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Publication numberUS1645033 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 11, 1927
Filing dateAug 27, 1926
Priority dateAug 27, 1926
Publication numberUS 1645033 A, US 1645033A, US-A-1645033, US1645033 A, US1645033A
InventorsWitkowski James J
Original AssigneeWitkowski James J
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Battery connecter
US 1645033 A
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1927' J. J. WITKOWSKI BATTERY CONNECTER Filed Aug. 27. 1926 Fl G E 7 f /4 ll i III- l| 1H Patented Get. 11, H927.

UNETEE STATES 1,te5,t33 smear series.



Application flied. August 27, 1926. Serial No. 131,8fi8.

to this invention. Fig. 2 is a plan view of V the same. Fig. 3 is anend'view of the connecter.

The battery connecters mostly used have their clamping bolts arranged in positions in which their nuts are hard to get at on motor cars. In carrying out this invention the clamping bolt is arranged parallel to the battery post, and the clamping members are arranged and constructed so that they can be operated by a slight movementof the clamping nut at the top of the clamping bolt.

The clamping post 6 of the battery is the I same as ordinarily used. The wire or conductor 7 is secured to a split sleeve 8 which Slips freely over the post 6, and has two clamping arms projecting laterally from it, and arranged one on each side of its split or gap 9. These armsare thickest at their middle parts, and their sides are tapered from their middle parts to their tops and bottoms;

A lower clamping member 10 and an upper clamping member 12 are provided, and are each channel-shaped in cross-section, their sides 14 being tapered to correspondwith the taper of the sides of the clamping arms. The taces'of the sides 14 are convex, so that their middle parts bear hard on the sides of the arms.

The lower clamping member has a clamping bolt 15 which projects from it upward y through a hole 16 in the middle part of the top of the upper clamping member 12, and has a clamping-nut 17 screwed on its projecting end. portion. The lower part 18 of the bolt is smooth where it projects through the gap. 9 between the clamping. arms. The split sleeve 8 is' caused to grip the post tightly when the clamping nut is screwed up a little, and as the clamping bolt is arranged parallel to the post and the axis of the sleeve, and with the nut at its upper part, the nut is very easy of access, and the connection can he made and broken with great facility as often as required. The i arms 5 are grooved so that they always clear the clamping bolt.

What I claim is: a

1. A battery connecter, comprising a split sleeve for engaging with the battery post, said sleeve having-two laterally projecting clamping arms provided with tapering sides, an upper clamping member and a lower clamping member engaging with the said sides, the said upper member having a bolt hole, a bolt which projects from the lower clamping member parallel to the axis of the said sleeve and through the said bolt hole, and a clamping nut screwed on the projecting end portion of the said bolt.

2. A battery connecter as set forth in claim 1, the said clamping arms being thickest at their middle parts and tapered from their middle parts to their tops and hottoms.

3. A. battery connecter as set forth in claim 1, the sides of the said clamping members having convex faces which bear on the sides of the clamping arms.

In testimony whereof I have afixed my signature.


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U.S. Classification439/762
International ClassificationH01R11/28, H01R11/11
Cooperative ClassificationH01R11/283
European ClassificationH01R11/28B4