub floors, particularly marble and tile iioors with water and soap While retaining the Water within the confines of the machine so that mopping up will be avoided and the floor will be clean and substantially free from water after the machine has passed over it.

In the drawings accompanying this application I show one embodiment of my invention tho it is to be understood that any variations of construction as fall within the spirit of the invention are intended to be covered in my appendedclaims:

The drawings show in Figure 1 a side elevation of my machine with a portion of its side wall broken away tov show vits interior mechanism, in Figure 2 a plan view of Figure 1 with handle omitted, and in Figure 3 an enlarged sectional detail of the outer rubber sealing strip which extends clear around the machine. 4

In further detail the machine comprises a rectangular casing 1 closed on top and sides.

and open at the bottom.

This casin is preferably formed of sheet metal and as an outwardly projecting flange 2 at its lower edge overAwhich is sprung a heavy soft rubber grooved ring or endless band 3, as best shown in Figure 3, and which band is adapted to carry a part of the weight of the machine and form a flexible sealing edge againstThe floor.-

Supporting the major part of the weight however are four rollers 4 preferably ball bearing and shod each with a heavy rubber tire.

At the forward end of the machine is mounted a cylindrical revolving brush 5. This brush is of wire for scrubbing tile fioors, but is interchangeable with other brushes for polishing by simply removing the pin 6 by which it is secured to a shaft 7 carried in bearings (not shown) in the sides of the machine, and whereupon the shaft may be.withdrawn.

The brush is arranged to bear against the floor and is driven in the direction indicated by the arrow through means of an electric motor 9 belted at 10 to a pulley 11 secured to one end of the brush shaft 7.

Y The terminals 12 of the motor are connected to a suitable electric socket cord in operation and to manipulate the machine a handle 13 is provided which is pivotally yoked at 14 to the sides of the machine casing.

Water, or soapy Water, is fed to the revolving brush from a reservoir tank 15 carried on the handle. This tank is a long cylinder with a tubular sleeve 16 extending thorugh it so that it may be slipped over the handle as shown and secured by any suitable means such as a removable pin 17.

The reservoir tank 15 is provided at its upper end with a filling cap 18 and at its lower end with an outlet valve 19 from which extends a rubber hose 2O to the forward end of the machine where it connects by means of a union 21 to an L 22 extending into the casing to a transverse pipe 23 capped at both ends and perforated along its length so as to drip water to the revolving brush 5 upon opening the valve 19.

'An auxiliary handle 30 is secured to the tank 15 for one hand of the operator while the otherl holds the extreme end of the main handle 13, and to conveniently operate the valve for control of the water to the brush a pivoted spring actuated grip 31 is provided on the handle 30 connected by a rod 22 to the valve so that the valve will always be under control and the valve will always shut off when the grip is released.

In revolving at a high speed against the floor the brush will of course throw water behind it and to control this Water a battle plate 23 is positioned within the casing so as to guide the thrown water over a slanted guard wall 24 to fall into an open tray or drawer 25.

This drawer 25 is slidably supported for rearward removal from the casing and retained in place by a latch 26, so that upon releasing the latch the tray may be taken out and emptied as occasion requires.

To the forward side of the slanted wall 24 This squeegee extends the full width of the easing inside and is arranged to yieldingly press against the floor and acts as a shovel for the water in which the brush is operating and which is thrown up over its face into the tray.

In operation the soft rubber strip 3 forms a. perfect seal against the floor to retain a pool of water within the casing while the squeegee by its cleaning or scraping action insures a clean floor free from pools of water after the machine has passed over it.

Also it should be observed, that while the machine is operating the water forms a freely skidding surface against the soft 'rubber edge 8 so that the machine turns in every direction with greatest ease.

The rubber edge 3 being an endless band symmetrical from the groove to both edges may be reversed upon the iange 2 and thereby provide a new edge if it becomes badly worn or cut.

I claim:

1. In an electric scrubbing machine of the character described, a casing closed at the sides and open at its under side, means Within the casing for scrubbing the -loor comprising a revolving cylindrical brush extending across the casing, means for feeding water to the brush, an upwardly and rearwardly slanted guard plate secured across the casing at the rear of the brush, a rubber squeegee strip adjustably mounted on said plate, and

a rearwardly slidable water receiving tray adapted to slide with its forward Aedge under the upper edge of said uard plate.

2. In an electric scru bing machin'eofthe4 character described, a casing closed at the sides and open at its under side, means within the casingfor scrubbing the floor, a handle on the machine, means for supplying water to the brush including a cylindrical tank provided with a tube extending axially there- A though, said handle eXtending' through said tube and a pipe leading from the tank to the brush, a handle on said tank cooperating with the first mentioned handle for an operators guidance of the machine, a valve on said pipe provided with an extended controll mounted adjacent the handle on the tank whereby the control may be operated by a hand holding said handle.


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