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Publication numberUS1644606 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 4, 1927
Filing dateApr 15, 1926
Priority dateApr 15, 1926
Publication numberUS 1644606 A, US 1644606A, US-A-1644606, US1644606 A, US1644606A
InventorsPelphrey Samuel E
Original AssigneePelphrey Samuel E
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Device for massaging and lubricating the human system
US 1644606 A
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DEVICE Fon massacrare Ann yLma:incafrrive 'rim Hur/ran SYSTEM.

Applicationled April 15,

This invention relates to a device for massaging and lubricating the rectum yand the prostate gland of the human system.

An object of the invention is to provide a simple and efcient device for lubricating the rectum and the prostatey gland of the human system for the purpose of keeping them elastic, clean and well lubricated, and

to avoid the in iurious effects of constipation.v

A further object is t0 provide a device which when inserted can be manipulated to massage the parts with which it comes in contact and thereby cause stimulation of that part and neighboring organs.

The invention is illustrated in the drawings of which- Figure l is a side elevation;

Figure 2 is a horizontal longitudinal section;

Figure 8 is a vertical longitudinal section Figure 4 is a partial section through ytheV *rear end of a modified form of the device;

Figure 5 is a partial section through the front end of a modified form of the device.

The form of the invention shown in the either hard or soft, or any other equivalentmaterial. whichV has a rear body portion forming a chamber or reservoir for any suitable liquid. preferably lubricating oil, suitable for introduction into the human system through the rectum for the purpose of massag'ing the same and the prostate gland. The forward portion of the device is preferably narrower, a curved tubular member having a passage. therein through which a lubricating oil may pass. The front end of the forward portion is provided with a round head which facilitates the introduction of the instrument into the body and also permits of a ready manipulation of it for the purpose of massaging the walls of the colon. By having the forward or massaging portion curved this effect is more readily obtained than if these portions were straight.

The rear portion of the device'is provided with a cap which may be screwed or otheri926. Serial No.l 102,263.

wise removably fastenedv to the mainr body of this capy may be formed of stiffer resilient material as' desired. i

The device may be made integral in one piece or it may be made in separate sections. In the preferred form of the invention l0 is a body portion having a chamber 1l. To the front of this body portion vis connected atubular massage element l2 having anarrow bore 13 and a rounded head portion 14. At the rear of the body portion. which is preferably screw threaded as at-15, isA acap i6 adapted to be screwed on to thev end. This cap may have a solid wall 17 at its end or it may have a flexible ywall such as V18 (see Figure l) of any suitable material such as portion and screw-threaded into the frontV portion thereof. The front end of the body portion is'provided with an enlarged flange 19 which, lying at the end of the major element l2. will more or less limit the extent to which the device can be inserted into the body. By having the tubular massage element l2 curved it is very easye after the device is inserted into the rectum, to turn it l around, moving it backward and forward while turning it, in lorder to massage'the walls of the. rectum, thereby stimulating those walls and making them elastic.. at the same time lubricating them and cleaning them. This massage is also eEectivein its action on the prostate gland.

Any desired lubricating liquider Huid can be placed within the device and as the parts are massaged and become heated in addition to their natural heat the liquid will readily flow out on to the walls thereof.

What T claim is:

l. A massage device which comprises a bodyportion having an enlarged chamber having a flange at its forward end and forming a reservoir for a lubricating liquid, a removable cap kon the rear end ofsaid body portion, and a curved tubular massage element yconnected with they forward end of the body portion.

2. A massage device which comprises al forming a reservoir for a lubricating liquid, the'rear end of the body being externally screw threaded, an internally screw thread- 'ed cap screwing on the said rear end rof the body portion, and a 'curved tubular massage element Connected with the forward end of the body portion, the forward end of the massage element having a rounded head thereon.

' 3. A .massage ldevice which comprises a body portion having an'v enlarged chamber formingA a reservoir for lubricating liquid,

aremovable cap screwing on the rear end of said body portion, the end wall of the 4C. A massage device which comprises aV body portion having a reservoir, a removable capv secured on the rear end thereof, the end wall of the cap being flexible,'and a curved tubular massage element connected to the forward `end ofthe body portion.


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International ClassificationA61H21/00, A61M31/00
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