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Publication numberUS1644503 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 4, 1927
Filing dateJan 13, 1927
Priority dateJan 13, 1927
Publication numberUS 1644503 A, US 1644503A, US-A-1644503, US1644503 A, US1644503A
InventorsAumack Howard W
Original AssigneeAumack Howard W
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Clothes rack
US 1644503 A
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oct, 4,1927. .v 1,644,503

` H. w. AUMACK- l y CLOTHES RACK Filed Jan. 15. 1927 INVENTOR Hom/ARQ W' AUM/*CK ATTORNEY av clothes .rackl Vfrom which may Pamela on. 4, 1927.

i-,iisnl Howlin-n w. AUMACK, on rnnsnfr orr'z, nnwf'fsnsny" onofrrns RACK Applicationfiled January 13, 19.2.7. Serial No. .1@{223492 -A n I L 'i This invention relatesqto buildershard- .Ware accessories, such asclothes racks, useful-Y. in disposing and hanging therefrom articles ofapparel or coordinately residesin be suspended clothes hangers. .My invention has foran object thereof the provision.' ofV aahardware accessory for suspendingclothes ordclothes .hangers which "may beassociated and affixed. in closetsy onl the walls orshelves thereof and. coordinately resides in thel association therewith] of means tofrendersuch rack suitable for deodori-Zingand; disinfeet-ing` purposes so lthat when the devicev is .used in aclothes closet,

it--may serve to Ydisseminatey the. vapors of o a deodorizing orl disinfecting Vagent to render Avaniously spaced walls ofchambers, `and my inventiond stillfurther coordinatelyresides tates the assembly therewith of deodorizing` in so constructing thevariabilityof my device so as tol contain material which has a Ypleasant odoror an odor obnoxious to insects,snel-iy as moths, and thereby-act as a disllfseotant for articles of apparel.'y My in-` vention. conteniplates the suspension of a clothes rack o1" rod for disposing therefrom may, AUs themselves, .Serve .a deedorens ,and disinfetme commen.. tlowevshftls clothes hangers `whereby not only may .the v device be adjustable to conform with various sizes of chambers or clothes closets but facilior disinfecting agents-whereby the deodoriziner .or disinfecting agent may be renewed with great facility and ease.

In its more specific embodiment, my inventionhas for an object thereof the provision of a. hardware accessory in the form of a clothes rack or hanger suspending rod variably adjustable to accommodate itself to various sizes vof chambers or clothes closets and includes telescopic tubes serving as a container for a deodorant or disinfectant and coordinately resides, in combination therewith, in an end wall or side wall suspending,f

.or thel like.

in be incorporated in the, container.` formed by the telescopicftubes with maximum facil: ity andease.` ff l. I

To attain these. objectsand such' `further moet which j so .holds the "telescopi: tubes' 'i whereby/.a deodorizing o'ndisinfectingagent objects as maygappear herein orbe hereinafter pointed out, I make reference .tothe accompanying drawing. forming. apart here,- 'of-,ln'vhlch vice Fleur@ 2.15

a, side ,elev'rationg partlfyfin. sec- Maling reference the; accompanying drawing, my ndevice comprises af, pairl.o f metallicV tubular "members 10...and11ftele.-

-' scopically disposed, by. formingthe tube lwith internal dimensions sufficiently large to encompass theouter dimensions of the tube l0. The internal .diametezrfof' theotubesA f1.0 and yl1 is preferably, such asto holdfadcom monly known .deodorant disinfectant acting as repellentl for moths,such as moth balls 12made of naphthalene,'camphor. or paradichlorbenzolf. For permittingvtheya; pors of the deodorant or disinfeetant5tobe` disseminated, the tubes `l0 and lill are providsfl with Sutabfpftre ".13 eldest-he' length thereof. `whereby the vapors, as

, 4 65L I Figure l is afperspectivesview'oflmy de.-

so Y

areygen crafted duel tov changes in. atmospheric Y' A Aconditions ordue to the volatility lofytlre" ingredients,emerge. through the.` ap ensuresl 'into the atmosphere. It is'preferred-ltopriyide the free endslrl andl vl5 of. thetubes with Closures 1.6, in. thefrmaef- @Ork .Steppers rlfhe telescopic tubes above nrefervedjto utilize these telescopi@ members as a hardware accessory in the -form of a clothes rack and for this purpose the ends Vof the tubes 14 and v15, respectively, are proandll. `The tubes l0 and ll'niay befixedly' positioned in the lugs 19 and 20 by 'forcing the tubes int-o these lugs. Preferably, how ever, for `purposes as will yhereinafter ap! pear,'the brackets are releasably positioned on the tubes by providing set screwsQl and 22 tapped through the lugs 'as shown at 23 Vwhereby. Screw engagement be had with i ftheendof thetu The brackets 17 tand r1 8 Vpreviously dewall'flla'nges 25,d1sposed vat right Vangles to "raid" flanges 24, 24 previously mentioned.

