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Publication numberUS1645771 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 18, 1927
Filing dateApr 13, 1925
Priority dateApr 13, 1925
Publication numberUS 1645771 A, US 1645771A, US-A-1645771, US1645771 A, US1645771A
InventorsPillsbury Ralph B
Original AssigneePillsbury Ralph B
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Combined container and dispenser
US 1645771 A
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GROW u, o

R. B. PILLSBURY COMBINED CONTAINER AND DISPENSER OIJ'Jil'lall Filed Abril 13. 1925 5 n E y n n n n n v n n n n l n n i n E 5 n n l v f i l Oct.4 18, 1927.

Peienfe'd oei.f1s, 1927.?



Applieetion iiiea April 1s, 1925, serial no. 22,1143. Renewed maren 24, 1927.

My invention relates to improvements in combined containers and dispensers, of the general type which has been heretofore devised for boxin matches and for constituting a match sa e, and while the present invention could be constructed of such size for this use, it is intended primarly for use in connection with poultry raising, for containing and shipping feeds, regulators, grit and kindred materials, the construction being such that the purchaser of the device may quickl and easily adjust the same to form a sel feeder.

The primary object of the invention is to l5 rovide a new and improved construction ihr the lower end portion of the inner unit of the device, including a back wall havin a free lower end, a false bottom connecte to said lower wall and resting slidably on a lower end lwall of the inner unit, a short front wall risin from the false bottom, and a pair of side c eeks extending rearwardly from said front wall and formed with notches to be engaged by the lower end of the outer unit or sheath of the device, when said lower end of the back wall, said false bottom, said front wall and said side cheeks are forced rearwardly after upward sliding of the sheath. Thus, a device is produced which e'ectively feeds the material con tained therein toward the open portion thereof, to be readily accessible to the poultry, or to the human fingers, if the device is to be used for matches or the like.

With the foregoing in view, the invention resides in the novel subject matter hereinafter described and claimed, the description being supplemented by the accompanying drawing.

Figure l is a perspective vlew of the 1nvention in dispensing position.

Figure 2 is a vertical sectional view through'the device in the condition which it assumes before it is opened for use.

Figure 3 is a vertical sectional view through the device in the condition shown "in Fig. 1.

Figure 4 is a horizontal sectional view on line 1 -4 of Fig, 3.

Figure 5 is a rspective view of the in- 11er unit of the evice.

Figure 6 is a perspective of the outer unit or sheath.V

In the drawings above briefly described 55 I designates an inner unit of the combined container .and dispenser, and S indicates the outer unit or sheath.

The inner unit I comprises a pair of parallel vertical side walls 1, upper and lower end walls 2 and 3 connecting said side walls, and a vertical back wall 4 connected with the end wall 2 and having its upper portion connected to the side walls 1, as far as the points 5, but having its lower portion free of connect-ion with said side walls and also free of connection with the lower end wall 3. This free lower end of the back wall is indicated at 6, and from it a false bottom 7 extends forwardly, said false bottom resting slidably upon the lower end wall 3. Rising from the front end of this false bottom 7, is a short front wall 8, and a pair of side vcheeks 9 project rearwardly from this front wall and slidably engage the inner sides of the side walls 1, the upper edges of said side cheeks having notches 10 which are spaced rearwardly from the front wall 8 and may well be located about midway of the width of said cheeks.

The outer ,unit or sheath S is of conventional form, but the lower end of its front wall 11, is preferably formed with a pair of notches 12. Normally, the sheath S entirely surrounds the inner section T and covers all parts of the latter except its end walls 2 and 3, so that a tight package is provided to' contain any desired substance or articles. When the sheath S is slid upwardly however, as shown in Figs. 1 and 3, the free lower end 6 of the back wall 4, the false bottom 7, the front wall 8, and the side cheeks` 9 may be forced forwardly to position the notches 10 under the notches 12. Then, when the sheath S is downwardly slid, the portion of its front wall 11 at the upper ends of the notches 12, seat in said notches 10 and hold the lower portion of the container in the operative position shown in Figs. 1, 3 and 4. At the same time, the notches 12 receive portions of the side cheeks 9 and hold the latter against possible lateral displacement.

It will be seen from the foregoing that a unique device has been provided, which may be easily and inex en'sively manufactured from any desired sheet material and when the device is in its dispensing position, ready access is permitted to its contents, and the free lower end 6 of the back wall 4 which then declines forwardly, serves to direct such contents toward the open dispensing portion of the device.

Excellent results have been obtained from the details disclosed and they are therefore preferably followed. However, within the scope of the invention as claimed, modifications may of course be made.

I claim:

1. In a combined container and dispenser, an inner unit comprising parallel vertical side walls, upper and lower 'end walls connecting said side walls, a back wall connected with the upper portions of said side walls and the upper end wall but free of connection with the lower portions of said side Walls and the lower end wall, a false bottom connected to the lower end of said back wall and resting slidably on said lower end wall, a short front wall rising from said false bottom, and side cheeks extending rearwardly from said front wall in sliding engagement with said side walls, the upper edges of said cheeks having notches spaced rearwardly from said front wall;-and an outer unit or sheath slidably surrounding said inner unit, said sheath being upwardly mov-l ailixed my si ature.


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