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Publication numberUS1644539 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 4, 1927
Filing dateOct 24, 1925
Priority dateOct 24, 1925
Publication numberUS 1644539 A, US 1644539A, US-A-1644539, US1644539 A, US1644539A
InventorsFred Minto
Original AssigneeFred Minto
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Coin receptacle
US 1644539 A
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- 1,644,539 F. MINTO COIN RECEPTACLE Filed Oct. 24. 1925 Patented a. 4, 1927. I

Y for the insertion of the neckof a bottle and the other end being loop at each of the upper corners,

, which screws, with large on through holes in the UNITED m res FRED 'MINTO, or. EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA.


Application filed October 24', 1925. Serial No. 64,603.

invention relates to a method of holding milk bottles or others of a similar nature,

and a handy way of placing for the payment of same. 5 metal plate, oblong in shape,

money or tickets lIt consists of a and having attached along the bottom edge thereof, a number of spring looped so as to clips made of springsteel wlre,

form a receptacle at one end bent over with a small through flat heads, pass and metal plate forming the back and into the wall or post to which the holder is attached.

The spring .clip is kept rigid by this attachment and the screws also attach the holder to the wall. The

spring just above the gether by a sleeve.

ing the tickets clips are so looped that the wires join forked end and are held to- A receptacle for holdor money, in the shape of a small flat tube, is placed at one side of the holder and pivoted at its bottom edge, so as to swing outwards.v person w1th milkman would wear 1n winter It is so shaped that a glove or mitt on, such as a time, could swing the receptacle without any difficulty.

With the above objects illustrate the means of the which Fig. 1 is a p in view, I further details of construction by accompanying drawings, 1n

erspective view of the holder showing the construction of the wire spring clips with the inethodof attaching to wall,

and the insertion of a bottle therein, also the position of the receptacle for holding tickets or money. a

Fig. 2 is a side view of the ticketor money receptacle, with the method of attaching to holder.

Similar figures refer to throughout the various views.

1 is of the metal similar parts plate which can be attached to a wall by means ofscrews. .2 arethe wire springcllps,

made out of one piece of wire and looped so as to be held in the centre by a-sleeve'3.

The lower portion 4 of. the sprmg clip is fork shaped and turned at right angles to the upper portion f the wire forming the upper either corner 0 5 which has a loop 6 at awa -ing same easily,


over and their contents of dropping portion and is attached to the plate 1 by v large fiat headed screws 7 which pass through the holes Sin plate 1 and help holdsame to wall.

this means the spring clip holders are held rigid, so that the bottle 9 Ican be; in-- I of the plate and is in the form of a flat tube with the upper portion bent forward.

It'can be made of one piece of metal with the sides folded over towards the centre,

leaving an open space 11 whereby the person making the delivery can-see if there are either tickets or rnoney in the receptacle. A portion of the sides leaving a strip attached to plate 1 by means of a screw '18 which passes through the strip 12 and plate 1 and screws into the wall behind. A spring washer 14 is placed under the head of screw r at the bottom are 'cut. p 12 in the centre, the 1 width of the tube, by which the receptacle is tion of the receptacle 1 to the. plate 1- 'could be made by a riveted oint in 'place of the screw 13, thegspring washer 14 still being, used in the same manner. The upper pore tion of the receptacle10 is bent-forward to a suflicient-angle to allow of -a person grasp to operate, even witha glove or mitt one A. stop 15 is attached to I the plate in a suitable position to keep the Y receptacle 10 from being shoved backtoo A number of holes 16 are punched through the top of the plate 1 at intervals to allow for same to be attached to the wall.

By the above method of holding bottles, it saves them frombeing broken or knocked spilled, and is a of delivering than by the chance bottles too heavily on thefloor and cracking them. This method would also be particularly useful where small children or dogs are playing around be liable to interfere with any bottlesleft v safer way standing on the ground.

who would A; co1n holder coir i'prisin ;a sheet'of suits .flma t el ial, bent inward y} from-its, outer efedges andrabi ts'bottom edges t-oflfo rm l having '21 .dntl al Opening extend-1' the-front grid :1 lug therebelow, a

" .llgv S d lq a d f rmi I fih ii b bl i fi 'd P te receptacle;

-'day of September, 1925.1 wot." .in g 1 j] Y Q securd to' the door of framefand'having a 7 stop therefrom to l imitthe rotation 'of said Signed: at th elit y' of Ed-nihto ig thi S QQi E

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U.S. Classification232/4.00R, 232/33, 248/312, 232/41.00R, 232/41.00E, 222/180
International ClassificationA47G29/00, A47G29/30
Cooperative ClassificationA47G29/30
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