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Publication numberUS1645421 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 11, 1927
Filing dateOct 18, 1924
Priority dateOct 18, 1924
Publication numberUS 1645421 A, US 1645421A, US-A-1645421, US1645421 A, US1645421A
InventorsEdward Gloekler John
Original AssigneeEdward Gloekler John
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Supporting means for horizontally-disposed surfaces
US 1645421 A
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Oct 11, 1927.




Application filed October 18, 1924;. Serial No. 744,436.

Among the objects which I have in view is the provision ofimproved means for sup porting working surfaces or members, such as table-tops and the like, in spaced relation to the floor or ground.

I accomplish this object by means of my improved corner bracket and leg-construction.

My improved corner bracket is preferably an integral casting comprised of a horizontal platform upon which the corner of the table-top or other horizontal surface rests, an angular flange extending upwardly f mom said platform and inclosing the vertical surfaces of the table-top adjacent to its corner and attached thereto, as by bolts, screws or rivets, and a socket depending from the platform. The leg-member has its upper end inserted into and secured in the socket, means being provided for adjusting the insertion of the leg-member in the socket to regulate the length of the leg. The socket is preferably internally threaded and the upper end of the leg-member sc 'ewed therein.

in the accompanying drawings, Fig. 1 is a broken perspective of a table to which my invention is applied; Fig. 2 is a perspective of one of the corner brackets shown reversed 30 from its position in Fig. 1; Fig. 3 is a perspective of one of the shelf brackets, and Fig. 4 is an elevation of the same attached to the shelf. the latter being vertically sectioned for the sake of clearness.

The following is a detailed description of the drawings.

A represents the table-top, such for instance as a steam table having vertical sides 1 and ends 2 which merge to form the corners of the table top.

B represents one of the corner brackets, which is preferably a casting, and is of the following construction. 3 is a horizontal platform upon which the corner of the tabletop rests, and 4: is an upwardly extending, angular flange which snugly fits around and incloses the corner formed by the side and end of the table-top. The flange is provided with a plurality of properly spaced holes 5 which register with holes in the tabletop for theinsertion of bolts, screws or rivets 6, to firmly secure the flange 4 to the table-top.

The underside of the platform 3 is provided with a depending socket 7 in which the upper end of the leg member C is insorted and secured. The leg member may conveniently be a length of pipe or rod.

.l prefer to make the degree of the leg bers insertion in the socket adjustable to provide for regulating the height at which the table-top is to be supported and also to compensate for floor irregularities. Thus I to internally thread the socket 7 and ally thread the upper end of the leg noer and screw the same to the desired degree into the socket. To give a better foo 'ng for the leg member and provide for Itional adjustment E screw onto the lower of the leg member a foot member D ry be readily adjusted to cause the table to s and solidly.

It is evident that the tabletop is firmly and gidly supported by the use of my in- TOD on.

E represents an intermediate shelf which supported in place through its attachment to the leg members by means of my im- \l proved shelf-brackets F.

The shelf-brackets are preferably integral castings, and are of the following construction'v 8 and 9 represent horizontal arms eX- tending in rectangular relation to each other so as to fit about the corner portion of the shelf h. Said arms are provided with properly spaced holes 10 which register with similar holes in the depending perimetral flanges 11 of the shelf, and bolts, screws or rivets 12 are introduced into said holes to .nrmly secure the brackets to the shelf. The arms 8 and 9 are provided with inwardly turned bottom flanges 8" and 9 upon which the shelf rests. 13 a split collar, integral with the arms 8 and 9 and positioned against the exterior of one of the arms, as'8 in the drawi The free end of the collar 13 provided with a tongue 14. which is parallel with the arm 8. The collar 18 is slipped over the leg member C and is positioned thereon to provide the desired shelf-elevation, and the collar is then tightened to clamp it rigidly and fixedly on the leg memher. 'The tongue 14 is provided with a bolt hole registering with the inner bolt hole 10 in the arm 8 so that the bolt which is inserted through that hole in the arm to attach the shelf to the bracket may also be 7 on the leg-members and the shelf shifted to a lower or higher position, as may be desired, and then fixed in such position by retightening the bolts.

My invention is inexpensive and durable, and When applied to the support of tabletops, shelves and the like presents an attractive appearance.

What I desire to claim is A bracket adapted to snugly engage the aprons at the corner of a table or the like comprising a triangular shape platform having two upstanding flanges thereon meeting at the apex of the platform and an open ended leg socket depending from the lower side of the platform, the inner sides of the upstanding flanges being tangent to the inner edge of the leg socket whereby said aprons constitute a stop for the leg when inserted in said socket.

Signed at Pittsburgh, Pa, this 13th day 01" ()ctober, 1924.


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U.S. Classification248/188
International ClassificationF16B12/00, F16B12/46
Cooperative ClassificationF16B12/46
European ClassificationF16B12/46