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Publication numberUS1645399 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 11, 1927
Filing dateJun 25, 1926
Priority dateJun 25, 1926
Publication numberUS 1645399 A, US 1645399A, US-A-1645399, US1645399 A, US1645399A
InventorsPontikis John B
Original AssigneePontikis John B
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Display stand
US 1645399 A
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Oct. 11, 1927. 7 1,645,399


Filed June 25, 1926 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Patented Oct. 11, 1927.



Application filed June 25,

' My invention relates to display stands; in

particular to stands adapted. to display.

fruit, for example, oranges. w

One of the ob ects of my invention is the provision of a display stand which will present a step display of the fruit. Another object of my invention is to so construct the step display as to prevent the fruit from.

falling in and down between the steps and the centre standard. Another ob ect of my invention is a provision of rust-proof fruit containers.

Broadly stated, it is an ob ect ofmy invention to provide a displaystand comprising a platform and a serles of cups mounted thereon in step fashion. Most specifically, my invention has for one of its objects the provision of a display stand for fruit comprising a platform, a centre standard mounted on the plat-form cup supports thereon, and a series of cups secured to said cup supports. The cup supports and the cups are disposed concentrically of the central standard. I

The invention accordingly conslsts 1n the features of construction, combination of ele ments and arrangement of parts, which will be exemplified in the constructlon hereinafter set forth, and the scope of the appl cation which will be indicated in the following plans.

The invention is illustrated, 111 its preferred embodiment, in the accompanylng drawing wherein;

Figure 1 is the side view of the display stand;

Figure 2 is a plan view thereof;

Figure 3 is a detail, partly 1n section, of the fruit cup and its support.

Figure 4 is a detail showing an alterna tive arrangement for attaching the cup support to the display platform; and

Figure 5 is a detail showing an alternative arrangement for attaching the cup to its su port.

eferring to the drawing, the display platform 1 is mounted on a central. stem 2 provided with collars 3 and 1 at its remote ends. Secured to the stem is a'step base composed of the members 5, 6 and 7. Mounted on the display 1platform 1, 1s a series of display cups A, and C- disposed concentrically of the standard 8. The latter is mounted on the standard support 15, held by the platform 1. The cups 9 of each series are of the same size.

However, the

1926. Serial No. 118,554.

cups of eachseries A, B and (I are different sizes, the horizontal and vertical diameters of the cups decreasing in an ascending order.v The graded sizingof the cups permits the display of, the larger andv smaller sizes of fruits in an attractive and economical manner. For example, referring to Figure 1, the larger size of fruit 21. is displayed-in the cups of series A. The next size is displayed in the cups of series B, and a smaller size is displayed in the cups of series B, and

' a still smaller size is displayed in the cups of series C.

Each cup 9 is secured preferably to a metal support tapering at its lower end 10 which is mounted on the platform 1. As shown in Figure 3, the cup 9 is apertured at 11, thereby providing a cup wall 12. The diameter of the aperture 11 is less than the diameter of the cup support 10. This relationship allows the upper end of support 10 to be peaned overthe cup wall 12 as indicated at 13 and, at the same time, permits the cup 9 to be securely mounted on the cup support 10. The platform 1 is provided with a series of cup support apertures which receive the tapering cup supports 10. Concentric of each cup support 10 is a supporting flange 16 which may be secured to the platform 1 by any suitable means. An alternative arrangement for fastening the cup support 10 to the platform 1 is shown in Figure 4:. The cup support shown in this modification is of uniform diameter and is externally threaded at 17. The threaded portion passes through the aperture 14: and receives the threaded nuts 18 and 19. The cover plate 20 is concentric with the cup support 10. This arrangement permits a secure attachment of the cup support 10 to the platform 1.

As indicated in Figure 5, the cup support 10 may be of wood and the cup 9 riveted thereto by the rivet 22.

It may be pointed out that the distance between the inner portion of the periphery of the cups 9 of the series C and the outer edges of the standard 9 is less than the horizontal diameter of the cups of this series. This relationship is one of the features of my invention as thereby fruit is prevented from falling down between the cups of the series C and the standard 8.

It may also be pointed out thatthe cups 9 of each series A, B and C have only a small horizontal clearance therebetween, consequently, the fruit cannotgfall in between the cups 9 of each series. Additionally, the cups 9 of each series, While located in ditl'erent planes, overlap as shown clearly in Figure 2 of the drawing.

Another feature of my invention is the provision of rust-proof cups. Galvanized iron is suitable as this is usually su'liiciently rust-proof. However, it is to be understood that my invention is not limited to the use or" this cup material as other materials for example, aluminum may be used.

The entire display stand may be constructed of thin sheet metal or of wood, excepting the cups which, as indicated, are fashioned of rust-proof material.

I claim:

An outdoor display stand adapted to compactly display fruit of varying sizes comprising in combination, a base member, a central stem attached to said base member, a platform mounted on the central stem, at central standard secured to said platform, receiving recesses in said platform for hollow cupsupports, the lower walls of the recesses being tapered, a series of parallel hollow metal cup-supports tapered at their lower ends whereby said supports are adapted to engage and to be held by frictional contact with the tapered walls of the receiving recesses; and a series of metal cups fastenedto said cup-supports, said cup-supports and cups being disposed in step fashion and concentrically oi the central standard.

In testimony whereof I hereunto aiiix my signature.


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