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Publication numberUS1644441 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 4, 1927
Filing dateSep 28, 1926
Priority dateSep 28, 1926
Publication numberUS 1644441 A, US 1644441A, US-A-1644441, US1644441 A, US1644441A
InventorsFrank O'brien
Original AssigneeHoward G Best
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Arm rest
US 1644441 A
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F. oBRlEN Oct. 4, `1927'.

ARMRBST Filed Sept. 28. 1926 Patented Oct. 4, 1927.




Application flied september 2s, 192e. seriaijuo.' 138,191.

The invention relates to arm rests adapted to be detachably connected -to the edge of a desk table or the vlike to provide a substantial rest for the arm and wrist when writing upon paper or booksplaced close to the edge of the table'.

The objects of the improvement are to provide an arm rest which may be quickly land readily attached to or detached from the edge portion of a desk, table, or book; to provide an adjustable spring clamp for .attachment to the tableportion of the desk, and a hinged or pi'voted plate upon said clamp'portion adapted to be swung in any desired position to accommodate the arm and wrist, means being provided upon the clamp portion of the'device for bracing the pivoted rest plate and sustain the weight of the arm.

An embodiment of the invention thus set forth in detail is illustrated 'in the accompanying drawing forming part hereof in whichz- Figure l is a perspective view of the improved arm rest;

Fig. 2, a longitudinal v sectional view through a portion ofthe same showing the' attachment of the device to a desk; and

Fig. 3, a similar view of a modied form of the invention.

Similar. numerals refer to similarparts throughout the drawing. The device comprises the clamp portion indicated generally at 1 and including a metal plate rounded at one end as shown at 2 the opposite end beingV bifurcated to form the spaced fingers 3 arranged to rest upon the top of the table portion of a desk or the like as shown at 4. Y

Between the fingers 3 is a down turned lug 5 which may be bent outward at right angles as shownat 6 in Fig. 3 to clamp beneath the table portion of the desk and 'which, as desired, may be provided with an oifset portion 7 for clamping beneath a wider table portion.

As shown in Figs. 1 and 2 the clamp may be made adjustable by providing the substantial L-shaped bar 8 provided with a vertical bar 9 to receive the clamping bolt 10, extended through the lug 5. With this construction the' clamp may be adjusted to fit tables of varying thickness andthe thumb l1 is tightened to hold the clamp in adjust- 111g position. i

The rest portion of the device comprises an elongated. plate 12 the inner end of which is preferably rounded as shown at 13.v At the center of the circle describedby this rounded end of the rest plate is provided a pivot 14, pivotally connecting the rest'pla'te to the clamp member 1. A i 1 For the purpose of bracing this arm plate againstthe weight of the arm, tangs, l5 may be bent upward andy backward from the clamp plate 1, between the fingers 3 andthe depending lug 5, said tangs being bent-down over the rounded edge of the rest plate .to

brace the same in any position to which the v plate is turned. i Y Y In the event theuser has his desk or table littered with books, papers or the like vand desires to sign some papers, checks or similar documents it is only necessary to attach the arm rest to the edge portion of the desk to accommodate the arm and wrist while the papers to be signed vmay be placed upon the table near to the arm rest.

I claim:

1. An arm rest comprising a clamp portion Y arranged to be clamped to the table of a desk lor the like, an arm rest plate pivotally connected to the clamp portion and tangs upon the clamp portion extendedv over the end of the arm plate for bracing `the same.A

2. An armrest including a clamp portion comprising a plate having spaced fingers arn ranged to rest upon the top of the table portion of'a desk or the like, a depending por# i' tion between the fingers having'an angular end portion for engagement under the table of the desk andan arm rest plate fpivotally mounted upon said clampplate and tangs upon the clamp plate between said spaced fingers and said depending portion and ezi-4 tended over the end of the arm rest plate forV bracing the same.

In testimony that I claim the above, I have hereunto subscribed my name.

FRANK oBRniN. f i

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U.S. Classification248/118.1
International ClassificationA47C7/62, A47C7/70
Cooperative ClassificationA47C7/70
European ClassificationA47C7/70