wment'shownIhave providedV a deodorizing L `o1' k diSinfecting container which maybe suitl 15 Vably ;;adiusted- -to cofrrr'ornfly with ,chambers of Vvarious sizes whereby adeodorant or' disintioned in clothes closets o'- the like'tosus-A pend wearing apparel or hangers. for wearlngrapparel fandto; disseminate such deodor- "f il'it,insecti repellent orV disinfectant in a clothesiclosetto render'.theodorithereof more e agreeable',fandjto protect thesame against i 1nsects ,lsuch as moths or'gthelike twillg also .be obse'rfed? thatv I provide' a Vnovel"bracket Awhereby my disinfecting cone.; "taihergniay befsuspended optionall from a E against a, s helfzor [side wall or, optionally, against en end'vallf'erewhere it 1S desired fte merelyposition fthe clothes rack across a ortion .of the vchamber or clothes'. closet, onel fandfthe ot erbracket for. sidewall or shelf tachmentii VVetnias"'"shown will permitrelling or replen- A 'jbracketfs is'attached tothe endfwalls I may Y 'y v"ofi'eitherone ofthe ends 14 and15 to ob- '4 tainfaccess* -vthe closure .or stopper 'lfor` fs'cx'ibed'are in the' formof castings provided, vwith end wall flanges 24, 24 or shelf 4and sidefgllle flanges 24hand25 are provided with slots, 2 6 Vfand 271suitably vcham'fe'red `to properlyY tachingelement,such as ay '.5 ,r @i e be disseminated for deodorizing'and disin Itl will befobserved V:thatflby ythe arrange- Y Vanges 24] andi-2 5 beingl so" disposed `as tohold' attach-4 Ying'elements' whichv may `position the brackets rgifcket 'ma :be jused for. end wall attachment t wmbefurther observed thetmy breek;

ishgnentof the disinfectant' through the ends Zand# 15` V1WhetherQthe brackets -are 'posii *lmember 16` orw ere either one or bothofthe V:relea'seftheset screws 21 and 22 for. removal `renewing or adding adeodorant or disinfectant, such as the moth balls 12.'

By my construction I'have provided a simple'fand eflicient clothes rack of rigid conJ- 'i struction variably adjustable'to accommoel date positioning in chambers or colthes .clos- Vetsl of various dimensions whereby the ad# instability and adaptability to'attachment in various' positions coordinately provides a*y chamber for retaining an agent which may fectingclothes closets orv thelike to provider clothes closets orthe like with an agreeable odor ory to protect articles of apparel against the destructiveeifect of insects, moths or the like.

`Having thus ldescribed' my invention and illustrated its use, what I claim as new and" f desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

1. -A clothes rackcomprising telescopic tubular ymembers, of uniform diameter forming aV container and suspending vbrackets therefor, said brackets lcomprising end 'wall flanges and sidewall flanges Vfor vattachment to a shelf or side walls ofjacloset or the like, lugs-on said brackets for embracing. and clamping said tubular members, and fasten ingmean's included by" said lugs forsaid tu-V bular members whereby thetubular members may -be varia-bly lengthened and l shrtened tofill the tubular'memberswith a deodorant Y disinfectant or the like, Ywithout displace# ment of the supporting brackets.V

2. Ina clothes rack comprising'telescopic` @tubular members of uniform diameters formr ing fa container f and perforated for dissem? inating a deodorant or disinfectant retainedV therein and arranged for refilling fromthe 9D endsthereof byshortening of said members, la pair ofsuspending brackets therefor comprising right angularly disposed flangesv forA fasteningthe same to'ran end wall' or side wall, lugs on 'said brackets for embracing and clamping theend's of said tubular'members. and releasably i engaging the same for presenting the ends of said tubular members for refilling Vsaid members 'with or disinfectant material.

In Witness Vwhereof I have hereunto signed myname this 5th day of January, 1927.' HOWARDV W. AUMACK.

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European ClassificationA47B61/00B